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Employees that support on-Post events, as a VMI employee, are not paid by other agencies. The Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Human Resource Management allows an employee to engage in outside employment with another state agency or private business, as long as the outside employment is approved by the respective supervisor and doesn’t affect work performance. The VMI Classified Employee Handbook prohibits employees from engaging in outside employment during normal business hours. Violations of this policy should be reported to the Human Resources Office. 
I would like to know what percentage of VMI graduates on the faculty received a performance bonus. I heard that it was high compared to non VMI graduates. 2/3/2016 1:46:45 PM
VMI Faculty Merit Bonuses – During Academic Year 2014/2015, VMI awarded merit bonuses to 59 of the 121 faculty members based on their annual evaluations. The overall merit bonus rate was 49%. For faculty members who are VMI alumni the merit bonus rate was 43% during this same academic year.  
What is the process for contacting the hvac vendor on post? My boss contacts them directly or asks them to contact him but I thought we were to go through Physical Plant with a workorder? 1/12/2016 8:17:46 AM
Yes, all requests for Physical Plant support to include HVAC issues should be sent to If there is an emergency, an individual can call 464-7357.  
My department head would like for me to attend a work related meeting on January 11, but we are still on furlough. Do I have to go? Will I be compensated for required work during a break? 12/17/2015 2:26:30 PM
The event does not occur during furlough. Furlough for VMI employees runs from COB 19 December 2015 through 03 January 2016. Employees are expected back to work on 04 January. Although teaching faculty normally do not have duties when the Corps is on furlough (the Corps returns at 2200 on 11 January), the Faculty Handbook (pg 48) indicates that faculty may be required to perform duties during those periods.  
Can the Dean force faculty to attend events such as Convocation, parades, etc.? He recently sent an e-mail requesting all dept. chairs let him know personally if they cannot attend Convocation, and he asked that they have their faculty do the same. This sounds like faculty need permission to not attend events that used to be voluntary. Are we not professionals who can best decide the most effective use of our time, because attending a parade, or a speech from someone of whom I have no interest, is NOT the best use of my time. 11/11/2015 1:52:02 PM
Founder’s day is a celebration of our Institute and it is important to show our supporters how thankful we are for their generosity, including significant support for academics. As the leader of the Faculty, the Dean may set certain expectations for activities that occur within the academic day, to include attendance at Institutional events where faculty presence is important to express and symbolize commonality of purpose. During the Dean’s December meeting with the general faculty, the faculty will have the opportunity to share their thoughts on this and any other matters. 
Why does VMI not provide consistent guidance, training, or requirements concerning employee evaluations? The only instructions concern filling out the paperwork- and nothing about honesty, real content. There are entire departments here who rate EVERY employee as an Extraordinary Contributor or 5, while others actually apply a distribution to their ratings. It puts VMI employees on an uneven playing field, especially since state-level raises or bonuses are sometimes tied to those ratings. Nobody should really believe every member of an entire department is an extraordinary contributor, every single year, but those ratings are not challenged or corrected by HR or anyone else- which is a disservice to not only the departments that take the time to who honestly rate their people, but also to the honestly-rated employees elsewhere. 10/6/2015 9:57:36 AM
Employee ratings are left to each supervisor’s discretion. Supervisors are in the best position to observe their employees’ performance, and as a result, they are in the best position to determine the appropriate ratings. Furthermore, employee evaluations are a two-step approval process and require both the supervisor and reviewer to agree on the appropriate rating. As a result, a rating can, in fact, be challenged or corrected by the reviewer. It would be inappropriate for the Human Resource Office to challenge or change ratings because the HR Office is not in a position to observe an employee’s performance. In order for a classified employee to be rated as an “Extraordinary Contributor,” the employee must receive at least one Acknowledgement of Extraordinary Contribution form within the 12-month evaluation cycle. This form also goes through a two-step review process by the supervisor and reviewer. These are the two levels of supervision that have the best opportunity to observe the employee’s performance. Only employees rated “Below Contributor” have been denied a state-level raise and bonus in past years. Employees receiving that rating have significant performance deficiencies. Employees with a rating of “Contributor” or “Extraordinary Contributor” received the same state-level raises or bonuses.  
Regarding the handicap parking in front of Scott Shipp. Why can't Physical Plant move the blue metal signs or add two new ones for the additional space that are not being marked with the two folding signs? These signs keep getting moved early morning or knocked down. I know they are temporary but the construction will be going on for another year. 9/28/2015 10:52:17 AM
The sandwich board signs are only temporary. We have already ordered the permanent signs and poles. We anticipate they will arrive on 1 October and will be installed very shortly thereafter.  
Nice to know that the open house folks can use and park on the parade ground and not the parents for the first football game . We see new parents before older parents. 9/24/2015 9:02:05 PM
The ability of the parade ground to withstand vehicular traffic is the sole factor considered when deciding whether or not to open the parade ground for parking. Physical Plant makes a recommendation to the Chief of Staff’s office. We consider the current status of the ground; i.e. how saturated it is. Oftentimes a “plug” is pulled which is a 12 to 18 inch deep sample of the earth to determine how wet it is. Then we consider the current and forecasted weather forecast. Specifically, we consider the chance and amount of rain that is expected during the period vehicles would be on the parade ground. Then we make our best estimate of whether or not the ground can tolerate the weight of the vehicles with the current and forecasted amount of rain. Most of the time we get it right, occasionally we don’t. What we never do, is make a decision on parade ground parking based on who may or may not want to park on it. It is always based solely on the weather. 
Over the past few years, there has been a substantial increase in the number of junior and adjunct faculty who are not required to wear the uniform. While uniformed faculty are expected to adhere to military customs regarding the wearing of the uniform, junior faculty and adjuncts teach in bermuda shorts & flip flops or strapless sun dresses (women) and novelty shirts & bow-ties with bright suspenders (men). Is there no longer a "business attire" dress code for non-uniformed faculty or is it simply not being enforced as it is for uniformed faculty? 9/17/2015 8:14:37 AM
Expectations for personal appearance are addressed in the Faculty Handbook. While no specific requirements for attire for civilian faculty are identified, all faculty are reminded that we serve as “a role-model for cadets with respect to military bearing, grooming, and deportment” and that we are “to present a neat well-groomed appearance when on duty and especially when associating with cadets” (32). This idea is reinforced in two subsequent sections of the Handbook (“Deportment in Class” [33] and “The Faculty” [40]). Teaching in “bermuda shorts & flip flops or strapless sun dresses (women) and novelty shirts & bow-ties with bright suspenders (men)” is likely not acceptable under these standards. It would be appropriate to mention such concerns to the Head of the department where such dress is observed. 
With as busy as the mail delivery people are this time of year what in the world are they delivering printer cartridges for the IT Dept.? The secretaries in the departments are expected to change the toner for the department copier and now they are sending toner for the individual printers. What are the Ricoh people doing that are working in IT? 9/9/2015 1:50:39 PM
With as busy as the mail delivery people are this time of year what in the world are they delivering printer cartridges for the IT Dept.? When a printer/copier reports that it is low on toner, toner is sent to you so that you don’t run out. The mail delivery staff brings you your mail and small packages, including toner cartridges. The secretaries in the departments are expected to change the toner for the department copier and now they are sending toner for the individual printers. What are the Ricoh people doing that are working in IT? The Ricoh person (not people) answers Ricoh helpdesk calls, makes repairs, orders toner for you to ensure that you do not run out, trains users, reads the printer/copier meters for billing and, overall manages the printer/copier server and fax infrastructure. The Ricoh person also answers the IT helpdesk calls when the IT helpdesk person is on break or in a meeting. While we did consider having the Ricoh technician deliver and replace toner, it is terribly inefficient. This is especially true for printers which are often not accessible. Consequently, the VMI community was notified on December 9, 2014, that they will receive their toner via regular Post mail and change it themselves. This is not a change and in fact was the policy and practice before the Ricoh contract. We are hopeful that the time saved in not having to order toner and process the paperwork, calling for tier one and two support and take meter readings is adequate to compensate you for the trouble in the relatively short time it takes to change out the toner in your printer. If that is not the case, please call the Ricoh helpdesk and they will provide you with training as needed.  
Why is there not a policy in place that requires immediate supervisors to spend a certain amount of time in the field with each individual that is under their supervision? There are a lot of supervisors that have absolutely no idea exactly what their employees do on a day to day basis. I have observed this post wide on numerous occasions over the years. It would seem to be of a benefit for both the employee and supervisor, as well as VMI, to implement some sort of policy unless it currently exists (of which I do not believe one does). 7/6/2015 5:57:48 PM
According to DHRM Policy 1.40, Performance Planning and Evaluation, supervisors should identify all the potential sources of evaluation information including observable employee behaviors. However, the amount of observation is up to the discretion of each supervisor. In some cases, direct observation may not be necessary for a supervisor to adequately evaluate an employee’s performance. Creating a policy that requires supervisors to spend a certain amount of time with each employee removes the ability of the supervisors to determine how best to supervise their employees. If you have noticed consistent performance issues, please contact the employee’s supervisor and provide specific details about the performance deficiencies. If the employee’s supervisor fails to correct the performance issue, you should contact the next employee in the chain of command or the HR Office. 
Please explain what is going on in the employee parking areas, there is no place to park. This is the time of year when the employees should be experiencing some relief from the parking situation at VMI. It seems like it is worse now than during the academic year and there are many, many cars without VMI permit stickers taking up a good percentage of the parking lot. You may not look at this as an equity issue but I do. There is no reason why one should have to walk a mile in the pouring rain this time of the school year. 6/9/2015 10:51:32 AM
The construction in and around Cocke Hall has reduced the number of parking spaces that are in the immediate vicinity of Scott Shipp and Carrol Halls. Nevertheless, there is ample parking available within reasonable walking distance. North Institute parking which has 82 places is the closest. With increased usage of Cormack Hall, and continued construction there may not always be spaces available during peak usage times. South Institute Hill has another 147 parking places. There is almost always space available in this parking lot during the summer. The Marshall Hall lot has another 109 parking spaces. With very few exceptions there is space available in this lot as well. So while not as convenient as the parking spaces immediately adjacent to Scott Shipp and Carrol Hall, there is ample parking within reasonable walking distance. The total number of parking places available to faculty/staff on the main part of Post is nearly 500. Regarding improperly parked cars, or cars that are parked without the proper registration sticker…… The VMI Police have issued 450+ tickets in the past few months. Parking enforcement is not a primary task of the VMI Police and assistance from the community when violations are noticed is encouraged. Please call the Central Dispatch non-emergency number at 463-9177 and your report will be sent to the VMI Police. Central Dispatch provides services to all local law enforcement including VMI Police.  
Concern about the assignment of instructors in summer school. It does appears to be based on friendships with no regards to seniority. Please check the assignments for 2015. You may be told this has not been done, but it has in certain departments. 12/15/2014 1:51:08 PM
The department head is responsible for course assignments, in summer session as in the regular academic year. In the absence of any specific complaint to address, we can only recommend that any faculty member who feels that he or she has been slighted in the process use the chain of command. First, approach the department head to determine why he or she was not given an opportunity. If that course of action proves unsatisfactory, bring the concern to the Dean’s Office for resolution. 
What is the VMI policy on Christmas decorations within departments? How does this promote fairness to people of all religious beliefs? How does this impact the separation between church and state? 12/8/2014 2:28:55 PM
In an effort to foster a culture of inclusivity for people of all religions, VMI does not have a specific policy on Christmas or other holiday decorations. Small, personal articles of a religious nature displayed in a personal work space are acceptable. Any Christmas decorations displayed in a public area should be secular in nature (Santa, wreathes, trees, etc).  
Why are staff members unable to get a haircut from the barber shop all of a sudden? 11/13/2014 4:03:06 PM
The VMI Barbershop exists primarily to meet the needs of the Corps of Cadets. Each weekday the Barbershop averages between 250 and 300 cadet haircuts. When VMI transitioned from a contract operation to self-operated the shop was opened to all employees of VMI, and demand was initially low. However, by the close of Academic Year 2014, the Barbershop began to see the spouses and children of VMI employees in the shop asking for service, and this trend has accelerated. Barracks life for cadets is not compatible with a constant flow of civilian personnel, to include children. If you notice, there are signs at every gate that say “Cadets Only In Barracks”. Obviously, there are exceptions that include the uniformed faculty and staff, and at certain times parents and alumni are welcome in Barracks. To minimize the daily traffic of civilian personnel through Barracks and to maintain good order and discipline in the Corps, the Barbershop, going forward, will only provide service to the cadets and the uniformed faculty and staff.  
Why don't VMI faculty have to work 8 hours a day? Some don't even work 5 days a week. 10/20/2014 12:58:42 PM
Faculty members are required to maintain office hours as necessary to complete their teaching and advising duties. There is no requirement for them to be on Post for a minimum amount of time. In addition to teaching and advising, all faculty members are expected to conduct research and publish scholarly articles related to their field of study, as well as meet obligations in the domains of Professional Citizenship (service to the Institute and their professions) and Cadet Development. Duties associated with these requirements commonly extend over the entire week, including weekends, and often into the evenings. They are not confined to traditional business hours and often require working away from the office. 
Who can I talk to about my manager abusing leave time? I don't want to be fired or moved if I report this. 10/8/2014 4:12:43 AM
You can speak with the Human Resource Office, Inspector General or call the State Fraud, Waste and Abuse hotline to report abuse of state time. Employees are protected against retaliation for reporting, in good faith, an allegation of fraud, waste, and abuse. The Human Resources Office reviews all time sheets and maintains them on file, so reporting the alleged abuse to that office allows for a timely review of the issue and identification of mitigating circumstances.  
Why are certain VMI employees constantly having to use their personal cell phone for official VMI business? If required to be contacted, shouldn't suitable means be provided by VMI? 9/16/2014 6:51:34 PM
Your supervisor should have contact information for you, and many individuals have a cell phone as the primary means of contact. You did not mention if you have to use your personal cell phone for VMI business while you are at work or after work hours. You should refer to General Order 26, “Mobile Phone Issuance & Usage Policy” to review the procedures to obtain a VMI mobile phone. If your need for a phone is essential to VMI’s mission and ability to conduct business you may be approved for a VMI mobile phone. You should contact your supervisor to initiate a request. The justification of need must be approved by your department head and senior executive. Depending on your particular needs you may be issued a pager, flip phone or smart phone (with mobile data communications capabilities).  
Why are people allowed to park beside Cameron Hall all the way out to the road on the left entrance side,the right entrance side is yellow. Both sides of the entrance should be yellow so that you can get in and out of there. Walkers nor anyone else should not be allowed to park and block entrance. to block 8/22/2014 9:47:44 AM
A parking lot is located on the east side of Cameron Hall. This parking lot provides parking that is both parallel and perpendicular parking spaces. Parking is prohibited in areas that are marked with yellow curbs or yellow striping. This includes both sides of the ‘entrance’ into the parking lot. The yellow stripe will be repainted to highlight the prohibition of parking.  
Why is VMI issuing more and more "tests" of the emergency testing system? 8/6/2014 7:20:01 PM
The VMI Mass Notification System (MNS) provides alerts to the VMI community. The Mass Notification System was initially tested at the beginning of each semester before the Corps of Cadets returned. These tests occurred during periods when the Cadets were not on Post and when many were on vacation. Monthly tests began in the spring of 2014 with the purpose of testing the system when the Post is more active and when the Cadets are on Post. Tests are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month. As a result of the increased number of tests, improvements to the system are made as reports are received through solicited feedback. In addition, those with authorization to activate the system are provided more training. Testing of the system generally takes less than 30 seconds. Exercises are also scheduled throughout the academic year which encourages individual participation in preparedness activities (tornado drills, earthquake drills, active shooter drills, etc.). Comments and input can be provided to the Emergency Management Coordinator Col Hough at or by phone at 540-464-7094.  
Why isn't every employee getting the current bonus? Just because you are fortunate to make more than $30000 per year doesn't mean that you should be excluded. In my opinion there needs to be an audit from an external source here at VMI to find out exactly where all of the money is going. It sure isn't going to the employees. 7/30/2014 5:26:44 PM
Unlike last year, the General Assembly did not appropriate any State funds for employee pay raises or bonuses. Instead of foregoing bonuses for the year, the VMI administration decided to use private funds for employee bonuses. Based on a number of factors, including number of employees, total compensation and the limited amount of private funds available in the budget, the administration decided to award all employees making $30,000 per year or less a one-time bonus. Unfortunately, there was no state-authorized increase for all employees, and there were not sufficient private funds for a Post-wide bonus. 
Please explain why Riddleberger trucks are allowed to park along the yellow line and other employees are not. Regardless of their duties here at VMI the parking rules should be the same. 7/10/2014 3:29:40 PM
Physical Plant employees and their contracted service providers (in this case, HVAC services) perform work in numerous places on Post on a daily basis. Some service calls require a quick response which may necessitate parking along the yellow line if there are no service vehicle parking sports available in the vicinity. Arrangements have been made with the VMI Police that if this occurs, the vehicle occupants must turn on the vehicle’s emergency flashers and also set out a yellow traffic cone adjacent to the vehicle to denote this temporary parking arrangement. 
Why are laundry employees allowed to park personal vehicles in service vehicle parking on Burma Road? Even the open parking spots should be first come first serve and not reserved for a laundry employee. The rest of us have to walk why shouldn't they? 3/20/2014 8:51:02 AM
In the area of Burma Road that we believe you are referring to, there are eight (8) marked parking spaces. Five of them are marked “VMI Service Vehicle Only”, and they are generally occupied by VMI Laundry trucks or trailers. One is marked “VMI Mail Service Vehicle Only” for a van used by the Mailroom. Any personally owned vehicles (POVs) found in these spaces are illegally parked and subject to being ticketed by the VMI Police Department. There are two parking places for the Heat Plant, and you will usually find personally owned vehicles in both of these spaces. One of these spaces is marked “Heat Plant Service Vehicle Only”, and the other is marked “Heat Plant Staff”. The boilers that provide the heat, hot water, and steam for VMI are considered critical infrastructure, and Heat Plant personnel are on-call around the clock – every day of the year. In an emergency we do not want the boiler technicians having to search for a parking place.  
The "Whole Damn Team" t-shirt is featured as the first picture on the VMI homepage. I guess if the cadets continue to be encouraged to wear t-shirts with mildly or seriously offensive sayings they will continue to appear in pictures. I am betting the Keydet Club has way more influence than I do, so that particular shirt is probably not going away any time soon. But when it is time to reprint these,or any new ones, surely the folks in archives or the museum or marketing can help you come up with a rousing or teambuilding slogan steeped in the history and traditions of the Institute that a cadet would not get boned for saying out loud in class. 1/7/2014 2:57:45 PM
The phrase “Whole Damn Team” is documented to have been in common usage since the late 1920s. It is the last line of a famous VMI cheer dating to at least 1900 called the “Old Yell,” the VMI equivalent of “for He’s a Jolly Good Fellow” or “Three Cheers for_____.” The Old Yell (also known as Rah Virginia Mil) takes the form of a cinquain in which the last line may be altered by the party leading the cheer to any phrase fitting the meter of the cheer. It is often used, for example, in the context of “Old Yell for [insert a VMI Class year or a particular person’s name]. To receive an “Old Yell” in one’s name is a high honor among the alumni ranks. In fact, on many occasions a class will repeat this yell at the funeral of a Brother Rat. It is, of course, routinely heard at sporting events at which the “Old Yell” is meant to recognize and inspire the “whole damn team.”  
It is my understanding that the governor has granted VMI all full time employees and additional 8 hours of leave during the time of the Christmas furlough. In reviewing the e-mails that were sent out by Col. Spore I don't see on which day the 8 hours is being applied due to the fact that the 20th-2nd and returning on the 3rd was originally scheduled on the VMI calendar to begin with. 11/13/2013 6:13:03 PM
The Commonwealth observes 12 paid holidays during the year. VMI and other institutions of higher education have alternate holiday schedules. VMI observes four holidays during the year (Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after Thanksgiving). The remaining eight paid days off are observed during the Christmas – New Year’s break. Because the Governor granted an additional eight hours of paid time off to full-time employees, VMI’s holiday break will be nine days (23 Dec – 2 Jan for most employees).  
What is the VMI policy for tobacco usage? There are designated smoking area across Post. Are there areas for chewing tobacco and snuff? My reason for asking is that there is an employee that walks around dipping snuff and spitting into a bottle. This occurs inside and outside of buildings and was seen at a recent event. Would this work for other employees? cadets in class? 10/7/2013 3:06:58 PM
VMI’s Tobacco usage policy is General Order #45 located here: The following excerpt from the GO is provided for your info: Policy: • Tobacco use in VMI-owned or leased buildings, covered walkways, temporary enclosed structures, trailers, and tents as well as structures placed on state-owned property by contractors or vendors is prohibited. • Tobacco use in VMI provided vehicles is prohibited. • Outside smoking or tobacco use will not be permitted within 50 feet of building entrances or exits. • Employees are asked to leave smoking areas free of cigarette butts and other trash materials. Ash urns are provided at outside locations to aid smokers in disposing of smoking materials. • Smoking will not be permitted in outside areas identified as hazardous areas. • The list of authorized locations is appended to this General Order. Note: In accordance with Blue Book Regulations, the only authorized location for cadet tobacco use is the designated area located behind barracks. We will continue to emphasize adherence to this policy and ask all supervisors to assist in this as well.  
Are cadets supervised while at McKethan Park? There have been several recent events of cadets being under the influence of alcohol and driving back to VMI in this condition. It does not seem safe to them or others in the area. 10/1/2013 2:18:01 PM
The VMI Police check this area at least twice per 12 hour shift. We have not received any recent reports of this type of activity. If you observe anyone driving under the influence you should notify the police immediately.  
I would like to express a concern as an employee.What is the policy concerning a Supervisor dating an employee? This person gets away with a lot of things and always knows information before the employees.The supervisor is always hanging with the employee even during work hours its very unprofessional.My opinion is if they want to date keep it professional!All employees should be treated the same. 9/17/2013 3:09:05 AM
Although the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Department of Human Resources and VMI do not have specific policies prohibiting dating among employees, it is expected that all employees and supervisors adhere to appropriate standards of conduct while in the workplace. If unprofessional behavior violates these standards of conduct and negatively impact VMI operations, the appropriate manager or the Human Resources Office should be notified. 
Why can some employees work other jobs and use their leave time to work those jobs but others cannot? Shouldn't VMI have the same policy for everyone. I was told I could not take off and work another job but there are physical plant employees who take off on Fridays and go with the football team as managers. This is no different. 9/6/2013 4:08:12 PM
Except in an unforeseen emergency, you should request leave as far in advance as possible. Based on schedules and work requirements it may not be possible for a supervisor to approve every leave request. With your supervisor’s approval you can take leave to work another job on occasion, but you should not expect your supervisor to adjust your work schedule to work another job.  
Where can we find information on employee Christmas Furlough dates? It is now only a few months away and employees need time to make travel plans. 8/1/2013 4:03:49 PM
The Corps of Cadets Furlough begins 18 December (CAD). Employees last day of work is CAD on Friday, 20 December 2013, returning back to work on Friday, 3 January 2014. 
I feel as though I am being harassed and singled out when performing my duties at VMI and I am a concerned about raising the issue for fear of being terminated. I am not sure where to go or who to contact. Thank You. 6/17/2013 5:40:07 PM
If you are a civilian employee and feel you are being treated improperly based upon your race, gender, age, religion, disability or national origin you should consult with the VMI Inspector General. Consultation with the IG will remain confidential and Colonel Grace can advise you on your situation. You may visit the VMI IG’s website or contact him at ext. 7072 for further information. You can also raise this matter with any official in your chain of command, which employees are always encouraged to do. We hope this responds to your question. 
I was told today that 1500 hour employees are not included in the 2 per cent pay raise at this time. It was said the issue is being discussed, which means it may or may not go through. Hope this will shed some light on the discussion process. As a 1500 hour employee I feel I give VMI a good days work for my pay, as well as the classified employees, so what is so hard about this that it needs a group of people discussing it. The perks of classified employees are vacation, sick leave, and personal time, what does 1500 hour employees get? We have the same job, same hours, and same rules as the classified. Just think we should have a fair shake. A concerned 1500 hour employee 6/10/2013 6:43:52 PM
1500 hour employees will receive a 3% pay increase, effective 1 Aug 13, to their hourly wage provided they have been employed prior to 25 Apr 13. We do recognize the great service provided by our part time employees and are sincerely thankful for all that you do for the Institute. 
Why are we not allowed to post pictures of the film on facebook? My facebook is my personal use and I should be able to post what I want on it. 6/3/2013 3:12:30 PM
This is a standard procedure in all film projects. The producers control the timing and release of all photographs, film, etc. for these movies. The film crew allowed VMI staff and cadets to closely observe and take personal photos of the filming and actors, however, they do not want this material appearing in a public forum until it is released by them. The alternative is to prohibit spectators from the proximity of the filming, which they do not want to do. 
Were we (VMI) not required to advertise or do a job search for the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Secretary to the Board of Visitors? It seems something would be required by policy as this is a senior level position, even if posted for internal search only. 5/21/2013 9:41:46 AM
This was a staff reassignment to another position and was not required to be advertised. All agency heads, including college presidents, have the authority to reassign staff members without advertising positions and going through a search process. This type of action occurs throughout Post each year. The position being vacated (Chief of Staff) was advertised as it is a more senior level position and reassignment of an existing employee was not deemed to be the best course of action. We hope this answers your question.  
Why is it that the Physical Plant, Taylor Sop and Laundry workers get paid so little for the work that they do? We can spend upwards of $120 million dollars for a new facility and restoration on an old one and cannot provide these individuals with a decent wage? This is disrespectful and a shame for such a "prestigious" facility. 5/15/2013 6:00:55 PM
The $120M you are referring to is for the new Corps Physical Training Facility and major upgrades to Cormack Hall and Cocke Hall. The funding for those projects will come from the Commonwealth's capital programs process, which is largely funded by State bonds. Funding for that construction and upgrades do not come from the State funds that are provided to VMI annually for operating costs--which includes salaries. In other words, capital improvement and building programs are entirely separate from the funds VMI has to pay employees. VMI could not use capital building funds to pay for salary increases. Fortunately, after a six year hiatus, across the board pay raises will occur this year. You will recall that VMI provided funds for annual bonuses in the past few years, but the state legislature has not approved any pay increases since 2007--until this year. Full time classified employees will receive a 2% pay increase; additionally, for those who have 5 or more years of state service, they will receive an additional $65 for each year of state employment. For all of these pay increases, VMI will have to pay anywhere from 61% to 100% (depending on the category of the employee) of those increases--the State appropriations do not pay for the entire pay raise for our employees. We agree this State pay raise is long overdue. VMI has consistently tried to provide pay increases to a number of employees in addition to the bonuses mentioned above. In March of last year VMI initiated and approved salary increases for our lowed paid classified employees. We also periodically conduct salary studies and assessments to ensure that we are fairly compensating our employees as much as we can. Hopefully these State authorizations for pay increases mentioned above will continue and we can work to adjust salaries upwards. Thank you.  
Earlier this year all VMI employees were encouraged to fill out the VMI climate survey. Why were the results of this survey not disseminated to VMI employees as has occurred in previous years (excluding last year)? It would seem the responses, even if less than some arbitrarily created response threshold, should be shared with all members of the VMI community. This lack of transparency is troubling to say the least. 5/13/2013 10:02:03 PM
A report based on the responses to the most recent climate survey is being finalized. Slides for Post wide briefings on the survey results are being developed by VMI's Office of Institute Assessment and Evaluation (OIAE). The raw data results from the survey have been provided to the Institute Equity Committee. Organizing the narrative responses and conducting some analysis, including looking at historical trends, is a labor intensive process and is still ongoing. OIAE is also managing a number of other surveys and is engaged in assessment work for other departments. The goal is to have the climate survey reports and slides completed this month and distributed to the vice presidents. They will be then used to brief employees this summer or early fall. The data summaries will also be posted on the VMI website for employees to review at their leisure. Thank you for your comment.  
Recently there was an evening news story indicating that VMI was hosting a delegation of representatives from the Southern Conference. The understanding from this news story is that VMI is seeking to obtain an invitation to re-join the Southern Conference after a ten year stint in the Big South Conference. This seems like a major change yet there was no notice of this desired conference change, the anticipated consequences on the military and academic realms, the pertinent reasons, etc. Why was this not brought to the attention of the normal day-to-day VMI employees? Clearly this was planned for some time considering the Southern Conference sent a delegation to inspect the various VMI athletic facilities and meet with key personnel. 5/13/2013 10:11:46 PM
VMI was contacted by the Southern Conference about possibly rejoining that conference. This overture was briefed to the Board of Visitors and it was agreed to engage in exploratory talks with the Southern Conference. The Conference process for considering new members involves having delegates from each of the member schools to visit the potential colleges and provide a report to their college leadership. That visit occurred last week, and a principle focus of that visit was to look at athletic facilities and programs. The college presidents of the Southern Conference member institutions must approve entry and extend a formal invitation. That has not yet been offered and this is all still in the "exploratory" stage. Full briefings and an affirmation by the VMI BOV would have to occur before any invitation, if one is extended, is accepted. We do not anticipate any consequences whatsoever on the military and academic realms at VMI but there will be opportunities through the VMI leadership to do so as this progresses. The Superintendent has briefed the issue of conference affiliation status, on many occasions to a wide variety of groups, to include faculty and staff, alumni, and other groups. Both the Superintendent and BOV want to ensure that VMI is in the best possible position now and in the future with respect to athletic conference affiliation. As you know, over the past year some of the conferences at the highest level of college sports have realigned. This has shifted the terrain for all of college sports, and VMI, just like every other smaller college is having to quickly evaluate how it can best fit into the emerging landscape. Thank you for your comment.  
This is concerning the device found next to the library.Rather it was a bomb or not I think the security and precaution's wasn't took in consideration.This is a serious matter!All of VMI should of been locked down!Just because the device was at one end what makes people think its safe at the other end.Someone could of been at the other buildings doing harm!This is a Military School it should be more cautious!All doors should of been locked,Cadets shouldn't have been out walking around.Is the school going to wait til something happens like at VT before there is safety took into effect! 4/24/2013 3:48:19 PM
When the suspicious item was first seen by a staff member in the parking area in front of Letcher Ave, the member appropriately called the police. VMI Police responded immediately and based upon their observations, contacted the Virginia State Police who have the bomb disposal expertise for the State. Based upon the observations of the size of the device, an appropriate security cordon was established down Academic Row, including the front side rooms of those buildings. Preston Library was evacuated as it was the closest building. The size of the cordon is based upon the device itself. There was no need to evacuate or lock down the entire VMI or W&L campus. Locking rooms is also not warranted when there is a potential bomb threat. Within minutes of the first response, a VMI crisis management team had been assembled and communications began to be issued thru email, Rockbridge Alert, and telephonic systems. These communications included instructions on what to do and what not to do and identified the affected areas. You should note that based upon the State Police bomb disposal on scene commander's guidance, the loudspeakers could not be employed due to its potential to detonate the device. Barracks turnouts were made for cadets. Following this event, an appropriate "hotwash" was conducted and lessons learned were solicited. The event was handled appropriately but, as always, there were observations made on how to do things even better if such an event were to reoccur.  
Why did the hours for the cadet uniform room change and in the middle of the term? It now closes earlier and before cadets are out of class. If cadets are the main and only customers why aren't the hours of operation taken into consideraton so we can get our uniforms after the last class? 4/11/2013 9:07:25 AM
This is not an equity matter and has been referred to the appropriate office. If you have a non-equity related matter you wish to raise, please use the IG Complaint Line system, which is also anonymous, or contact the appropriate office directly with your suggestions or comments. 
Please consider renaming the Bachelor Officers' Quarters. This housing facility is no longer restricted to males, or officers. Some other military installations have taken to using the term "Basic Overnight Quarters." Or how about using a term like Guest, Temporary, Short-Term, etc. 3/20/2013 10:44:04 AM
Our understanding is that within DOD some bases have changed and some have not. There is no apparent DOD policy on this. The Superintendent is reviewing your suggestion. If the name is changed it will likely occur after the planned modernization and upgrades of that building take place. It would then be re-named in the same fashion as the other buildings on Post, such as "Mallory Hall" or "Marshall Hall." As you know that building is not just a quarters for single faculty and staff members, but also houses the VMI Police. Thank you for your comment.  
When the faculty evaluation process was revisited a few years ago, we used to have the phrase “fails to meet” expectations, which was changed to “does not meet” expectations so that it did not sound punitive. A label of “does not meet” expectations was reinterpreted as developmental instead of punitive so that professors who needed to improve in one or more areas had the opportunity to do so through support and bring themselves up to “meets” expectations. If “fails” to meet is not supposed to be punitive, then why are those professors ineligible for faculty development funds? It seems to me that if they are lacking and need to improve, then they are the ones that we need to invest in the most. Can you help me understand how making them ineligible for travel or certain development grant funding is NOT punitive? 2/25/2013 12:29:00 PM
The faculty development criteria you reference is embedded in the calls for proposals. With only minor exceptions (to include the recent call for proposals to participate in an iPad pilot program), the calls do not say that people who "do not meet" are ineligible--only that priority for support goes to those who are meeting or exceeding expectations. This is because funding is limited, demand is strong, and in the absence of raises and lower salaries, support is used as a way of recognizing those who are doing their jobs to meet the Statement on Faculty Expectations, or exceeding those expectations. Below is the statement VMI has used on calls for proposals for travel, research funds, and funds for general support for the past several years: "Because these funds are a significant form of faculty support and reward, a faculty member’s record of accomplishments in all four domains of the Statement on Faculty Expectations, particularly evidence of excellence in teaching and scholarly engagement, will be considered when determining awards." Department heads work individually with any faculty who are not meeting expectations to address concerns, and in the past, the Dean has even supported sending "not meeting" faculty to developmental workshops and conferences when particular needs have been identified and when the department head has advocated for Dean's level support. It is also important to note that departments are free to use their own funds to support any faculty activities they wish. The iPad “pilot program” is slightly different as we are looking for our very best faculty to give these machines a try to see whether we should make a broad investment in them. This is a selective pilot program that we want to make available to--again--faculty who are doing their jobs in the most basic respects of the Statement. In sum, faculty who do not meet expectations are not “ineligible” and there have been opportunities. If budget dollars were more plentiful, these opportunities would be greater however that is not the fiscal climate we presently have in Virginia. We hope this answers your question.  
I recently found out that the IT department hired a new employee and that she is "Administrative and Professional Faculty." Why is she not a "classified" state employee like most of the other IT employees? I think all of the other IT employees besides the director are "classified" employees. Also, if she is considered faculty, why is she not in uniform like the other faculty are required to wear? 2/7/2013 11:02:45 AM
Whether a person is hired as a classified employee or administrative and professional faculty is dependent upon the nature of the work to be performed, including hours that may be needed to accomplish the work. In the case of a position exempt from overtime, the position could be in either category. In these cases, the supervisor will consult with Human Resources to see which employment classification is most appropriate. There is a misconception that the classified employee category is "lower" than administrative and professional faculty. That is not the case. There are a number of classified employees in supervisory and leadership positions. Some of these positions carry a salary greater than the rate of compensation for some administrative, professional, teaching, and research faculty positions. In regards to the uniform, the general practice is that all full-time teaching and research faculty employees will be in uniform since we are a military school and they are in positions dealing directly with cadets. The same general rule applies for administrative and professional faculty members, many of whom are in frequent contact with cadets. In the office you mention, one position is non-uniform as the nature of those duties do not involve cadet interaction. An employee in another position in that office was hired at the same time is in uniform as that position does involve significant interaction with cadets and uniformed faculty members. Historically, there have been (and presently are) a small number of full-time administrative, professional, and teaching faculty not in uniform, and there are some classified employees who do wear a uniform. Current practice is not to have newly hired classified employees in uniform. We hope this answers your question.  
The training program offered by IT and HR had limited offerings, but it at least gave employees an opportunity to learn new things or brush up on skills. Will the training program be revitilized at some point? Training is one thing not covered well for employees. 1/10/2013 2:54:50 PM
Last year the HR office brought in an outside professional to run a training program aimed at first-line supervisors, or those who were new supervisors. VMI is using her and her partners again this year for a program that began in December. It is aimed at a more senior level population of employees, and it is titled "Advanced Leadership Training Program." Both of these programs were designed to be longer-term, comprehensive approaches with training classes, group coaching and individual coaching sessions. We will also be offering two trainings this spring that will be open to the entire Post, they have not been scheduled or publicized yet (I actually have a phone call scheduled for later this morning to finalize dates and times with the trainer). Those two trainings will be: Managing Up: Partnering with Your Boss for Mutual Success (One half-day session) Learn how to determine priorities and partner with your boss for mutual success. You will learn how to manage up so that both you and your boss are more successful. In doing so you will become an empowered worker who takes initiative and is focused on priorities instead of waiting for direction. Participants will learn effective techniques to: • Have a conversation with their boss on priorities and expectations • Move successfully forward so they can best serve the organization • Ensure what they are doing and their job description are aligned • Align their goals with the organization’s goals and their department’s goals. Building and Leading a Culture of Trust (One half-day session) In a culture of trust, transparency forms a foundation for building relationships, collaboration, feedback and real growth. A sense of safety and a comfort level with interpersonal interactions pervade a workplace that has developed trust. In this workshop we will study three components that must be understood and addressed to build and lead in a culture of trust. Leaders will be challenged to look at their personal capacity and perception of trust and the potential impact of that on the organization and those that they lead. We will then address those discoveries with the goal of becoming a role-model of a trust builder. As for IT training, that was discontinued two years ago because of a lack of interest and attendance. For the MSO Office suite, there is free online training in addition to the "Help" button function that offers very good "Just in Time" training. For employees who need assistance in using Colleague, they offer one-on-one training and thereafter "as needed" training. If these training programs do not suffice, employees can work with their supervisors to take advantage of on-line or other training courses that are available. We hope this answers your question. If you feel comfortable please submit specific training requirements/requests to Human Resources or Chief of Staff’s office so training workshops or online training programs can possibly be looked at in the foreseeable future. 
How is leave time monitored for contract employees (not wage or classified)? As with any unmonitored system, there seems to be some emplyees that take advantage of not being monitored and abuse the system taking far more than their thirty days per year. 1/10/2013 2:49:30 PM
By "contract employees" we assume you are referring to teaching faculty and administrative/professional faculty. If you are actually referring to non-VMI employees working at VMI for a contractor, those employees are of course subject to that company's leave and personnel policies. At VMI, teaching and research faculty members do not have leave time, except for medical leave. For administrative and professional (A & P) faculty members the A & P Faculty Handbook provides the following guidance: "Vacation Periods: Administrative and Professional Faculty members employed on 12-month contracts have 30 days of vacation leave per fiscal year (1 July – 30 June). The number of days of vacation leave per fiscal year will be prorated (2.5 days per month) for an Administrative and Professional Faculty member on less than a 12-month appointment and for an employee appointed during the fiscal year whose first fiscal year of service will be less than 12 months. Because of the unusual work schedule requirements of many positions it may be impossible for some employees to take leave during much of the academic year. Administrative and Professional Faculty members are expected to work conceptually in a spirit of excellence to support VMI operations and the Corps of Cadets. While supervisors should monitor leave usage for their subordinates, leave for Administrative and Professional Faculty members is a matter of honor. Every Administrative and Professional Faculty member should use his or her leave with full awareness of the 30 day allotment. While leave is not accrued per month, it is not appropriate for an employee to use 30 days if he or she does not expect to be employed for the entire fiscal year. Vacation leave may be taken only in half-day or full-day increments. Leave will not be taken as partial days or hours. Normally a faculty member will request leave from the immediate supervisor and department head in advance. When advance notice is not possible due to an emergency, the faculty member must notify his or her supervisor on the first day of absence and report the leave taken immediately upon return to work. The Institute is also normally closed for approximately two weeks during the Christmas holidays and on the July 4th and Thanksgiving holidays, although some employees may be required to report to work during those holiday periods to complete work necessary for the operation of the Institute. Unused vacation leave does not carry over from one fiscal year to the next. The Institute has no obligation to pay off unused vacation leave on termination of employment. A department may permit a faculty member separating from employment to use up to two weeks of unused leave immediately before his/her departure. Leave Records: Each supervisor will maintain a leave record by fiscal year for each assigned Administrative and Professional Faculty member. The leave record shall reflect leave taken by month and day." There are other forms of leave noted in the Handbook, such as medical leave, maternity leave, family leave, and for those in the Guard or Reserves, military leave. It is incumbent upon supervisors to monitor their employees leave periods to ensure they are in compliance with the Handbook. VMI will highlight the requirement to supervisors to ensure this supervisory function is being performed. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.  
I recently found out that a classified employee at VMI was being allowed to work another job with another company during normal work hours. How is this allowed because according to the Classified State Employee Handbook at VMI it reads: (Outside Employment - See Commonwealth of VA Policy 1.6 for more information. During your normal work hours at VMI, you may not engage in other employment with other state agencies or in any private business. You may work additional jobs outside of the normal work schedule with VMI, so long as the outside employment does not affect your work performance in your position with VMI, and you do not present yourself as a representative of VMI at your additional position.) Also I understand that a part-time employee was hired to replace this person in that department while this person was working at another company. Allowing this employee to work another job is also costing VMI money. There is lots of employees at VMI who work second jobs so does that mean they too can take leave during the day to work their other jobs? I am curious to know if anyone employed at VMI can take leave time to work another job. What is the time limit that a person can work for another company? It doesn't seem like VMI is following procedures and policy in the handbook that is on the VMI website. 12/5/2012 1:18:43 PM
With the approval of his/her supervisor an employees may take leave to work another job. The situation you reference arose when a supervisor approved an employee's request to save his leave to take over several weeks so he could work another job. While this was not a prohibited practice, the length of time off presents a hardship to the office and any future requests for extended leave will be reviewed more carefully by the supervisor and the department head. VMI employees may work other jobs during time when they are not scheduled to work or when they are absent from work on approved leave (except for sick leave and disability leave). While working another job an employee must not represent VMI.  
Why doesn't VMI consider all its employees when a storm hits? I have to drive from Covington every day and have to save my leave time for when my department closes. I have no choice but to come to work in dangerous weather or go off payroll during department closings. 10/29/2012 5:22:29 AM
VMI is not closing today (29 October). If we had decided to close due to weather, appropriate announcements would have been made on the website and radio. Higher Educational institutions in Virginia have local discretion in this state-wide closing announcement, and the weather here today will not be such that a closure is required. Washington and Lee and Virginia Tech remain open today. If there are closures, Human Resources will issue guidance on time and payroll accountability.  
I would like to know why VMI service vehicles are permitted to park in designated handicapped areas and others are fined $100.00 if they are parked in that area. 10/5/2012 2:26:03 PM
VMI service vehicles are not authorized to park in designated handicapped slots. If you see this happening, please contact the VMI Police. Thank you for raising this issue. Those organizations with service vehicles have been asked to remind their workers about this prohibition. 
I want to bring to your attention a condition of employment in the Athletic Academic Advising Office. Tutors are paid $20 per hour to meet with assigned Cadet athletes. If the Cadet athlete shows for the scheduled appointment, then the tutor is paid at the rate of $20 per hour. If the assigned Cadet athlete doesn’t contact the tutor by 9:00 pm the evening before the scheduled appointment then it is agreed that the appointment will stand. If the tutor shows up for the scheduled appointment and the Cadet athlete does not, they are recorded as a “no show”, resulting in the tutor hourly rate being reduced to $10 per hour. Tutors should not be penalized due to irresponsible Cadet athletes. I ask that this policy be changed so tutors are paid $20 per hour whether the Cadet athlete attends or is a “no show” for scheduled appointments. 9/26/2012 9:56:33 PM
The issue you raise of full compensation when there is a cadet "no show" for a tutoring session is an important concern for the Athletic Academic Advising staff and the Athletic department. Because it is a concern and because of budget constraints we give special attention to that issue in the interview process, making sure all potential tutors understand that is our current policy on no shows. In most cases the cadet is at fault but there are occasions when tutors get signals crossed as well. This is an issue that is extensively tracked and analyzed by the Athletic Academic Support staff. A monitoring system has been established that will permit the staff to know when a cadet is a no show for an appointment, and part of that system includes an email that is automatically generated and sent to the staff and coaches. VMI's no-show rate for the Spring of 2011 was 4.64%, which is drastically below other college averages and is further noteworthy in view of the demands made upon cadets and their time constraints here at VMI. This data is tracked in multiple ways, to include by sport, by cadet, and by tutor. The staff is keenly aware of this issue and gives the tutor the option of discontinuing tutoring a particular cadet even after one no show if they have a problem showing up on time. The staff further recognizes the imposition and impacts upon tutors when a cadet is late or does not show for a scheduled appointment. This policy will be under review, but it is subject to the budget limitations upon our athletic program as well as being able to fairly apply these rules. Thank you for raising this concern.  
Recently there has been a new course sequence developed for new cadets as a pilot program (AC101/102). The basic premise of this course is to give a select group of freshman cadet’s skills with regard to learning/studying/succeeding academically at VMI. Was this course sequence approved by the academic board? If not, then how was it added to the academic program? Why were faculty/staff not briefed on this? Furthermore, it has been noted that cadets enrolled are not allowed to withdraw from the course. This seems highly inequitable and places these new cadets at a serious disadvantage with respect to their classmates who are not enrolled in this course. Notably, this course sequence is not a graduation requirement, there are no credit hours associated with the course, and this course takes up valuable free time that could be better utilized studying or meeting with faculty during the normal academic day. Past explanations from the Office of the Dean have indicated these cadets signed an agreement during the summer prior to matriculation stating they would complete the course (yet with little knowledge of what the course involved). If one follows this same logic, all cadet’s sign the matriculation book which is an agreement to discharge ones duties to the fullest while a member of the corps of cadets. Continuing on this exercise in logic, one could extrapolate that the matriculation agreement extends to a cadets academic performance and selection of major thus allowing us to stop major changes and the dropping of courses altogether. While this is clearly a facetious argument, it does illustrate the absurdness of telling new cadets they can’t drop this new course if they feel disadvantaged or simply view the course as a waste of time. To summarize, where is the equity in cadets being able to drop required courses such as WR-101, MA-123, HI-103, etc. which can impact graduation, but are unable to drop a course of questionable substance and benefit? 9/22/2012 9:33:57 PM
This pilot program was selected and approved by the faculty Academic Planning and Review Committee (APRC) of the Academic Board and reported out by the Committee at both a Department Heads meeting and at the Academic Board. It is not a permanent course or course change for which an Academic Board vote was required. This is an initiative that is funded by Jackson-Hope and supports the Superintendent's objectives of ensuring entering Rats gain the skills they need to succeed at VMI--skills which many of them do not develop in high school. This past summer, all Rat parents and Rats were sent a letter by the Miller Academic Center advising of this pilot program and soliciting volunteers for it. It was made very clear in the letter that if they applied and were selected, they were required to complete the course. Those cadets participating in the program signed an acknowledgement to that effect. The purpose of this well-stated requirement was to ensure that this initial core group completed the pilot program so that adequate assessments could be made. Over 100 applied and about 50 were randomly selected. This course meets for the first five weeks, breaks for a period, and then meets the final five weeks. These meetings are designed to address documented study skill deficiencies observed in Rats so that when they study they do it in an efficient manner. As a program reviewed and recommended by the APRC, significant benefits are anticipated for those who attend. Anyone with questions may consult with their department head or contact the Miller Academic Center. We hope this answers your concern.  
The Board of Visitors recently had their first yearly meeting which is designated as open to public comment. How is the public notified of the opportunity to address the Board of Visitors? If no formal notification is being made through local news outlets or print media, how can one expect matters of concern to be brought forth to the Board of Visitors? 9/22/2012 9:25:05 PM
The dates of the BOV meetings are on VMI's public calendars. At least one week before the meetings, the BOV agenda is published on VMI's BOV website, which is located with the other senior staff under "Administrative Offices." Additionally, the meeting is announced at least one month ahead of time on the Commonwealth of Virginia Calendar. The public comment portion is highlighted on that announcement and is contained in the agenda. It is normally conducted at the first board meeting of each academic year. Having public comments at other board meetings is at the discretion of the Board. Their meetings are open to the public. In addition to the opportunity to make a comment at the September Board meeting, anyone interested in making a public comment or sending a written communication to the Board may do so by contacting the Secretary to the Board of Visitors, Colonel Mike Strickler, at extension 7206. Thank you.  
This is the statement regarding lunches and breaks in the employee manual: For most jobs, an unpaid lunch break of 30 to 60 minutes (45 minutes is typical) is required. Your supervisor will schedule this for you. In addition, agencies may provide two 15-minute breaks, one morning and one afternoon, which are part of the paid day. These breaks are optional and may not be used to cover missed time or to extend the lunch period. This entire statement is contradictatory. How is it possible to apply this equitably across post. How is it fair that some employees receive only a thirty minute lunch while others receive one hour. This is a difference of 2.5 hours weekly. Also, who determines whether breaks are taken or not. Again this is a difference of 2.5 hours weekly. This means that some employees are working 5 hours less weekly than other employees. This policy is virtually a non policy as it is unequitable and provides no real guidance to employees other than to inform them that it is entirely up to their individual supervisor's whim. There are differences in how this is applied within individual departments which is certainly an equity issue as well as across post. 9/21/2012 10:38:29 AM
The employee manual is produced by the State of Virginia and provides the rules for our classified employees. All employees are required to work an 8 hour day, regardless of the length of time for lunch or length of break periods. The amount of time and timing for lunch is up to the supervisor and is based upon work schedules and duty requirements. Whether or not breaks are given is similarly dependent upon the supervisor’s determination of work needs and the ability to work them into schedules. The bottom line is that employees who are authorized an hour for lunch should not end up working 2.5 hours less than someone given 30 minutes. If you feel that is happening, you should contact Human Resources. Below is an excerpt from the State policy. We hope this answers your questions. Thank you. Supervisors or managers are responsible for scheduling lunch periods and/or breaks as described below: Mandatory Lunch Period Employees who work at least six consecutive hours shall be afforded a lunch period (meal break) of at least 30 minutes except in situations where shift coverage precludes such lunch breaks. Employees who work a second consecutive shift shall be afforded a meal break after working four hours during the second shift. The lunch period shall not be included in the count of hours worked per day, except when the agency head or designee has designated the lunch break as part of the work schedule. When employees are required to work during their lunch, that period shall be counted as time worked. Example: When necessary to provide staffing for client (patient or inmate) services and care, the lunch period shall be considered time worked. Discretionary Breaks Agency managers may grant employees who work an eight-hour day or longer a maximum of one 15-minute rest break before and one 15-minute rest break after the required lunch period. Rest breaks are included in the required hours of work per day. Impermissible Use of Breaks The lunch period and the break(s) must be taken separately and breaks may not be used to extend the lunch period. Except with prior approval lunch breaks should not be adjusted to compensate for employees’ late arrival or early departure, or to cover time off for other purposes. Note: Managers reserve the right to determine when or if lunch periods may be used to compensate for an employee’s late arrival or early departure.  
I agree with an earlier post, the employee service awards breakfast is always a terrific gathering. However, this year it was right before graduation. This prevented several of us from attending due to the timing. I was told that I even missed out on my name being drawn for a door prize. Any chance this can be scheduled at a time that doesn't conflict with such a major event so that everyone can continue to attend? I'd like to say it was once held after graduation. Thanks. 9/18/2012 1:25:54 PM
The annual employee service awards scheduling is dependent upon the Superintendent's availability as well as Aramark's ability to support the event. We also try to schedule it at a time that is deconflicted with major events. Last year the event was held on a Friday and there were no events scheduled that day. Conducting the breakfast after graduation is difficult as a number of employees will take leave during that period and, more importantly, Aramark has difficulty supporting it. Aramark reduces their Crozet Hall staff significantly for the summer immediately after graduation since they are not supporting a Corps of 1,600+. VMI will continue to schedule this important event at a time that is deconflicted from events to the maximum extent possible, at a time that can be supported by the staff, and at a time when our employees can attend. Thank you.  
I would like to know where the money is coming from to pay the Instructors that are teaching the classes in the Employee Wellness Studio, did we purchase the studio, who paid for the weights that the participants are using and does the "Wellness Coordinator" get a stipend for what she does and if so why wasn't this job advertised? 9/11/2012 3:24:21 PM
VMI has budgeted private funds for employee wellness programs for several years. These funds have helped pay for the State-sponsored “CommonHealth” programs, health fairs and other activities. The State initiated the CommonHealth program in 1986 to promote employee health and wellness activities. More than 500 state agency locations participate in the program. VMI does not have the extensive health and wellness facilities of a major university and the cadet schedules tax our current facilities. However the universities with wellness facilities and programs open to employees and their families charge membership fees like a health club. VMI with more modest offerings has provided the cardio room and other facilities for employees, all without charge. The classes that began last year have also been without charge, except for events that involved outside businesses, like the kayak trip on the Maury River. VMI pays the instructors as part-time employees. Attendance at the classes has been impressive, and with the completion of the South Institute Hill Parking Lot, classes have begun in the former Pilates Studio on Main Street. VMI purchased the building in 2005 but until recently was leasing it back to the previous owner. The building will likely be demolished in the next few years during construction of the Corps Physical Training Facility. VMI pays the Wellness Coordinator a stipend for her work. Stipends are typically granted for work outside an individual’s regular duties and these additional assignments are not advertised. 
I have a question. Is the wellness fitness just for office people cause there's no way anybody that don't work in the office have time to go to the new building to workout.We are limit only certain mount of time to get there do exercise and get back. 9/5/2012 6:07:39 PM
The program is open to everyone - including VMI auxiliaries/agencies. There are two sessions of each class scheduled so that everyone may have the opportunity to participate. There are classes at 12:10 and repeated at 4:30 Monday thru Thursday and participants may attend one or both as their schedules allow. Supervisors have been encouraged to allow employees flexibility in scheduling in order to participate (coming in 15 minutes early or staying 15 minutes late to allow for the time to come to the building or charging one hour of leave weekly to cover four trips to the center so long as it does not interfere with VMI's core mission and cause significant disruption to the department.) Carpooling is also an option for those who are unable to make the trek with convenient Main Street parking at the building. The program is not fully funded so there is no full time employee dedicated to operating the center at hours other than at lunch time or after work. 
Maiden Lane: When the decision to close off the end of Maiden Lane was made I hope some research was done on "prescriptive easements." This may be a legal issue since Maiden Lane was used to access Route 11 on a daily basis it automatically becomes a precriptive easement and cannot be closed off. In order to prevent that from happening a lane must be closed off once a year for 24 hours and I don't recall that ever being done. 8/20/2012 10:54:00 AM
Although this is not an equity matter, we have asked the appropriate offices on Post to review your submission and provide a response. According to the Construction Office, the intersection of Maiden Lane and Main Street has long been deemed an unsafe traffic situation by the VMI Leadership due to a significant lack of unobstructed sight distance. This significantly increases the likelihood and occurrence of a traffic accident at this location. The unsafe condition is compounded as this intersection is also used as a pedestrian crosswalk. A traffic study conducted in 2006 shows this intersection to be one of the busiest exits from VMI during its peak traffic times in the morning and evening. Based on these factors, the decision was made to close this intersection to vehicular traffic as part of the South Institute Hill Parking project and route all traffic from Maiden Lane through the new parking lot and exit this traffic via the new traffic light at the Engineering Drive/Main Street intersection. The concept for closure of the southern end of Maiden Lane was specifically discussed on multiple occasions, during the pre-planning and planning phases of the project, with the City of Lexington’s Planning Office, the Lexington City Manager, and Washington & Lee’s Facilities Office. 
What is the policy on employees bringing their children to work and does this policy apply to all employees at VMI (Classified or Faculty)? 8/8/2012 2:07:59 PM
There is no official written policy on bringing children to work. Like any other work establishment, employees and supervisors should recognize that we are here to conduct our business of educating and supporting our cadets and having children present in the workplace detracts from that. All categories of employees should understand that. Supervisors should always ensure that the workplace and work environment remains professional and that disruptions of any kind are eliminated. It is certainly understood that there may be unusual circumstances such as a sudden illness, emergency, school closing due to weather, where a parent will need to pick up a young child and appropriate day care is not possible. Those situations should be limited. Thank you for sharing this concern.  
Why are comments continually referred to the IG? There are legitimate complaints that go ignored when this happens. As such, the majority of complaints do not get properly addressed. 7/22/2012 4:50:43 PM
One of the foundations of Vision 2039 is to have a culture of caring and civility at VMI. The Equity Committee's charter is to serve as a barometer to monitor issues that deal with this important aspect of how we do business. In an effort to provide employees with an anonymous way to voice concerns about matters such as unfair treatment, inequity, or uncivility, the Equity Posting system was established. It was never intended to be a "general complaint line" about parking, snow removal, and items of that nature. If the sender prefers not forward a concern or the complaint to the related office directly--which they are encouraged to do--general complaint matters will be forwarded directly to the Inspector General. The IG sits on the Equity Committee and will brief these complaints he has handled. One of the purposes for the Office of Inspector General is to ensure that all policies, regulations, and procedures are being followed at the Institute. Additionally, a separate anonymous posting system was set up within the IG's office. Those complaints as well as non-equity complaints on the Equity Posting system that have been referred to the IG have all been reviewed and addressed by the IG with the appropriate office. As stated on the IG's website, if someone is interested in the action or outcome, they may contact the IG directly. This contact is treated with confidentiality.  
If computer usage is being monitored how is it possible to post anonymous for the ig or equity committee? 6/8/2012 8:37:14 AM
IT does not monitor individual user or computer usage for any of the over 800 employee accounts. Daily access to VMI sites or Internet sites are not systemically inspected or monitored. The “monitoring” that is accomplished is for off Post email messages--these are checked by a “SPAM filter” for viruses, known malware offenders, and known “spammers.” No messages are checked for content, wording, or to whom they were sent. The other “monitoring” is web filtering where users visits to some prohibited sites (such as known pornography sites) receives a “warn but allow to continue” notice. These practices are in keeping with VMI’s General Order #50 Appropriate Use of VMI Information Systems Policy. The intent of the Equity and IG submissions systems is to receive and respond to concerns raised on Post. Over 200 postings have been made since these systems started and never has anyone been identified nor has any effort ever been made to identify who made the posting. These systems have two authorized administrators. Their administrative rights only permit them to post the submissions and the replies. They cannot see where the posting came from. All employees should be comfortable that their submission into this system is truly anonymous! Employees who are still “worried” may of course go to Preston Library and submit their posting from the terminals there. Thank you for raising this concern, and we hope that the available courses of action for submitting an issue have helped clarify the policy and your options.  
What is the official name of the VMI Police? In different places on the website, it varies between VMI Police and Post Police. It also varies among who you asked. Similar to the change from Buildings and Ground to Physical Plant, it seems it should be noted one way or the other. This is confusing to new employees who are not as familiar with the history of VMI. 5/17/2012 1:17:32 PM
The correct, official name is "VMI Police." It is in the Directory correctly and we are unaware of it being incorrectly listed on the website. If you do see something that is incorrect, please contact the website administrator at ext. 7281 or, if it is in a publication, let that office know. For those employees who have been here a number of years, many refer to "Buildings and Grounds" and "Post Police" as they were used to referring to them that way. It is, however, incorrect. Thank you for pointing this out to us.  
The Employee Breakfast and Service Awards ceremoney in Crozet Hall was wonderful this morning. It would be so nice if the employees could have a card and put cash on it and swipe like they do in the PX. Sometimes it is very hard to find a parking place if you have to go out and run errands, doctor appointments etc. when you return. I am sure that ARA would love to have us purchase meals in the mess hall. Can someone please check into this? 5/11/2012 2:51:24 PM
We're glad that you were able to enjoy the Employee Breakfast and ceremony. It is a well earned and well deserved event for our employees. Regarding your suggestion to open up Crozet Hall to employees who would like to eat there, the problem is one of space. With the Corps at over 1,650 steady state, there isn't sufficient room for additional staff to routinely dine there. General Order 47 does outline when faculty or staff can dine I Crozet, but it is limited to special functions, group meetings with cadets, and events of that nature. Additionally, allowing employees to pay for meals there would require Aramark to purchase and maintain hardware as well as hire an additional employee. This question has come up before but due to these factors we cannot do so.  
A question about the announcement of the new comptroller, please. While I welcome the new employee, I am curious to know why the announcement includes information about her father's place of employment. It states, "LTC Bailey received her B.S. in Accounting and Finance from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale where her father was a Physics professor." My question is why is the information about her father relevant and even more so, who cares? VMI has a bad habit of including information on women employees that makes them appear dependent upon others. For example, if you include her father, shouldn't you also include her mother? The information about her father is irrelevant. Could we please just stick to the professional qualifications of the employee? 5/2/2012 11:24:07 AM
The announcement included the fact that her father had been a college professor because that shows a clear connection to working here at VMI. The fact that this new employee grew up in a college environment is certainly notable--and one that she is proud of. In a similar fashion, officer accession candidates who grow up in a military environment with a serving mother or father are highly regarded because they know the environment. Your suggestion that this portrays "dependence" or is "sexist" is simply misplaced. 
How can we spend $200,000 on one staff residence at Sky Farm while others are left with leaky roofs, bad plumbing and heating, sinking foundations, and other major problems? The problems in the other residences are known and have been reported to Buildings and Grounds for years, but the same answer is always received- “there is not enough money to do all that work”. If there is no money available, there is no money available, and so be it. But then how did VMI find a HUGE amount of money to spend on someone else’s house? I don’t see how VMI can treat some people and their residences one way, and treat others completely different. 4/24/2012 7:30:28 PM
The Sky Farm residence and property was acquired by the VMI Foundation and gifted to VMI. This property is now part of the 210 acre McKethan Training Area. The property is valuable for VMI cadet training. The residence has been sliding into disrepair and it has not been occupied since it was acquired. In order to prevent further deterioration of the building systems, funds were expended to make it useable. The current plans call for the residence to be used to support the McKethan Training Area as faculty/staff housing, or support programs across the Institute. Revenue will be generated for VMI for those faculty/staff members who reside there. The Physical Plant staff does a superb job maintaining Post Housing -- all of which was constructed many decades ago.  
Just would like to express concerns about the barbershop change. Hear at VMI for the last five years the barber shop has been run flawlessly under the current program. I guess the main qustion as to why the change it comes down to money. And the true of the matter is that under what was proposed was that there be a barbershop manager with part time employees to save money with the salary for the manager at $30,000 to $40,000 per year and state benefits figured in that puts it in the general area of more likley in the range f $45,000 to $55,000 and the employees it was porported they would be paid $20.00 per hour so hear are so numbers to consider Barbershop budget about $180,000 So Manager $30,000 per year plus benefits so to stay on the low end say $40,000 employee pay $20.00 per hour times 40 hour week $800.00 times 10 empolyees $8000.00 times the 36 weeks that they work for the year and that adds up to $328,000 in pay roll alone that is not including the cost of all the equipment that has to be bought. The supplies maintance and up keep on equipment keeping supplies stocked and available. So to be modest you are looking at another $5,000 to $10,000 for equipment and supplies to start up with. That brings the total up to about $333,000 to $338,000 in year one I am a rocket scientist and and see no savings under this proposal only debt. AS a side note I have been getting my hair cut at the barbershop for a very long time and can say the current barbershop leadership and employees do a fantastic job and a very professional job so to replace the current program would be beyond foolish. I see no reason to try to fix what is not broke only to find the actual cost is far exceeding the budget. 4/16/2012 11:31:06 AM
Thank you for your comments. Please refer these types of issues to the Inspector General posting system as these are not matters relating to the Equity Committee. 
To follow up on earlier post about the barbershop there must be consideration also given that there will be be an increase in work comp & liabilty ins for VMI no matter how small. Lost of revenue for state, federal and local in the form of taxes, fees, license, insurance company lost accountant fees and alot of other issues that VMI is currently not responsible for. This avenue was taken once before for thoses of us who have been around awhile and it was was a complete failure is one reason for using the contract base. Just a thought is General Peay aware of this. 4/16/2012 2:19:48 PM
Thank you for your comments. Please refer these types of issues to the Inspector General posting system as these are not matters relating to the Equity Committee. 
Could someone tell me why a Riddleberger employee is allowed to park in the service spaces behind barracks. In the VMI parking policy it states that the service spaces are for loading and unloading or when work is being performed in a building. Well this vehicle is parking in the space most days all day long and it is his personal vehicle so it is not a work vehicle. The other day while walking at lunch time I noticed that there were five cars parked on the yellow line marked residence partking between one residence and the superintendent's house. Why are these people allowed to park in this area and not get a ticket or towed. Why is POST POLICE turning their heads and looking the other way when it comes to parking? Why do some of us get tickets and others don't. I thought what was good for one is good for the other. Seems to me that some of us are not being treated fair. 3/22/2012 11:05:00 AM
This is not truly an "equity" issue and has been referred to the IG System. Please feel free to consult with the Inspector General who has looked into this matter. The Inspector General has a website posting system similar to this Equity Posting system and a telephone hotline (both anonymous) that can be used for making these types of suggestions.  
Why are Post Police not patrolling the side streets looking for Cadet vehicles that are parking close to VMI? There are several Cadet vehicles parked on my block at Randolph Street around the corner from Cameron Hall. 3/22/2012 7:34:32 AM
Please refer inquiries such as this to the IG Complaint system. This is not a matter that is appropriate for the Equity posting system. We will note, however, that Post Police do not have the legal authority to patrol off Post. If there are parking violations occurring off Post, local law enforcement should be contacted. 
Just reviewed job openings. Barbershop Manager = $40,000+ year. A barber's license and making sure cadets get a haircut = $40,000 + year? What about those of us on post whose job it is to ensure cadets, well, gee I don't know, GRADUATE! How about being responsible for keeping the Institute in state and federal compliance, and that's just for starters. I'm to believe that a barbershop manager holds that much more responsiblity than other managers or supervisors on post to make this type of salary. Why is this considered to be a department head position when this person reports to the head of Auxiliary Services? Maybe this one needs to be reconsidered. 3/14/2012 1:52:57 PM
The barbershop operation at VMI is changing from a private contract to one managed by one full time VMI employee. This is expected to result in significant annual cost savings to VMI. The position being advertised is one that will involve management of 10-15 part time employees as well as overseeing the financial, supply, and daily operations of the barbershop, which services 900-1,000 cadet and staff customers each week. There are also numerous health and other code requirements that this employee is responsible for meeting. The term "department head" is used to describe a number of management positions, including those within Auxiliary Services, such as the Laundry Department (over 20 employees) and Tailor Shop (15 employees). The salary is commensurate with the level and breadth of responsibility and the market for the same/similar positions. The advertised pay level is not, however, as stated in the posting. It is considerably lower than that.  
As we work to save electricity and water costs, we may want to try turning off lights in the academic buildings overnight and during breaks. During Christmas Break at night, more than half of the academic buildings beside Main Street had a large portion of the lights on. Obviously, no one was here. Last night (during Spring Break)there were many lights on in the same buildings. It is pretty safe to say no one was here after 10 PM. 3/13/2012 10:28:03 AM
Your posting highlights an energy savings issue that we all must support. Our buildings during the Spring Furlough are open to faculty and staff, many of whom are at work during this period since the cadets' Spring Furlough is a normal work week for our employees. Our lights in the buildings are not on timers or sensors and we must rely on those last in the room to remember to turn the lights out. When the corps is present, the Physical Plant even goes so far as to pay a cadet assistant to go around in the late evenings and turn lights off in empty rooms. It should be noted, however, that much of the light one sees at night is due to "mandatory" lights that must remain on for state code purposes (e.g. stairwells and other areas). Even though lights constitute only 6% of VMI's annual energy usage, last year we were able to reduce our energy consumption levels...but we can still do better!  
During the 2011 Christmas Luncheon for all VMI employees, General Peay announced a bonus would be given to all employees on or about March 1, 2012. It was my understanding this was to be given by the generosity of the VMI Foundation. Have the very much needed funds been given? ( I did not receive it). 3/7/2012 10:55:40 AM
VMI still intends to present a bonus to our employees. Employees will receive individual notifications later this month. Our plan to present a March bonus would have been announced earlier, however, the Governor's budget proposal contained optional bonus language such that if it passed in the legislature, it would have made it difficult financially for VMI to pay a planned bonus this month. The state budget process is now sufficiently at a stage where we feel comfortable going forward with our bonus plan. As an aside, VMI is able to provide the funds for these bonuses by reducing spending where we can, position vacancy savings, etc. The VMI Foundation does indeed provide superb financial support to VMI, but they do not provide the funds for bonuses. Thank you for your question. 
During bad weather when VMI has closing and delays, what departments are considered essential? 2/28/2012 7:40:45 AM
"Essential personnel" are so designated by their supervisors and their chain of command. Our student body is very different from most colleges. All of our cadets reside on Post and thus utilities, food, and other services must continue even when there are weather delays. The staff members that are identified as "essential" are needed to provide these critical support services to the VMI community. Individuals, not departments, are designated as essential based upon their assigned duties. If you have any questions about your responsibilities in the event of inclement weather, please check with your supervisor.  
There are two GLG lifts that are taking two parking spots in the lower Scott Shipp Hall parking lot. Is there not places that they could be moved to when not in use and taking up parkin spots. Also there is a black ford pickup truck that pulls up beside of Scott Shipp Hall that leaves his flashers on and he goes in and teaches class. Why is this allowed and why does he not park in a regular parking spot like everyone else? 2/10/2012 9:24:20 AM
Parking-related issues should be referred to the general complaint system maintained by the Inspector General. We recognize that parking is not plentiful at this time while construction is ongoing for the new parking lot and the renovations to Maury-Brooke Hall. We ask that everyone be patient as the new lot, which is scheduled to open in August, will provide more spaces. We have directed that all VMI service vehicles not be parked in staff parking where possible. There will be some occasions where work next to a building will continue until the next day, but those should be limited in duration. The lifts are normally stored off parking lots, including across Post near Patchin Field. The mild winter has permitted our workers to make exterior repairs to our buildings. Presently they are working on Carroll Hall repairs. Relocating those lifts across Post to the Patchin location each day takes significant time, so they need to occupy those slots while this work is ongoing. This is not a permanent location for them and no other off-lot location in that area is available for use. Regarding staff members who park in unauthorized spots and leave their emergency flashers on, that is clearly inappropriate. Post Police have been advised and will monitor this.  
Question: I see that the Library is closing the half day before the Thanksgiving break. When cadets are not here, do all administrative offices have the discretion of closing for business if staff wish to use earned vacation? 11/21/2011 10:49:21 AM
The authority to approve administrative offices’ early closings on that day was delegated to the appropriate "vice president" level official (e.g. Dean, Deputy Superintendent for FAS, Director of IT, etc.). Approval of any department head’s request was based upon workloads and any support required during the period in question. If an office closed prior to the official start of the Thanksgiving leave, personal leave had to be taken. We hope this answers your question. 
Would it be possible to temporarily change designation of the graveled parking lot on Rt. 11 next to Cameron Hall from cadet to faculty and staff? Parking behind Nichols, Mallory and Preston library is almost non-existant because of construction. 11/9/2011 10:58:49 AM
The parking lots on Post undergo an annual review each year by the Physical Plant, Post Police, and then the Institute Planning Committee addresses them during the summer. As you may know, historically first class members have had a place to park a vehicle on Post. With the construction of Marshall Hall and then the Military Leadership Field Training Grounds (North Post), those areas where the entire class could park went away. Since 2009, only a portion of first class vehicles can be parked on Post. The remaining authorized cadet vehicles are required to park at the old K-Mart lot. In order to have enough spaces for one vehicle per first class room, the authorized locations were spread around Post. The two gravel lots across from Route 11 were designated locations. These designated locations are the only places cadet cars may be parked. One of the two gravel lots was taken away this year as it will be the "lay down" site for the construction equipment and supplies being used to construct the new South Institute Hill parking lot. To directly answer your question, it would be unfair to take away another parking lot from the cadets. We understand that during the months of construction that some existing slots will be taken away behind Preston Library and NEB, but we have tried to keep this to the absolute minimum. We ask that our employees and staff remain patient during this period. We are working with cadet leadership to get cadet cars off of Route 11 so that more spaces are available there if employees want to park there. Additionally, on most days it should be pointed out that the western portion of Post (Marshall Hall lot, along Parade Ave, etc.) often has empty spaces. It is a little further to walk, but they are available. In the end, with the additional 100 new parking spaces next August, parking should be more plentiful and more convenient. 
Just a quick concern over parking. I know that parking has been a hot button issue and is being addressed with the construction of a new lot. However, Cadets are parking overnight on Route 11 in proximity to Foster Stadium yet again. This is taking away "overflow" spots from employees/visitors. Cadets should be parking in their designated areas off of Route 11. Not only are they not parking in appropriate areas, non-1st class cadets obviously have cars in the county: simply check out those personalized license plates with class years on them! If this matter could be addressed and enforced on a more continuous basis it would be greatly appreciated. Having to park behind Smith Hall when you work near Crozet Hall just isn't treating VMI employees fairly. 10/31/2011 1:31:55 PM
The issue of cadets parking on Route 11 has been highlighted to the First Class leadership and they have made strong efforts to police this. The number of cars parked there has been reduced; however, we are aware that on Fridays and Mondays, the numbers increase as cadets in the remote lot at K-mart park their cars nearby. Parking along Route 11, including overnight parking, isn't a "ticketable" offense by the City of Lexington and despite requests, the City has elected to not make it so. Anyone who sees an underclassman with a vehicle should contact the Commandant's office and report it. As a side note, we do have sufficient parking on Post for all employees. While it might not always be as close as desired, we do provide it. Many (or most colleges) cannot make that claim. We have passed your observation to the First Class leadership.  
We keep receiving notices through the Faculty and Staff Bulletin and now General Peay about water and energy usage costs increasing. Of course they have increased - the size of the corp has increased! If you add 500 cadets, you will use more water and electricity. Don't forget to factor in the additional faculty and staff required to support such an increase. Should be factoring water and energy usage on a per person basis and then compare the numbers to see if we have increased or decreased. 10/10/2011 3:04:49 PM
You are correct that our larger size certainly increases our energy and water usage, but that is only one of three major factors -- population, total square footage, and yearly weather -- that we use to determine utility expenditures, energy and water usage, all three of which have increased over the years. The only exceptions have been related to low energy costs, which, however, are now climbing again. In addition, the State of Virginia used last year's energy consumption data as a baseline when calculating our target number, so the population and square footage is basically the same. If we are all more conscientious, we can reduce both our consumption and costs. Simple things such as turning off lights in unoccupied rooms, adjusting HVAC temperature levels when buildings or rooms are not in use, not allowing water to run unnecessarily, etc. all add up--and reduce costs to VMI. Thank you for your observation. 
Why does a section supervisor have reserved parking coned off? I get there at 5:00am every morning shouldnt we all have the same privelages? 8/31/2011 5:06:01 PM
There is no reserved parking in the location that you describe. Parking is available on a first come first serve basis. Occasionally in connection with a special project or event Post Police may place cones in parking slots. That isn't the case here. The supervisor in that area will be notified. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  
Why are cadets allowed to park behind Scott Shipp Hall and Cocke Hall? Most cars have been there over night. Where exactly are the employees supposed to park? Cadets are driving over and parking along the wall and blocking traffic during the noon hour. Most are athletes and shouldn't they be walking instead of driving. 8/18/2011 8:47:31 AM
Cadets are not supposed to park in those lots that you mention. The Cadet Parking Plan will go into effect later this month when the rest of the Corps returns, however, in the interim, cadets are supposed to use their designated lots and spaces. The Physical Plant staff, first class leadership, and coaches are presently working on getting these vehicles moved and notifications have been made to cadets and administrators. Post Police have already ticketed some vehicles. As vehicle registration has not yet occurred, Post Police do not always know that a vehicle parked in the wrong location belongs to a cadet, so if you are aware of an improperly parked vehicle, please contact them. Thank you. 
Regarding the power outage scheduled for Wednesday 3 August, it is my understanding for the affected buildings, if the supervisor deems that a person does not need to come in that day, they will not be charged a vacation day. To me, as one who does not work in the affected area and is required to be here that day, this seems like an inequity. It is not my fault that I do not work in the affected area. I'm not saying that I wouldn't be required to be here if I was but to be equitable to the entire Post, I would think everyone should be given this opportunity. Without this there will be employees getting one more day of vacation than other employees simply because of where they work. This appears to me to be an equity issue. 7/29/2011 11:07:02 AM
Supervisors of employees in the affected buildings were to make a determination whether to go to an alternate location, keep the facility staffed, have employees telecommute, or release them. This is in keeping with state rules regarding utility failures. The rules do not permit giving the entire post a paid one day time off. We cannot shut down all work locations here because a portion of post is impacted. Additionally, since the interior lights will be off, some fire alarms may not be operable, and some of these buildings heat up quickly without air conditioning, we have safety issues that must be addressed. These types of outages are fortunately infrequent and this one will only last one day while the Diamond Street stoplight electrical work is being accomplished. If a future outage does occur impacting your or other locations, the same procedures will apply.  
I was curious as to why it is necessary to have a paid security guard on duty in Cocke Hall and the Dr. King Annex during regular hours of operation. This seems to be a waste of state money because there are faculty/staff personnel working in the building during these hours. 7/1/2011 11:25:17 AM
The security guards are part time positions that were put in place because faculty/staff are not in those areas and could not adequately monitor them. Cocke Hall is a large building with multiple levels, a small staff, and with faculty offices and classrooms in the lower levels. King Hall is only used for teaching classes. Unauthorized users were getting into these facilities--particularly the gymnasium and locker rooms. There had been a cadet orderly in that atrium during portions of the day, however that proved ineffective and added to the cadet guard team size and duties. Hiring part-time security officers enhanced security and allowed VMI to reduce the burden on the cadets. This has worked well since it was instituted last year. Please note: questions of this nature should be referred to the IG posting system which was developed for queries which are not equity related.  
Could you please clarify one aspect of the hiring process at VMI? Why are some available postions restricted to current State or VMI employees? Frequently the job listing references budget, funding or staff limitations. I am not sure what that means. Is it really that much less expensive to hire or promote an internal candidate? Why?How is the cost savings realized? Thank you for your explaination of this process. 6/21/2011 1:13:28 PM
The Commonwealth allows three recruitment approaches to fill vacant positions: agency employees only (limited to current FT and PT employees of the agency or institution with the vacancy), state employees only (because there are few non-VMI state employees in the area VMI does not use this approach), and open to the general public. VMI restricts the advertising of some position vacancies to current FT and PT VMI employees when there appears to be a sufficient pool of internal candidates who would be interested in a promotional or transfer opportunity. VMI's turnover is low, so there are not many opportunities for promotion. Hiring an internal candidate may not result in cost savings, however, in some cases a promotion or transfer may result in a vacancy that will not be filled. Every full-time position recruitment requires approval by the appropriate senior executive and the Superintendent.  
We need a site where suggestions can be made. Quite a while back, you responded to an equity committe item and said that VMI was working on creating such a site. For example, the email announcing the recent Demand Response Event was sent to Department Heads and not to all faculty, cadets, and staff. As a result of this, most employees and cadets on post had no idea what was going on. If you want to encourage everyone to conserve energy in times of need, why wouldn't you send the email to everyone? Doesn't it make more sense to inform everyone that (a) lights will be out in buildings across post due to this event, and (b) wouldn't the program be much more effective if everyone was involved? Do we really want visitors walking around post asking why things are closed and no one they encounter has enough information about what is going on to be able to enlighten them? Should employees have to rely on reading flyers posted throughout buildings to know what is going on? 6/14/2011 10:01:31 AM
There is indeed a site where suggestions can be made if you wish to make them anonymously. The Inspector General has a website posting system similar to this Equity Posting system and a telephone hotline (both anonymous) that can be used for making these types of suggestions. The Equity website has language directing users to the IG site. The IG's job is not just to field "complaints"--it is also to help ensure that VMI is operating efficiently (hence the "I" in "Inspector General"), so suggestions to him are welcome. We will review the website language and ensure that this is made clear to our employees that they can make a suggestion using those two processes. Employees always have the option of emailing or calling the IG or Chief of Staff directly with these suggestions as well. Regarding the state-run Demand Response program, you are correct that all employees should have been notified in advance. We will work to ensure that happens. This program does not apply to most buildings on Post and none of our buildings should have had all of their lights turned off completely. Thank you for bringing these matters to our attention. 
Why are cadets, visitors not being ticketed for parking along side of barracks. The same cars are there everyday. Some with tags clearly stating that they are cadets. Maybe the side of barracks should be more visibly marked no parking! 5/31/2011 4:17:19 PM
Vehicle parking along the Washington Arch side of barracks has been a problem recently, particularly after the bollards were installed blocking the front of barracks. To remedy this problem, appropriate signage will be placed there this summer along the side of barracks as well as along Letcher Avenue. This will include signs in the "pull in" area immediately next to barracks along with separate signs along Letcher between Jackson Memorial Hall and Scott Shipp Hall. Even without additional signs, motorists should know vehicles cannot be stopped and parked in the street and thus blocking Letcher Avenue. They have been and will be ticketed. In an additional effort to reduce vehicles in that particular area, food delivery vehicles will be re-routed behind barracks once the Corps returns in August. You have correctly pointed out a problem and it is being worked this summer. Thank you. 
Why are faculty the only ones not required to wear a uniform during the summer (even those teaching)? 5/26/2011 4:18:40 PM
Please see the posted response (5/26/11) above which relates to a similar question.  
As an Administrative/Professional employee at VMI, I am wondering about the equity of having to wear the uniform during the summer months. I realize that faculty members are 10-month employees but there are also faculty members who teach summer school, SURI and STP, as well as meet with advisees during the summer. Those faculty members are not required to wear their uniform eventhough they are perfoming Institute business. It seems that those of us who have to work during the summers should be allowed the same gesture of not having to wear the uniform during the summer. There is also an additional financial hardship with having to dry clean the uniform as well. I respectively request that this policy be reviewed and modified to allow Administrative/Professional employees the option to now wear the uniform during the summer so that equity will be maintained for all. 5/26/2011 1:09:42 PM
As you have noted, teaching faculty are on a 10 month contract during which time they wear a uniform because the cadet corps they teach is in uniform as well. During the summer, they have the option of teaching summer school, SURI, and STP course and if they choose to do so that is accomplished via a separate contract. Historically, since cadets attending summer school are allowed to wear civilian clothes and the teaching faculty are performing elective work outside their annual contract with VMI, they too have been permitted to wear civilian clothes if desired. A/P faculty during the summer months continue to work with the public, state/local officials, receive visitors, attend meetings, etc. the same as they do during the time when the corps is in session. The Admissions staff, for instance, interviews large numbers of prospective cadets during the summer; Financial Aid similarly works with cadets and parents during that period, and virtually every other office does so as well. In short, the nature of their work does not change during the summer, and since we are a military school, having staff meeting with parents and cadets in slacks and a shirt is simply not optimum. This decision was made eight years ago and all of these matters were in fact considered at the time. Additionally, it should be noted that the uniform requirements were made well known to all employees who sought employment here at VMI. We hope this answers your question.  
The weekly bulletin states that the VMI mailrooms main purpose is to serve the cadets. Since the mailroom does not open until 10 am, how are cadets best served when their day begins long before 10 am.? Cadets may need to pick up packages or need stamps before going to class. Is the reason for the mailroom hours centered around an employee who is allowed to come to work and then leave everyday for a short time to take care of a family matter then return to work? I would not be allowed to leave my job everyday to run home and back in the middle of the morning. Perhaps we could all leave every morning and take our children to school. I would love to have the luxury to be able to do this. And how is it possible to work the required 8 hours a day and do this? Does the mailroom stay open late to allow this person to make up their time? 5/26/2011 10:01:16 AM
This is not truly an "equity" issue but is rather more of another "swipe" at an on Post agency. This issue has been raised multiple times before. The mail room does operate a service window for cadet customers, but also has to pick up, sort, and distribute the cadet mail as well as traveling around Post for the inter office mail pick-up and delivery--all done at least twice daily. The service hours work well with cadets and the feedback from cadet surveys on the support and hours is extremely positive. Reprinted below is the prior reply. "The VMI Mail Room has two missions. First, it serves as the equivalent of a U. S. Post Office for cadets as it receives and distributes their personal mail and packages as well as collecting and processing their outgoing mail. The second mission is to receive/distribute and collect/process the official mail of the Institute. These two missions require multiple trips to the Lexington Post Office and multiple trips to most of the buildings on the VMI Post every duty day. The mail room is manned at the minimum level necessary to accomplish these two missions and the normal duty day begins at 0730 hours, ends at 1730 hours, and the customer service window is open 1000-1415 hours and 1500-1600 hours. To do this requires non-standard work schedules; however, all mail room employees work at least 40 hours per week."  
I was having an early dinner on Monday - May 23 at 5:20 pm at Subway on E Nelson St. I observed the mail vehicle (element) pull into the parking lot and a male running to the UPS truck with a package. He also had a member of his family in the vehicle. I think that only state employees should be allowed to ride in a state vehicle. I think for liability concerns that this issue should be checked into good. 5/24/2011 8:09:55 AM
The employee you saw was conducting official business at that after hours time. It is indeed preferable to use private vehicles in situations when an unauthorized passenger is involved, and this has been briefed to the employee. Thank you. 
Given the economy, price of gas, and limited raises within the State, has VMI considered going for a four day work week during the summer? Faculty are on a 10 month schedule and earn extra income if they teach during this period, summer session staff gets additional compensation - this would be an opportunity for employees to save money on gas and child care, and get a benefit that not all classifications get during the summer. Would VMI consider going to a condensed work week of four days and shutting down administrative offices so that classified and administrative professional staff can save money? Also, this would be a benefit to VMI in energy savings if administrative buildings could realize a cost savings. 5/5/2011 6:30:19 AM
The issue you raised has been previously considered and, based upon your posting, was reconsidered by the Institute Planning Committee. Going to a four day work week is extremely difficult to execute and does not allow VMI to fully function. A four day work week would basically involve a 10 1/2 to 11 hour duty day. Supervisors in most cases would have to flex to those hours as well or else work is unsupervised. Some (or many) employees would not want to work those hours, which presents problems with work crews. Additionally, many positions are "one deep" which would then mean that 20% of the normal work week goes unsupported. Additionally, VMI must host and support two summer school sessions, STP, and numerous academic and athletic camps that operate Monday through Friday. There is also a great deal of work that VMI must accomplish each summer to get ready for the next academic year. In summary, while we understand that there can be some personal cost savings to a four day week, VMI cannot go to such a plan for the reasons above.  
When a concern is posted and it is believed to be directed at one individual, what is the process for reporting retaliation from that individual? Will supervision be placed on them more frequently? There is an overwhelming fear in a department that the manager will react to negative concerns made. 4/24/2011 8:41:19 AM
The appropriate official to handle such a claim is the Inspector General, Col Grace. The Equity Concern on-line posting system of course does permit anonymous postings. For those postings that identify a specific individual or unit, they are edited to eliminate those specific identifiers when the response is posted publicly. Employees are reminded, however, that in addition to the Equity Line, they have the ability to meet with the Inspector General to discuss a complaint. At that meeting the IG can explain the confidentiality provisions. Additionally, employees can use the IG Hotline which is anonymous. If an employee uses one of the available systems at VMI to make a work-related complaint, supervisors cannot take action against them for it. The chain of command exists to ensure that does not happen. If someone feels it is, they should report it either to the IG or their chain of command. 
There have been a lot of classified employees that have retired here at VMI. This is the firt time that I have seen an engraved invitation with classified employees names on it for a reception and not all people that are retiring are listed. Is this something new? 4/8/2011 10:22:52 AM
What you are referencing is an invitation that was sent by one directorate here at VMI that is recognizing retirees within that directorate. It includes only those retiring in that department. Directorates and departments are given the flexibility on how they want to recognize their retiring employees, including classified employees. For employees who work here for 20 years or more, the HR office purchases a VMI chair and a plaque to be presented to them. Directorates/departments are given the opportunity to decide how they want to present it. If they do not do so, Human Resources will make the presentation. Further information can be found in General Order 28. We hope this answers your question. 
I have a couple of concerns I would like addressed. The first is why no one tracks my Managers time off the job. Not his leave sheets but his actual time off. I have been at VMI for far to long not to realize that an employee does not build time like he takes year after year. Not to mention the times he leaves in a state vehicle and returns an hour or so later with drinks, etc. from local stores to stock his office refrigerator. My other concern is the way he speaks to his employees, in all the years I have worked I have never been spoken to or heard others spoken to in the crude and rude manner that he speaks to his employees. I know he is in a management position but someone needs to supervise him as well. It's hard to keep department morale high when employees are treated in this way. If given a forum to speak openly without fear of retaliation I'm sure many others in this department have some of these same concerns and many more about this manager. 4/1/2011 10:46:02 AM
The matters you have raised are more appropriately handled by the Inspector General rather than as an Equity Posting. Your submission has been forwarded to Col Grace, the IG. If you wish to follow up directly with him, you may do so. 
Regarding the posting about bonuses, yes, there definately is an equity problem but it lies in the supervisor that would give an employee an extraordinary rating even though the performance was not. VMI has placed this person in a position where they trust they will be fair and responsible despite the personal relationship with the employees under their supervision. To give this rating without merit undermines the system, which while not the greatest is what we have to work with. The person that truly has done an extraordinary job is the one that suffers. I agree that physical plant does an incredible job but does that mean every employee gives 100%. When dealing with people there are always those that tend to lean on the side of doing as little as possible. It is up to the supervisor to fairly evaluate work. Is it fair to give the employee that doesn't give that 100% a bonus as well as the employee that gives their all? VMI relies on the supervisor that has been given this reponsibility in good faith to be fair and accurate. The evaluations are given a final review by the department head, they should meet with the supervisor that has given the extraordinary rating to discuss and get the specifics behind the rating before signing off. This would apply to the "Below Contributor" rating as well. Perhaps there should be workshops for supervisors and department heads regarding evaluations and how to do them fairly and not based on personal relationships. Ultimately trust and confidence of being fair has been given to the supervisor by VMI. We don't live in a perfect world and there will be abuses of supervisors so employees should be trained to be completely aware of their options if they believe they were unfairly rated on an evaluation. 3/3/2011 8:13:01 AM
Thank you for your comments. You are correct that all supervisors should be fairly rating their employees and reviewers should be confirming that the assessments are accurate. We will reinforce this with supervisors and reviewers prior to the next rating cycle. 
It is my understanding that not all employees of the Institute received the bonus last month. Only employees rated as extraordinary contributer recieved any extra money. I was one of the chosen few to receive this money. However, I find this very unfortuante because eventhough I have a great relationship with my boss I know that I would have been rated extraordinary even if I did a poor job this year. That is the problem with the way these bonuses were handed out. There are a lot of employees that go above and beyond and are not good friends with there superior the way I am. As you can imagine there are plenty of people that were rated extraordinary that didn't deserve it and there were even more people ranked contributer that deserved to be extraordinary. This is just one more example of how VMI caitors to a chosen few. For example, housekeeping shows up for work before the majority of VMI employees are even out of bed and spends the whole day making sure that everybody else has a clean and sanitary work environment. The Physical Plant employees get called out at any random hour of the day or night to take care of any problems that would interfere with the day to day operations of the Institute. Not to mention the people that are here sometimes days and nights before to scrape and push snow that never falls. Also the Post Police are here every hour of every day answering any call that may arise all while wearing a bulletproof vest and carrying firemarms for there own protection as well as everyone elses. If thats not dedication I don't know what is. Im sure I have missed some other departments that may have possibly gotten the shaft this past month but nonetheless I have made my point. I think it is time for VMI to stop rewarding the elite and help out the people that actually make this fine institute run. Please either give bonuses to all or none. 3/1/2011 12:36:05 AM
Performance bonuses were given to employees who received top ratings on their last annual appraisal. This included Teaching and Research Faculty, Administrative and Professional Faculty, and our Classified employees. Bonuses were also awarded to some adjunct faculty and hourly workers based upon hours worked during Fiscal Year 2010. These employees were not eligible for the December three percent bonuses received by most full time employees. Since performance bonuses are to reward exceptional performance, evaluations have been used to help make this decision. It was a fair way to make the decision and was not an effort to award the "elite." All supervisors are instructed to rate their employees fairly, objectively, and based upon the employee's work performance. For classified employees who do not agree with their appraisal ratings, there are procedures to appeal. We do agree wholeheartedly with your statement about the dedication displayed by Physical Plant, Post Police staff--and there are many others that fit into this category. Those employees were also eligible for bonuses and many did receive them. We welcome input to improve rating systems and bonus pay plans, so your suggestions to provide merit pay for all personnel will be taken into consideration. Thank you. 
Why are some offices on Post allowed to close for lunch while others are not? Most offices have more than one administrative support person to allow for staggered lunches and office coverage. For those offices that may have just one administrative support person, maybe other members of those departments need to be avaible for coverage. 2/16/2011 10:21:50 AM
Those offices that service the post do remain open with staggered lunch shifts as much as possible. Due to limited manning in some offices, or due to employee leaves or absences, this might now always be possible. If something urgent is needed during a lunch period, users may wish to call ahead to arrange service. It is up to the Department Head or individual supervisor to ensure service goals are met and to arrange for outside coverage during times when the office needs to be open.  
The Roanoke Times ran an article about a young man from Rockbridge High School's basketball team. The article mentioned that he is honing his skills at VMI's Cameron Stadium in the evenings and on the weekends. The article also stated that he is being recruited by Radford. Why is he allowed to use Cameron when no one else is allowed. VMI doesn't even allow cadets to use Cameron's basketball floor. How does he get in to Cameron on the weekends and how did he get in over Furlough? Doesn't this create a potential recruiting conflict for the basketball team if the basketball coaches were aware of this? 2/10/2011 12:43:40 PM
The portion of the article suggesting the frequency of use was a bit misleading. This particular young man and his family have a long and close association with VMI. On a few occasions during the week he has been allowed to shoot some basketballs after the VMI team practices. This player is on the local high school basketball team which VMI has allowed to use Cameron Hall on a few days when the local high school was closed and their gymnasium could not be used--thus some of the quoted use was actually with his team. No after hours or unauthorized use of the facility is ever allowed. According to the Athletic Department, there are no NCAA rules being violated. Even VMI prospects/recruits are permitted to play basketball with current players while visiting. We hope this answers your question. 
A VMI employee hosted a birthday party at the VMI observatory for his son. A faculty member from the physics department was there to answer questions. Are all faculty and staff allowed to host parties at the observatory. If so who do we contact and is there a fee? If not isn't this an equity issue? 2/8/2011 8:51:18 AM
The birthday party was not held at the observatory. It was held at a private residence. Some children did visit the observatory that evening during a short trip which was pre-arranged with a member of the Physics Department. The professor explained how an observatory worked and it was an educational adventure for the children. This facility is controlled by the Physics Department. Questions as to its availability for use and tours should be directed to them. There are normally no "fees" charged for this type of visit.  
Submitted a concern some time ago regarding a cadet spending 20 days in jail during this past Christmas Furlough. Not only is this conduct unbecoming of a cadet, but he obviously lied as to why he returned late on permit, he was late because he was under arrest! Why is this cadet still here? I thought the honor court did not tolerate those that attempt to deceive. This is shameful! 2/8/2011 12:34:28 PM
This concern is not an Equity matter. The Commandant’s Office was aware of this issue and dealt with it appropriately. Please contact the Inspector General’s Office if you wish further information. 
EAST MEETS WEST CONFERENCE “Marking the 1,300th anniversary of Tariq ibn Ziyad’s crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar from North Africa to the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, the conference will celebrate the accomplishments of the first 800 years, during which Muslims, Christians, and Jews flourished side by side Discussion will consider how to transform education, promote tolerance and political reform, and advance human development.” Yet among the distinguished list of plenary speakers, there is not a sole representative of the Jewish or Sephardic communities. Or should “East” be interpreted as “East’, but no Hebrews” as occurs at other Middle Eastern studies conferences in the United States? Reading the “East Meets West” news release on the Marketing website, one cannot help but believe the “Jews” reference is merely token, which fits an emerging and unsettling pattern of marginalization of Jewish presence at VMI. A continuous flow of Palestinian and pro-Palestinian speakers invited to VMI have interpreted their concept of a “just peace” in the Middle East year after year. When will an Israeli be invited? When will a special effort on behalf of Jewish cadets be made by the Institute to facilitate their transport to a synagogue for the High Holy Days? Why is it assumed that this is the responsibility of Jewish faculty and staff only, when we have “Easter furlough” and special provisions available for Muslim cadets, faculty, and staff during Ramadan? When will International Programs sponsor a movie, an event, a “week,” or a discussion about Jewish culture or Israel? Does anyone but its members even know there is (or at least used to be) a Jewish cadet organization? 1/24/2011 10:57:07 AM
VMI's Modern Languages and Cultures Department is the proponent of the East Meets West Conference. A call for papers and topics has been issued and the agenda is being worked with the Center for Leadership and Ethics staff. Speakers are not asked to provide their religious affiliation as a condition of their eligibility to participate. The claim, however, that there is no speaker from the Jewish community is inaccurate. There are presently two representatives from that community who are scheduled to speak and make presentations. There may be more when the agenda is finalized. In organizing a conference such as this one, which focuses on regions of the world, VMI takes the appropriate representation of all regions and groups very seriously. Thoughtful consideration is given to this issue, especially since the premise behind the conference is to bring all groups together in a neutral forum to find solutions and bring some hope for the future. Besides this particular conference, VMI similarly does not invite speakers based upon their particular religion. Past speakers have included everyone from the Pakistani Ambassador to the United States to Elie Weisel. As for International Programs, they do sometimes sponsor movies or other events that are related to international matters. Prior sponsored movie topics have included the Holocaust, Che Guevara, and the Middle East. Regarding an organization and participation by Jewish cadets, the Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets ensures that these cadets have the opportunity to participate in the Hillel and First Friday observances. He is more than willing to assist and support a Jewish cadet organization, but there has not been an interest from the cadets in doing so. We hope this answers your concerns.  
Why didn't VMI delay opening Thursday, November 16? It was widely reported that we had a big storm coming and to expect significant amounts of snow. At 6am local weather reported that the snow had begun and to expect 1" an hour through at least noon and that an overall accumulation of 6+" was expected. According to the follwing reply posted on the equity site last year, VMI would make a decision to close based on a variety of factors including local emergency management officials. "VMI will close, release early, or open late when it is determined that the roads and highways are not safe for travel. This decision is made based upon information obtained from state and local police, weather reporting, and county/city emergency management officials." The 12/15/10 email from Robert Spore excluded advice from weather reporting and county/city emergency management officials and instead states, "In the rare instances when the State Police and the Department of Transportation advise drivers to stay off the roads due to severe weather conditions, VMI's closing announcement will include information about changes in the academic schedule." The following info/alert was sent out on 12/16 at 7:24 am urging drivers to travel only in an emergency, "The National Weather Service reports: Winter Storm Warning ...WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 AM EST FRIDAY... A WINTER STORM WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 7 AM EST FRIDAY. * ACCUMULATION...3 TO 6 INCHES OF SNOW AND SLEET. * ICE AMOUNTS...A TRACE POSSIBLE. * TIMING...SNOW AND SLEET THIS MORNING WILL CHANGE TO FREEZING RAIN THIS AFTERNOON...THEN TAPER TO FREEZING DRIZZLE OR LIGHT FREEZING RAIN TONIGHT. * IMPACTS...TRAVEL WILL BE HAZARDOUS. UNTREATED ROADS...SIDEWALKS AND BRIDGES WILL BE SLIPPERY. A WINTER STORM WARNING FOR HEAVY SNOW MEANS SEVERE WINTER WEATHER CONDITIONS ARE EXPECTED OR OCCURRING. SIGNIFICANT AMOUNTS OF SNOW ARE FORECAST THAT WILL MAKE TRAVEL DANGEROUS. ONLY TRAVEL IN AN EMERGENCY. IF YOU MUST TRAVEL...KEEP AN EXTRA FLASHLIGHT...FOOD... AND WATER IN YOUR VEHICLE IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY. & & Sent by Robert Foresman to Weather (24/7) (E-mail, pagers, Cell) through Alert Rockbridge" I think the information to make the correct decision was widely available and I believe it was irresponsible to not abide by this information and unncessarily put employees at risk. If the decision to delay for one hour had been made, it would have provided more time to make the decision to close for the day instead of endangering employees by requiring them to come in and then leave four hours later in the middle of a snow storm. 12/21/2010 3:24:54 PM
The decision to permit "late reporting" to work must be made early in the morning in order to ensure notices can be sent out in time for employees to see them before starting to work. On 16 December, the VMI Police checked the roads and consulted with the State and local police on road conditions. Weather forecasts were also reviewed. Based upon this information, the decision was made to start the duty day. This decision was made at approximately 0600 hours. Snowfall did not begin falling until later. When the snowfall did begin to accumulate later that day, the decision was then made to allow early departures. Please keep in mind that weather patterns and conditions do change frequently and most institutions will not normally close down for "predicted" weather. Regardless of an opening or closing announcements, any employee who does not feel it is safe to travel to work because of weather conditions can contact their supervisor and arrange for leave or comp time to be used. 
A committee to determine fitness standards for faculty has been appointed by the superintendent. I am afraid this is a way to either raise health care costs for those of us who are sick or to discriminate against older faculty and staff -- or both. A statement from the superintendent clearly delineating the scope of potential recommendations would be useful. Also I notice there is NO faculty representation on the committee. As usual we play second fiddle. 12/7/2010 12:52:18 PM
The Fitness Task Force's charter is to look at ways to improve the overall health and fitness of the Corps of Cadets and the faculty and staff. This appointment order was announced to faculty and staff via email earlier this month (Special Order #27, which can be viewed on the Chief of Staff's portion of the website) as well as in the Weekly Bulletin. You are encouraged to read it in its entirety. It is not chartered to "determine fitness standards for faculty." The Task Force will be looking at "current standards and programs for the Corps to ensure they are optimum and lend themselves to a fitter Corps." There is no such language in the charter with regard to the faculty and staff. For faculty and staff, the Task Force will be looking for new ideas and opportunities to improve fitness and health. Col Spore from Human Resources is a part of the Task Force as an advisor to assist in the initiatives for the VMI workforce and provide guidance on the States "Commonwealth Commonhealth" initiative for employees. There will assuredly be no impacts on health care or any staff member. As for faculty representation, the co-chair of the Task Force is COL Jimmy Coale, Head of the P.E. Department. In view of the current heavy committee workload of the faculty, the Dean did not feel a need to add additional members as COL Coale can provide the appropriate representation. We hope this answers your concern. 
I see where the Bomb is now available online. Yearbook photos are one thing, but what about the candid shots? Back in the day there wasn't much in the way of oversight and pretty much anything was submitted. Not sure everyone will be thrilled to find out that their "moments" as cadets are on the web for all to see. Should alum have been asked if they were OK with their photos being pubished world-wide? You hear of employers checking Facebook, etc... of course what you post there is your responsibility. If permission was not required, maybe a warning would be suitable to those logging on: that some photos are not suitable for young viewers. 11/24/2010 10:25:18 AM
VMI students publications like the Bomb and the Cadet newspaper (which is also in the process of being digitized) are, and have always been, public documents. They are freely available, and widely used for review, purchase, copying and loan. The VMI Archives is interested in preserving these heavily used items, without restricting or compromising access to patrons. VMI Archives received grant funding to accomplish this for our historical publications. Many other colleges have successfully made very well-received digitized copies of their yearbooks and newspapers available online. Current Cadet editors contribute to the effort to craft a publication that is in good taste. Faculty/staff advisors to those publications assist in this regard. The VMI Publications Board and, subsequently, the Institute Planning Committee will review this issue. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. 
I have heard that the new "Rifle Coach " position will be paid $80, 000 and to justify this amount the position description will include oversite of the new "drill fields" currently being built on North Post. How can the athletic department and VMI justify this salary when others within the athletic department are currently being paid far less and being asked to do far more in more important positions? 11/15/2010 10:18:04 AM
The information that you heard is incorrect. An advertisement will be going out in the near future seeking someone to serve as a "Director of Corps Marksmanship" which will involve overseeing the program for the Corps' familiarization or qualification on weapons using the range. The position will also involve overseeing all VMI firing ranges, overseeing operations at McKethan Park, and overseeing operations for the entire Military Leadership and Field Training Grounds--which will include not just the drill fields, but the obstacle courses and new rifle range as well. In addition, the person in that position will coach both the male and female rifle teams, to include recruiting and practices. The position will be for significantly less than the quoted figure.  
Thumbs up to the Laundry ladies and one gentleman.Nobody seems to notice who washes our clothes,folds them and presses them. i for one give them a thumbs up.They deserve alot of credit.When you see these people just say thank you.Just let them know they are doing a great job. 10/17/2010 2:31:27 PM
Thank you for recognizing some of our great employees who quietly work behind the scenes to serve our cadets and VMI. We agree!! 
The mail room is only open for 6 hours each day. We can't buy stamps there anymore they will give you a pice of postal tape to put on your mail. Are the hours going to change for everyone on post since the mail room is only open 6 hours each day. This sounds like an equity issus. 10/13/2010 3:10:23 PM
This is not an equity concern. The following response was posted in the Weekly Bulletin twice recently, and is posted below again for review. MAILROOM UPDATE: The VMI Mailroom has two missions; the first is the processing of mail for VMI cadets throughout the academic year. The Barracks serves as their residence and the VMI Mailroom serves as the equivalent of their post office. The second mission is to handle the official mail and distribution needed to support the Institute in its day to day mission as a college. The Mailroom is not staffed to handle the personal mail of VMI employees. Mailroom employees, with modern automation and distribution equipment, do not carry postage stamps nor do they carry cash or make change. The Mailroom now meters outgoing cadet mail eliminating the need to handle postage stamps. Mailroom employees will certainly pick up personal letters and reasonably sized packages with the outgoing official mail and deliver them to the Lexington Post Office, if they have the proper postage affixed. As a service, the VMI Mailroom will take money at the customer service window (1000-1400 and 1500-1600 hours on the concourse level of New Barracks) to handle personal mail and packages. They will affix the proper postage on letters and packages for all patrons at that location. Your cooperation is appreciated. 
why is a cadet vehicle parking in the BOQ parking lot. Black GMC pickup. 9/27/2010 5:29:32 PM
The cadet is a volunteer firefighter and, at the request of the local fire chief, has received permission from VMI to temporarily park there while a spot in one of the on Post cadet lots is being arranged.  
I was told that we are not longer able to buy stamps or send back a package that needs to be returned. What is going on in the mail room? Do you realize how hard it is to go to the local post office and find a place to park and then come back to work and find a place to park. Is there going to be an email send out post wide about this new policy from the mail room. 9/14/2010 9:38:39 AM
This is not an Equity complaint and has been referred to the IG. 
Pets on Post - Are dogs (not service animals)allowed in buildings on Post? It seems some faculty and staff have fallen into the habit of bringing their animals to work. Even if this was just a summer/downtime pattern, it hardly seems courteous to subject other people to the issues a dog at work can raise (allergies, noise, tidiness, discomfort). Plus, it is extremely awkward for the people who prefer not to have the dogs around to address it when senior faculty and administrators are doing it, or when people argue..."But fluffy is such a nice dog!" (PS - even when you and your dog leave the building, allergens, slobber, and ill will will hang around for a good while longer!) 9/10/2010 1:45:56 PM
This is not an Equity issue and has been referred to the VMI Inspector General's Office for action. You may expect an informational notice concerning this issue to be issued soon. Thank you. 
There are these two "Ladies in Red" who are the best in the laundry department. I believe that they are being underpaid considering the quality of work that they perform. They are polite, courteous and are always willing to help cadets. They should be given a pay raise, paid vacation days, and a bigger and better office with a view (Construction demolition doesn't count as a view). Plus, they always have a smile on their faces and are some of the hardest workers I have ever met. VMI should take better care of their most outstanding employees. 9/1/2010 2:58:36 PM
There are an extraordinary number of VMI employees that work very hard, do an outstanding job, and deserve more money. VMI recognizes that and the impacts of state employees not having raises for two years now. As you know, there is going to be a 3% bonus in which the state will provide some of it and VMI the rest. We hope to have enough money later in the year to provide some additional merit pay to some of our employees, but that is dependent upon possible further and unexpected budget cuts. We sincerely hope our budget and funding constraints improve in the future and that State salary increases resume for our employees. You are entirely correct that there are a number of "unsung heroes" at VMI, including those ladies in our laundry. We appreciate your recognizing them as they deserve it.  
Why have the government vans and cars been parking in the parking lot down from Cocke Hall/Scott Shipp Hall lot all summer? Why are football players driving their cars to the mess hall to eat when they should be walking for exercise from practice? 8/23/2010 12:44:49 PM
This is not an Equity complaint. Please review the information in the Equity or IG website. This has been referred to the Inspector General for resolution.  
Over the summer there was a survey about the berets. Could we please see the results and learn what the final decision is? And do you have any way to inform us regarding how many men vs women replied? Women are quite out numbered at VMI, as you know, and women are, as a result, under represented in the survey (which was sent out while absolultely nobody was around). 8/19/2010 10:33:20 AM
When the ASU uniform purchase contract was executed, the decision had been made to purchase both a beret and the garrison (round cap). The initial thought was to wear the beret during normal duties with the garrison cap to be used for formal occasions, such as parades. This is consistent with the US Army practice. However, the Superintendent directed Auxiliary Services to attempt to get some feedback from the staff on this issue. There were over 30 responders to the survey and it is recognized that the majority of the uniformed staff and faculty were away for the summer. The survey to date results between wear of the beret and wear of the garrison cap (round) found the majority voted for the beret. Eleven stated they preferred to wear the beret, six indicated they wished to wear the garrison cap, while fourteen cited no clear preference with some of that total expressing concern for others they knew that felt uncomfortable being forced to wear one or the other hats so they indicated they thought all should have a choice as to which hat they wanted to wear. It wasn't broken out male v. female and was an effort to get some feedback. It wasn't a formal survey. After weighing all the information available, including survey comments, discussions with numerous people, future cost for replacement headgear, and U.S. Army uniform wear directives, the decision at present is to follow the policy and uniform guidance established for the men and women in the U.S. Army here at VMI. The beret will be worn with both Class A and B Army Service uniforms. The Garrison cap (round) will be worn with the Class A and Dress uniform for parades and formal occasions. As we go through these initial months following this conversion, this issue will continue to be reviewed and changed if necessary.  
Occasionally employees are invited to receptions on post, such as the Superintendent's receptions. The invitation states the protocol for clothing as "Civilian coat and tie, military class B". Could you please help me understand where faculty fall in these categories? I am not complaining, but this is confusing to some, especially new faculty. Thank you. 8/19/2010 10:25:07 AM
The invitations to the Reception read Civilians: Coat and tie Military: Class B Faculty in uniform would be expected to attend in their Class B uniform (pants or skirt with open collar shirt). This is the standard uniform of the day and the decision was made to have the attendees in Class B since they will be coming directly from the General Faculty meeting at Marshall Hall. If a faculty member does not have the complete Army Service Uniform (ASU) set, they may wear a coat and tie or female equivalent. A prescribed dress for "civilians" is included since spouses, retired faculty, and other members of the VMI community are also invited. As an additional note, a number of factors go into the specific dress for these events, such as the nature of the function, time of day, who is being honored, etcetera. We regret the confusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  
Regarding the issue of new uniforms, all male Faculty or Professional Administration personnel received four trousers. The four trousers are made up of three wool trousers and one tropical weight trouser. As a Professional Administration employee who has to wear the uniform all year round, I find it a little warm to wear the wool trousers during the summer months but with only one tropical weight trouser, I am forced to wear the wool trouser while the tropical weight trouser is being cleaned. I am not complaining about wearing the new uniform but I feel like a little more thought should have been given to what weight trousers should be dispensed. If two each were given that would have seemed a better way to go. As it stands now we have to pay $100.00 per trouser to get additional tropical weight trousers which has to come out of our pocket, eventough we can take it off our taxes. Just a comment as I have heard this concern from a number of other facutly and Admin Prof. personnel. 8/2/2010 3:53:34 PM
Initial costs to VMI for fielding the ASU and replacement costs for individual faculty members were heavily considered in the selection of uniform items for basic issue to faculty and staff. The decision was made to provide the three pairs of the more expensive wool blend trousers primarily because they would hold up under use in the classroom much longer than the tropical weight trousers and they look better. Most of the faculty and staff work in an air conditioned environment. The tropical weight coat and one pair of tropical weight trousers were selected because they would be needed for parades, and the majority of the parades occur during the warmer months. Initial feedback from some wearers is the wool blend trousers are no worse in the sun than the 100% polyester green trousers. Undoubtedly some faculty members will desire to purchase additional uniform items according to their preferences.  
We have received inquiries concerning summer hours for some organizations on post. 7/7/2010 2:23:57 PM
Some organizations on Post whose main function is to service cadets have reduced hours when the corps is not present. Some employees are 1500 hour employees and do not work during this period. Other organizations may be working but the public service hours are reduced. Additionally, keep in mind many employees take their leave, vacation time, and schedule medical treatment during the summer months. Teaching and research faculty are not on 12 month contracts and thus do not work in the summer unless they are teaching a summer school class--those professors are paid a stipend for teaching a class and are not expected to work Monday-Friday as they do during the fall and spring semesters. Administrative support in those areas who are classified employees are expected to be working a full work week and absences must be accounted for on their time cards. Department heads have the responsibility to ensure this is happening. 
why do students or cadets that live in town. be allowed to drink and have partys. this is not VMI way. 6/26/2010 4:58:16 PM
VMI does not require cadets attending summer school to live in Barracks. Many choose to find less expensive accommodations in the surrounding area. All cadets are expected, however, to obey local and state laws on or off Post. If they violate those laws, they are subject to disciplinary action by VMI during summer school or upon their return for the fall semester--in addition to the civil penalties. 
VMI Health Center has posted there Summer Hours of 9a-3p.Is this standard pratice for all departments to operate on 6 hours a day in the summer. 5/29/2010 3:15:39 PM
The VMI Health Center is open for normal work hours (0800-1600) during the summer. The Infirmary has a part-time nurse available for summer school student "sick call" from 0900-1500 hours. Since the sign originally posted was causing some confusion, a new sign has been posted. 
Why is an employee allowed to work other jobs at VMI during their regular work hours? The employee works for Aramark in the evenings but also does jobs for Aramark during normal work hours. Isn't this a conflict? 5/11/2010 4:18:29 PM
Classified employees must follow state rules and guidelines which govern work hours, work status, and pay rates. VMI's practice is that these employees should not be working second jobs during the core hours of their duty day. VMI will develop and publish a policy to address this matter. Supervisors and employees will be reminded of these guidelines and will be briefed on the new VMI-specific policy when it is published. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  
On Friday morning, April 30, at 5:45 A.M., I was stopped by VMI Police for making an illegal right turn off of Main Street onto the street that is in front of Crozet Hall. I fully acknowledge I did make this illegal turn. However, the VMI Officer had me take a handheld breathalyzer test. What provocation did the Officer have for doing this? I was on my way to work and had not been drinking alcohol and gave no indication from my driving that I had. Is this legal and why was it necessary? 5/7/2010 3:29:09 PM
As this is not an issue that falls under the Equity Complaint system, but rather a complaint about police procedures, your posting has been referred to the appropriate agency, the VMI Police Department, which has a process in place for reviewing citizen complaints. To receive a direct response, please contact Chief Marshall at 464-7017.  
VMI employees were not allowed to drive for the Environment Virginia Conference BUT are allowed to drive for the Spring Reunion which is coming up in a couple of weeks. Who has made this decision and is it fair? 4/9/2010 1:02:37 PM
The Environment Virginia Conference hosted between 600-650 people spread out in hotels across Lexington. Consequently, it was necessary for the shuttle service to run from early morning, throughout the day, and into the evenings for this three-day conference. The Physical Plant reviewed the requirements and determined they could not support them in view of the numbers of people needing to be transported, the number of vehicles required, and length of time involved. Commercial shuttle services were therefore provided to conference attendees, and the cost for the shuttle service was passed on to the conference organizers--not VMI. VMI can support the Reunion, however, as it involves fewer people and requires less time and less manpower. The Spring Reunion is also a VMI event historically supported by our staff. 
An incident was recently witnessed concerning an equity issue regarding our sexual harrassment policy: workers were overheard making embarrassing comments of a sexual nature to a female worker while she was attempting to perform her work related duties. It was obvious that she was upset by their comments and though she asked them NOT to continue their converstion, they proceeded anyway. it is also my understanding that such behavior has been conversed by some of other employees in previous time. This type of behavior causes undo stress in the workplace and damages the reputations of both individuals and of the Institute. I feel it necessary to mention this so that ALL employees are aware of the seriousness of such actions and should be reminded that such behavior is NOT appropriate at any time whether on VMI post or not. 3/16/2010 2:29:52 PM
The conduct you witnessed is simply not tolerable and appears to violate General Order 16 (Sexual Harassment Policy) as well as state and federal policies prohibiting sexual harassment. Whoever witnesses such behavior is encouraged to report it immediately to our Inspector General, who serves as our Title IX coordinator, or to his or her immediate supervisor so that specific actions may be taken to investigate the report further. Specific actions beyond training are extremely difficult to implement without a direct report. We thank you for bringing this to our attention and encourage you to provide further information. 
I posted a question earlier and it has not yet appeared so I would like to ask again. Since the faculty club is open to everyone at VMI except cadets according to your answer of 1/21, I would like to know how I can get a key to use it. I am a laundry worker and this will be a very nice place for us to gather for occasional breaks. Thank you for including us. 3/11/2010 12:55:09 PM
Anyone may have a key by submitting a key request to the Physical Plant. The door locks automatically, so there is no need for volunteers to be on duty. 
I do not feel the Post Parking submission was understood correctly. Personal vehicles are being parked infront of department doors with a VMI issued service tag. These are not state vehicles. If the answer to the submission is correct all employees who attend meetings or make occasional runs to other departments would be able to park their personal vehicle outside their department. Would you elaborate on where an employee may request these special parking tags for personal vehicles and what the mileage and gas reimbursment is for such a use by the state? 2/25/2010 6:21:06 AM
VMI does not have sufficient state vehicles for all workers in the Physical Plant. Some workers, with the approval of the Post Engineer, are allowed to use their vehicles to go to and from job sites with their equipment. When they are on a job site, they use the parking tag. When they are on personal business they cannot use the parking tag. Reimbursements are done on a monthly basis at the approved state rate. If you have further questions, please contact the Post Engineer or appropriate department head.  
VMI parking is limited and the walking distance is great for many employees. Why do some departments such as the Heat Plant recieve special privelages and are allowed to park in a no parking area? Understanding that a VMI service issue tag is in the window of a personal vehicle, How often is this vehicle used for service? I have noticed the same vehicle in the same location all day long. Should that not be for the employee to park at the location of service provided and all other times they should park in a parking lot like all other employees? It seems this VMI service tag is an escape route to allow Heat Plant employees to park at the Heat Plant. This is another obvious misuse of authority and VMI should allow all staff the same privelages if this continues. Is it not true that all VMI parking permits & tags are issued by Post Police and not B&G? Posting this on the Equity site is a last resort effort as B&G Department Heads and Post Police have been informed of this situation numerous times. 2/19/2010 7:45:07 AM
Heat Plant vehicles are dispatched to service boilers and other equipment throughout Post. The tools and equipment they need are in their trucks, and the workers need close access to them. Since some jobs take multiple days to complete, vehicles may be parked in a single location for more than one day. All Post employee vehicles should park in authorized locations whenever possible; however, parking slots are not always available near the locations of the equipment the employees are servicing. Private vehicles are only used as a last resort. If you believe an employee is in fact abusing the service tag, you may contact either the department head or, if you do not feel that is sufficient, the department head's supervisor for resolution.  
I just read the question/answer concerning VMI closing for inclement weather situations. I would like to ask a further question regarding such situations. Why does there seem to be a double standard as to how faculty are told to handle the situation and how classified and other employees are told? I have copied two paragraphs from a recent e-mail about inclement weather policies. (1) For classified employees VMI will observe a liberal leave policy for Tuesday, 9 February. Supervisors may also excuse late arrivals up to one hour, if road conditions affect travel. This doesn’t apply to any classified employee in a position designated as “essential.” If you do not plan to report to work tomorrow, please inform your supervisor. If late reporting, early release, or work cancellation determinations are formally made by VMI, classified employees would not be required to take leave for any time that offices are closed. (2) Faculty should use their best judgment in determining their ability to safely travel to work to hold classes, and you should never feel an obligation to put yourself at risk traveling to work just because VMI is not “closed” or classes are not officially cancelled. Cadets will form for classes as scheduled; however, if the professor has not arrived by fifteen minutes after the time the class is scheduled to begin, the section will be considered dismissed. The professor will arrange to reschedule the class or otherwise make up the work as appropriate. These two clearly present an equity situation in that faculty are told "never feel an obligation to put yourself at risk traveling to work just because VMI is not 'closed' or clases are not officially cancelled." However, classified employees are told that "Supervisors may excuse late arrivals up to one hour" and essentially can't be off (without docking our time) UNLESS VMI formally announces a closing. We are allowed to be one hour late! It states that faculty may make up classes at a later time - so, I ask, couldn't employees make up their work at a later time and not be charged for time off ? I realize that there would be many employees who will take advantage at every opportunity and I realize that faculty are a whole different level than the rest of VMI's employees, but I really think there is something amiss here with these two different policies, if only with the language and the way we perceive you care about one group vs another group !!!!! 2/9/2010 9:25:15 AM
VMI will close, release early, or open late when it is determined that the roads and highways are not safe for travel. This decision is made based upon information obtained from state and local police, weather reporting, and county/city emergency management officials. We understand that some employees may not wish to travel in any amount of snow. We also understand that there are some employees who either live far away or live in remote areas where the weather poses greater challenges to travel. In those cases, those employees are given the option of taking leave (classified) or re-arranging classes (teachers). Classified employee personnel rules are established and governed by the state. All state employees in the classified system must take leave if their place of work is open for business. Teaching faculty rules are not promulgated by the state, but are governed by the Faculty Handbook. Faculty are 10-month, salaried employees with defined set of expectations that are different from those of classified employees. Their primary obligation is to provide instruction in a course of study. Work missed when classes are cancelled must be made up in some manner, usually on a schedule beyond the traditional work day. Classified employees do not have this expectation.  
My concern is...why does VMI feel as though it is a necessity that we do not close for bad weather. And I am not talking about an inch or so of snow, I am talking about the 12 inches plus that it is calling for today. VTech and all other colleges close, just because we have the word Military in our school name does not mean we are actually in the military! I live 30 minutes away on a clear day so this morning it took me over an hour to get here. Not to mention that I had to get my two young children out on the snow covered roads to take to the babysitter! Not all of us have tons of leave time to take at our convenience!! VMI talks about how we are a family here and I do believe that they are confused about what a "family" is. A "family" would not risk the lives of their employees and their children!! The Gov. has declared a state of emergency and all you are hearing on the tv and radio is to please stay off the roads unless it is life or death. I didn't realize going to school or to work at VMI was a life or death situation!! I would hope you would take a serious look at this policy and be more concerned about your employees! 2/5/2010 7:38:29 AM
VMI will close when the most current weather forecast dictates such a need. For example, we did close at noon on the day in question, and we did so based upon the most current forecast. Washington and Lee closed at noon on this day as well, even though the public schools in the city of Lexington were closed for the entire day. Given the way weather patterns change, it is not always prudent to make a decision regarding closing the day prior to a weather event. In fact, the last time VMI called for a delayed opening the day before a predicted storm, the actual weather the following morning was not severe and did not create hazardous traveling conditions. Virginia Tech not only has different weather conditions than VMI but also has a much higher number of students who commute to class. VMI is of course unique in that our entire student body resides close to academic buildings and still must be supported regardless of weather. However, we understand that some of our employees reside much further from post, and in no situation do we expect anyone to drive to work if he or she does not feel the conditions are safe. Each employee should make his or her own best judgment regarding travel safety and should work with his or her supervisor to determine the appropriate course of action, should he or she not feel safe coming to work.  
Although this is not an equity issue, I would like to make a suggestion. In reviewing posted equity issues, it is obvious that many postings are not equity issues at all but are suggestions, complaints, etc.. This has happened because there is not another forum available to post and address these concerns. I believe the volume of these concerns is a clear indication that another forum to express them is needed. Many of the postings contain valuable suggestions and/or offer management an opportunity to clarify and refine policies so it would be a shame to not have a readily available means to communicate them anonymously. Please consider setting up a separate site to accomodate these issues and advertise it to faculty and staff so that they can be separated from equity issues. Although no one likes to deal with complaints, facing issues head on as they appear contributes to higher employee satisfaction across the board which always contributes to the bottom line. Thank you. 1/29/2010 10:42:36 AM
The VMI Administration is already looking at a different concept for raising issues of concern as well as modifying the Equity Submission process, or else combining it with another complaint process. You are correct that the vast majority of the Equity postings do not deal with "equity" matters. This will be an agenda items for the 4 February Equity Committee meeting. Thank you for raising this issue.  
What is VMI's policy on telecommuting? Is it posted on the web site? 1/21/2010 2:29:53 PM
Please see posting on this topic dated 8/19/2009,11:09:22 AM. General Order 59, Telework Policy, is available online to all employees.  
General Peay is not on the faculty. Can he frequent the new faculty club? BG Green? Col Curtis? Col Trumps? Will there be a club for employees who are not on the faculty? This makes me feel left out. 1/21/2010 11:28:48 AM
The "Faculty Club" originated in a request by two faculty members to the Dean for an informal place to gather, socialize, and build community. It is neither inclusive nor exclusive, and is open to everyone at VMI, except cadets. This “club” is currently a previously unoccupied space located in the basement of the Castle House. Many colleges and universities have such a location. This is a temporary arrangement to see if there is interest, post wide. No Institute funds have been spent on this initiative. 
Please find a way to clear the snow that blocks 2 parking spots in the parking lot behind Crozet hall (the new lot), as well as the sidewalk that allows faculty and staff to walk from that parking lot to Scott-Shipp Hall and Crozet Hall. Its about time. 1/14/2010 9:17:30 AM
Anyone who identifies snow or ice impediments in common areas across VMI are encouraged to notify the Physical Plant Customer Service Desk. Physical Plant was notified based on this submission.  
I have a complaint in regard to the cleanliness (or lack of) in academic buildings on Post. The condition of the building that I work in has deteriorated significantly in the past few years. It appears as though the housekeeping employees have no supervision. Does anyone inspect the buildings anymore? It is quite surprising to me that so much money is spent in renovations, yet maintenance is not a priority. I view this as a poor reflection on VMI. I am not sure that this complaint is an equity issue, but I sincerely hope that it will reach the right individual(s). 1/13/2010 11:39:10 AM
For questions or concerns about housekeeping support, they should contact either their building coordinator or speak to Housekeeping Services at extension 7370 (Mr Barry McDonald, Barracks) or 7644 (Janet Bryant, Academic and Athletic facilities).  
Can anything be done to cover the large holes in the hallway walls between Richardson Hall and the Infill Bldg? Repairs completed by the Physical Plant to water leaks and other issues have left large holes in the walls on each floor. The Physical Plant employees have done a great job with the repairs and clean-up, but the large holes left after are a concern and some of the openings have been uncoverd for over a year. 1/13/2010 9:25:23 AM
Physical Plant is in the process of locating the items needed to install access doors versus blocking it back up. This is project is expected to be completed by the end of Spring semester.  
Students with disabilities seem to be losing their accomodations. My child has ADHD but is extremely bright. I don't understand why VMI would want inteligent students with disabilities to fail in their endeavors? The School must realize it reflects negatively on them as educators. 1/12/2010 12:13:00 PM
Cadets at VMI who have documented learning disabilities are eligible for reasonable accommodations in the classroom. New cadets should provide the Office of Disabilities Services with their documentation prior to matriculation or soon after arriving at VMI in order to receive accommodations. Cadets who have already matriculated and feel that they may have a learning disability should report to the Office of Disabilities Services to learn more about testing for learning disabilities. Cadets are responsible for coordinating with the Office of Disabilities Services and their professors at the beginning of each semester to make arrangements for accommodations. While the Disabilities Coordinator position is currently vacant, that does not mean these services have been discontinued. The Executive Director of the Miller Academic Center is performing these duties while actions to the vacancy are being taken. Anyone with questions about services or, as a parent, about their son or daughter, should contact the staff at the Miller Academic Center.  
Her is an issue that I have emailed and called about almost all of last semester. The (new) cardio room in Cocke hall is reserved for faculty use from 11am to 1pm every weekday. Unfortunately, there are no cadets or any other person able to monitor the room so that the only time it is open is 12pm to 1pm. It is very difficult to get there at noon and be in class by 1pm. Further, faculty does not have class from 11am to 12pm MWF. I have tried several venues, and Jimmy Cooale has worked with me as much as he can but it seems that VMI cannot offer to cover that room for ONE HOUR only (11am to 12pm) MWF. The only option now is to ask faculty to monitor that room during that time. This reinfornces the feeling that faculty are pretty low on VMI's priority. 1/11/2010 12:29:53 PM
The Dean has been working recently with the BG Green, the VMI Chief of Police, and COL Coale to resolve this issue. This is a priority for VMI, but liability and security requirements dictate that these facilities be monitored. Funding and staff shortages have presented some recent hurdeles, but the staff is actively engaged to solve the problem quickly.  
I would like to address the improper use of cell phones in business offices and in State owned vehicles while driving. There is an employee who is constantly out in the public and who is constantly on her cell phone, it doesn't matter where she is if her phone rings she answers it. She has been seen approaching and entering buildings while on her phone and nothing interupts her call! This is an annoyance to those of us trying to work and conduct business and this needs to be addressed to curb this abuse of paid work time. Personal business should be conducted on your own time not when you are being paid to work and as this is a daily occurance we don't feel these are emergency calls that need immediate attention. 1/7/2010 7:35:57 AM
For safety reasons, Virginia State employees should not to talk on cell phones while driving State vehicles. The latest directive from the Vehicle Management Control Center states "Cell phones, blackberries, smart-phones or other electrical devices must be operated via a hands-free device. Any other use such as text messaging or emailing is prohibited while the vehicle is in drive and/or in motion." VMI and the State do not have policies that specifically address the use of a personal cell phone during work hours. However, the handbook for classified employees includes the following language: "The telephone is provided so that employees can conduct state business. Personal use should be limited and does not include long distance calls. Lengthy or frequent personal phone calls may constitute an abuse of work time and may result in disciplinary action under the Standards of Conduct." If you believe an employee may be abusing work time through frequent personal use of a cell phone, you should speak with the individual's supervisor.  
When does Physical Plant intend on cleaning the parking spaces of snow. All Faculty and Staff do return on Monday. This should be a safety concern for handicap parking. 1/6/2010 1:41:12 PM
Physical Plant continues to work on clearing snow on the ground, as well as preparations for the expected snowfall over night. Snow should be cleared by the time the Corps and remaining staff return next week. 
Can snow removal be contracted out like other things on Post? 1/5/2010 4:19:43 PM
Most functions can be contracted out, however it is not economical to do so. Since the annual average snowfall amount is not significant in this area, there is not a big market for this service. There is no single company capable of performing this work that could be hired, and historically having to rely on numerous private contractors to perform this type of work doesn't work well. Additionally, private contractor costs are rather steep for plowing snow. The P2 staff did a superb job with this recent snowfall--all VMI streets and lots were treated and plowed well before the City streets and surrounding neighborhoods were. The bottom line is it is more economical and efficient to continue to rely on our Physical Plant for this service. 
How is it that VMI gets away with no accountability of vacation time? I've never worked anywhere where there is no system for tracking vacation. This seems especially odd for a state school. 12/15/2009 4:06:18 PM
VMI tracks vacation days according to employee classification. The rules governing accountability of vacation days are different for classified employees and administrative and professional faculty. In all cases, supervisors are required to ensure employees' vacation time is monitored. Keep in mind, too, that "vacation" days are distinct from the time off granted to VMI employees during the holiday season. Part-time and hourly/wage employees do not have paid vacation time. There are no rules governing vacation days for teaching faculty. 
All employees are given 16 hours of paid service time each year for school assistance. Would it be possible for employees who do not have school age children or grandchildren to use this time for personal reasons? Many employees do not have reason to use this service for school assistance and the time is lost each year. Thank you. 12/5/2009 3:10:00 PM
The Virginia Dept. of Human Resource Management policy broadened coverage from school-related assistance to include volunteer activities approximately five years ago. The policy now includes volunteer activities for any public or private nonprofit organization that is representative of a community or a significant segment of a community, and is engaged in meeting human, educational, environmental, or public safety community needs. Excluded is service provided through a church where the only recipients of the service are the constituents of the church (e.g. painting and maintenance of church buildings, yard work, serving on the church Board, etc.) and does not include activities involving political groups or causes. The policy can be found at the following link: However, in answer to your specific question, employees without school age children or grandchildren may not use this time for personal reasons. The State provided agencies with authority to grant such requests for parents with school age children because of the additional burdens they have with events, parent-teacher meetings, school functions, etc. Others who do not have these additional burdens would not be granted this additional time.  
An employee would like to ask if it is possible for the unserviceable white and gray uniforms (ducks, woolies, blouses and coatees) after they are cut into rags for destroying but before placing in dumpsters, be collected and given to the SPCA Animal Shelter for use as bedding and rags for the animals? The Animal Shelter is always in need of these items. Thank you 12/5/2009 3:07:21 PM
The bulk of the unserviceable uniforms are white ducks. The uniforms are not cut up - they are rendered un-wearable preventing someone from attempting to wear them who is not authorized. Cadets are allowed to keep their coatees and there are relatively few of the blouses or wool pants, which are distinctive and not appropriate to use as bedding. Our employees, due to their duty requirements, will not be able coordinate the effort, or transport the discarded uniforms to the shelter so a volunteer will be needed to coordinate with the shelter, collect the discarded ducks at VMI and transport them to the shelter. This is a great suggestion and we thank you for bringing it forward. 
Is it possible to stop sending out so many emails on items I have no interest in? We get the weight lifting, round ball luncheon, and a whole host of others that I have to constantly delete from my inbox. A more useful and less stressful approach would be to post all of these to a "community bulletin board" and, if I am interested, I can go there to see what's happening on Post. Otherwise, is there a way to block these unwanted emails? 12/4/2009 10:41:39 AM
Based upon feedback from staff as well as surveys, email notices are the fastest and most efficient methods to publicize events and provide information to staff. Prior comments also included "why wasn't my email group included in the notice?" There is a Weekly Bulletin published by the Chief of Staff's office each Friday that includes most of the event information on Post. The Bulletin is posted to the Website. We will encourage sponsors to use that forum to disseminate information, and will encourage others to send links and short notices instead of high volume/high bandwidth notices. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  
My concern is that the Dean does not follow the rules published in the Faculty Handbook. On page 71 there is a statement that says who cannot serve on the Tenure and Promotions committee: "No member of the Committee shall serve concurrently on the Academic Board or hold an administrative position." A respresentative on the T&P holds an adminstrative position that reports directly to the Dean. The position is defined and given a slot on the organizational chart for the Dean's office. 11/30/2009 1:41:41 PM
The intent of this statement in the Handbook about the composition of the Tenure and Promotions Committee is to distinguish between faculty who are officially and contractually classified as "teaching and research" (i.e., those with primary responsibilities as a member of the teaching faculty) and "administrative and professional" (i.e., those with primary responsibilities as administrative staff). Thus the distinction that is indicated between department heads, who are T&R faculty even though they also carry administrative duties, and those who "hold an administrative position," who are classified as A&P faculty. In recent years, the Dean's effort to distribute faculty governance through administrative appointments has resulted in any number of high-profile positions which are nevertheless held by members of the T&R faculty. Taken to its extreme, limiting service on the Tenure & Promotions Committee to those who do not hold any administrative position would eliminate the possibility that any major committee chair or program director could serve on the committee. Obviously, and particularly for such a small faculty as ours, this would not be desirable. We will explore revisions to the language of the Handbook to make this distinction clearer. A review of the Tenure and Promotions Committee's history from 1994 to the present indicates that only T&R faculty members have served on the committee. 
I have a concern about the hours for the upstairs Cardio Room. Faculty could use the room until recently at the 1100 hour. It has been closed from 1100-1200. Faculty that have a 1300 class find it difficult to use the room and get ready for class in the hour from 1200-1300. This becomes a greater problem in the spring semester when the weather is worst. Faculty who teach at 1300 are at a disadvantage. 11/30/2009 1:46:38 PM
Thank you for your concern. We are aware of the issue and the PE Department staff is working hard to reopen the Cardio Room from 1100 - 1200. Just to clarify for all concerned, for safety reasons, just like the requirement to have a lifeguard when the pool is in use, VMI must have a staff member supervising the use of the equipment. Unfortunately during this past semester, there have not been enough individuals to cover the entire time. The PE Department is developing a plan for next semester to cover the entire time period using a combination of adult supervisors and cadets and hopes to have the Cardio Room open from 1100 – 1300 beginning in January after the cadets return from the Holiday furlough.  
Can something be done about cadets leaving their black academic bags in the entry way to Carroll Hall? In the last two weeks the front entrance to Carroll Hall has become a dumping grounds for these bags. So much so, that I tripped over a bag left at the bottom of the stairs yesterday. There are so many bags being left (normally starts at lunch and increases by the afternoon) that they line the entire entry way and even fall out when you open the front door. Any help with this matter would be greatly appreciated. 11/10/2009 8:55:33 AM
Building Coordinators and staff/faculty should monitor their entryways so that tripping hazards are not present. We will remind Building Coordinators of the need to be attentive to this problem and to establish rules for storing bags and books as necessary to ensure safety and orderliness. Notice should be posted as necessary in those areas. Cadets are reminded of the need to keep building entryways free of personal belongings that might cause people to trip and fall or hinder evacuation in the event of an emergency.  
Deer hunting on the parade ground sounds like a pretty risky venture. Local people run there in the morning, others walk their dogs it's surprising VMI would evan consider this. 11/10/2009 10:10:48 AM
Deer continue to be a significant problem on Post. As you may recall, in April of 2008, a deer crashed through a window in Barracks causing significant damage and just missed injuring a cadet. While VMI hoped not to need to take this step, it is clear that the deer population on post has reached critical mass and the deer population must be reduced. According to the Virginia Deer Management Plan from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, under optimal conditions, a deer population can double in size annually. With no regulating factor (e.g., predators, hunters), a deer population would expand to the point where some resources, generally food, would become scarce. Sources of mortality other than hunting (e.g., diseases, injuries, predation) are typically not sufficient to control deer populations. Active deer management is necessary to maintain deer populations at optimum levels to meet the needs of citizens of the Commonwealth. Additionally, Managing White-Tailed Deer, in Suburban Environments, A Technical Guide describes four Population Reduction Options: Trap and Translocate; Trap and Euthanasia; Sharpshooting; and Controlled Hunting. While VMI has used the Trap and Translocate option to deal with other nuisance animals on post such as skunks and groundhogs, that is not feasible in this case. While each option has its pros and cons, VMI determined that the best alternative was a controlled hunt. This hunting event has been thoroughly researched and coordinated through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and every safety precaution will be taken to protect not only our residents but our visitors as well. You may recall a similar hunt took place in a park in Buena Vista earlier this year. This hunt will take place when the Corps and many residents are away. The number of hunters will be limited to seven and only bowhunting will be allowed. Hunting will not be allowed on the Parade Ground area. VMI Police as well as the Physical Plant will be heavily involved in the safety and procedural aspects of this hunt.  
A question has been asked about disciplinary action being taken against employees. 11/4/2009 11:16:40 AM
Disciplinary actions against VMI employees are private, personnel matters between the employee and his or her supervisor. Actions range from dismissal to counseling. Any such action is documented in the employee's official personnel file and is considered when evaluations, merit pay, or contract renewals take place. These actions are subject to State privacy act restrictions and cannot be made public. 
When is something going to be done about the laundry people smoking in the corner between Carroll Hall and Maury Brooke. You can't breath when you walk between the building when they are outside. What happen to the no smokin gnear building entrances. 11/2/2009 2:49:26 PM
General Order 45, Tobacco Use Policy, prohibits smoking within 50 feet of building entrances. The map attached to GO 45 designates the authorized smoking areas on Post. We understand that the original smoking area designated for that area had to be closed down because it was too close to an air vent. Physical Plant is presently working on another location along Burma Road. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As outlined in the General Order, it is the responsibility of supervisors to enforce the provisions of the policy in their area of accountability. Employees can be sanctioned for failure to comply with these rules. Building custodians similarly can enforce these provisions. We suggest anyone who observes employees smoking in unauthorized areas to bring this to their attention or to the appropriate supervisor or building custodian.  
Traffic patterns on post seem less and less logical as time goes on. Not to long ago we could actually drive around the parade ground. Awhile before that two way traffic was allowed completely around the parade ground. Not only was there two way traffic but parking on BOTH sides of the street in front of NEB, Preston, and Mallory. Why the change to one way traffic and the loss of parking on one side? It's now frustrating to drive from most anywhere on post to another. Almost always requires getting on and off Rt 11 to loop around and try again. When traffic is heavy this can be quite difficult merging on 11 by the mess hall. Traffic behind the science building and Mallory is also difficult. Apparently we're not supposed to make the right hand U-turn uphill from the road in front of the post houses to get behind the BOQ. So if in searching for a parking spot behind Preston and Mallory none are available.. Then in order to get behind the BOQ, admissions, HR, and the science building in search of more parking you must try to get back on 11 to loop around and turn beside the BOQ. 10 or 15 years ago driving and parking on post was simple and easy, why the continual slide downhill, literally - all roads end up down on Rt 11 weather you want or not? Any hope for improvements to travel on and around post (not to mention parking)? Thanks, 10/14/2009 4:24:03 PM
Of primary concern with traffic and parking issues is the safety of the Post, in particular, the Cadets. As changes are made to parking and traffic patterns consideration is given to established guidelines, best practices and safety standards. Parking and One-Way Traffic on Letcher Avenue - When two-way traffic was permitted on Letcher Avenue vehicles parking adjacent to the academic buildings pulled their vehicles in closer to the sidewalk. This resulted in portions of a person’s vehicle extending into the pedestrian sidewalk in some areas. To mitigate the impact of the vehicles extending into the sidewalk it was determined to add bumper blocks with the understanding that vehicles would then extend further into Letcher Avenue – effectively reducing the size of the road supporting the movement of traffic. The size of the road remaining for the movement of traffic would no longer safely support two-way traffic. To provide accessibility for emergency vehicles and adequate space for the movement of traffic, vehicles were restricted to one-way and parking was eliminated adjacent to the parade ground. Traffic - To increase safety, VMI Parade Avenue in front of Barracks is no longer utilized for the circulation of traffic on Post. This has resulted in significantly less conflicts between vehicles and all pedestrians, especially Cadets. Movement of traffic from the Mallory Hall Parking Lot to South Institute Hill Parking Lot is not permitted by either passing in front of the Freeland House or by making a right hand turn on Maiden Lane for South Institute Hill Drive. Both roads are only adequately sized to support one-way traffic. Permitting two-way traffic on a road that supports only one vehicle at time would introduce an unsafe condition. The development and expansion of the South Institute Hill Parking Lot project addresses these issues. Noteworthy, 60 parking spaces (44 additional regular parking spaces and 6 ADA) were added adjacent to the parade ground. The North Institute Hill Parking Lot added 82 additional parking spaces. The Military and Leadership Field Training Grounds project will include construction of a surface parking lot. Finally, the current parking configuration for Cadets includes over 200 vehicles parked remotely – off Post. Left Turn - VMI completed two major parking and traffic studies within the past two years (May 2005 and March 2007). Based upon the recommendations of the completed studies, VMI has implemented the current traffic protocols. The implementations of the protocols were coordinated with the Lexington Police Department and the VMI Police Department to increase safety by taking steps to reduce harm, injury or death. It is understood that the signs have made it more inconvenient, but certainly not impossible for anyone to negotiate travel to and from VMI. If you feel that your concerns have not been adequately addressed, or if you have additional concerns or suggestions, please contact LTC Dallas B. Clark at or 540-464-7462 or the Chief of Police Mike Marshall at or 540-464-7755.  
With the ban on smoking near building entrances can something be done about the laundry people smoking between Maury-Brooke and Carroll Hall. The smoke nearly gags you to death in this area when walking between the building. 10/14/2009 3:19:27 PM
General Order 45, Tobacco Use Policy, prohibits smoking within 50 feet of building entrances. The map attached to GO 45 designates the authorized smoking areas on Post. We understand that the original smoking area designated for that area had to be closed down because it was too close to an air vent. Physical Plant is presently working on another location along Burma Road. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As outlined in the General Order, it is the responsibility of supervisors to enforce the provisions of the policy in their area of accountability. Employees can be sanctioned for failure to comply with these rules. Building custodians similarly can enforce these provisions. We suggest anyone who observes employees smoking in unauthorized areas to bring this to their attention or to the appropriate supervisor or building custodian.  
There are several posts about uniforms and garrison caps. I would like to add to this. I am required to wear Army trousers. I don’t have any Army trousers. I cannot order any more Army trousers. What am I to do? Has the administration given any thought to the peculiar situation in which we are placing our professionals? Does anyone have any trousers that I can borrow? If so, how would I know? Should I put an ad on the post peddler? The answer that you always give is the same: “As you may know, this change in uniform requirements is being driven by the Army's phasing out the green uniform and switching to the Army Service uniform, a different uniform. As a military college at which cadets and most faculty and staff wear uniforms, VMI will make this change as well.” But you still have never answered the question at the heart of this discussion: What, specifically, is driving VMI to continue to spend money (that we don’t have) on uniforms (that we cannot obtain)? Help me please, I need trousers! And I also need a garrison cap because I am required to wear one but I was issued a beret instead, and I am not prior service so I am getting dirty looks and comments from those who are….this is ridiculous. 10/9/2009 2:15:06 PM
Manufacture of the green Army uniforms has ceased and the stocks of the most common sizes of trousers have been exhausted – nationwide. VMI has just issued a request for proposal (RFP) asking vendors capable of producing the new Army Service Uniform (ASU) to come to VMI on 21 October 2009 to discuss equipping the entire faculty with the ASU next semester. Our Military Store has traditionally issued all of these uniform items and still has a small stock of green uniforms. If they have or can acquire the items you need, they will do so. If they have something close to your size, the Tailor Shop will do their best to alter it to fit you. If you have nothing suitable to wear, the instructions are for those faculty members out of uniform to wear civilian business attire until such time as a properly-fitting uniform becomes available. VMI faculty and staff will continue to wear the Army uniform because we are a military school and it is our tradition to do so. The manufacture of green uniform garrison caps stopped almost a decade ago. VMI has exhausted its supply of the most common sizes. We cannot purchase the few garrison caps we need (and we only need them for a little over six months) without restarting a short production run that would be costly. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that Army Green uniform material is available with which to manufacture the hats. When the ASU is fielded, all faculty and staff wearing the Army uniform will be issued a black beret. Retired personnel and drilling members of the National Guard and Army Reserve serving in the grade for which they hold federal recognition will wear the Army flash on the beret. All other personnel wearing the Army uniform will wear the VMI flash--which has been approved for wear at VMI by the U.S. Army--on the beret. Any faculty or staff member needing headgear for wear with their Army Green uniforms now will most likely be issued the black beret with the appropriate flash as described above for wear at VMI, unless an appropriately-sized green hat is in stock. An instructional session on uniform wear and common military customs is being developed that will assist uniformed faculty and staff without prior military experience. We appreciate that wearing a military uniform might be a difficult conversion for some employees, and we hope this session will help to answer some questions and alleviate some concerns for those new to the uniform. This training session will coincide with the distribution of the new ASUs. Your posting raises a number of commonly asked questions, and it is apparent that a comprehensive "where we are and where we are going" communiqué regarding the issue of uniforms is in order. That will be issued soon. Thank you for raising these issues.  
Can something please be done about the huge walnut tree behind BOQ? You cannot park under the tree for fear of a walnut falling and hitting your vehicle and causing damage to your vehicle. Parking is already an issue on Post and because of this tree no one wants to park under or around the spaces near this tree. This is a real concern for the people who park in this area on a daily basis. Thank you! 10/8/2009 10:51:36 AM
This problem has been also been noticed by VMI Police. A work order has already been issued to the Physical Plant. We share your concerns and hope to remedy this problem soon. 
In the Fall 2009 Master Class Schedule, BI 218 (Biology of Women) has the following Printed Comment: "Preference to 1/C and Female Cadets". Clearly, that is a violation of Title IX: "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subject to discrimination under any educational programs or activity receiving federal financial assistance." -- From the preamble to Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 Imagine an American History course listed with "preference to Native-born Cadets," or a course titled "Masculinity in Shakespeare" listed with "preference to Male Cadets"! 10/8/2009 7:47:06 AM
The language you are referring to was placed in the course description to encourage female cadets to consider taking the course, not to exclude male enrollment. As stated in the course description, the course "is designed to provide a general overview of female biology that will be useful for both male and female students." Due to the popularity of this course, some cadets (both male and female) have been denied admission simply because of the number of applications. No male student has ever been denied entry into the class because he was a male. The original cap of 18 students was more than doubled to accommodate student interest and to accommodate first class cadets needing a science elective. The catalog will be revised to clarify the intent to encourage certain students to enroll in the course, rather than imply the exclusion of others--which is not the case. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  
Today there was an email sent to all on post referencing "German Food at Crozet Tu-Fr." Has something changed? Everyone on post is not allowed to eat at Crozet, only the select few have this privilege. perhaps the audience needs to be considered more carefully on these items, and those that approve them for release should actually read them and know the rules. 10/6/2009 10:56:28 AM
There are recipients in all three email categories that are authorized to eat in Crozet Hall.  
Since the Post Office has now moved to a new location, will the two parking spots in front of Maury Brooke Hall be made available for the staff in that building? 10/5/2009 1:45:54 PM
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A work order has been issued to have the reserved parking designations for the mail room removed.  
Just curious... Why does our post police chief not wear a uniform? It seems a little odd to me considering this is a military institution where even non military faculty members are forced to wear uniforms. Why does a chief of police never wear a police uniform? I would appreciate it if someone would explain. 9/29/2009 9:01:50 AM
It is common practice for the Sheriff or Police Chief of a division to not wear an uniform. This concern has been posted before and is reprinted as follows: The dress of the VMI Chief of Police is a decision of the Chief of Police and his Supervisor and how they believe he can best serve the Institute. The VMI Police Chief fills an important community service role both on and off the VMI Post. In addition to directing the department he serves as a chief investigator and the liaison with the local police departments and the local commonwealth attorney. Investigators typically wear civilian clothes, not a police uniform. In conducting investigations it is important for witnesses and others to feel comfortable discussing a possible crime. A uniform can be intimidating and discourage approachability and reporting of crimes. The VMI Police Chief carries his badge and credentials at all times. He attends numerous meetings throughout the day, both on and off post, making arrangements, conducting investigations, and coordinating law enforcement support for numerous events.  
How can VMI justify creating another administrative position (announced yesterday) during this budget crisis? Is there assessment data to support this expenditure? 9/23/2009 11:56:21 PM
Administrative restructuring can be an effective way to enhance and even broaden services without adding personnel. The restructuring announced for the Miller Academic Center redefines job responsibilities for existing personnel following the Dean's review of departmental annual reports for AY 08-09 and his consideration of opportunities for collaboration and coordination that would be facilitated by a new structure. No new position was added in this reorganization. The only cost associated with the entire restructuring is the upgrade of one administrative assistant position from part-time to full-time, a modest cost that is justifiable in terms of the efficiencies created by the change. 
I am concerned about the process of hiring of supervisors in various VMI departments. [NOTE: Please remember that all equity postings should avoid naming individuals and should not be a personal attack of another. Postings will be edited as necessary to avoid identifying specific individuals or departments.] 9/21/2009 2:15:40 PM
All aspects of the hiring process for all positions follow both VMI and State hiring guidelines and requirements. All hiring actions are reviewed and supervised by the specialists in Human Resources. When hiring people as supervisors, job knowledge, prior experience, and the applicant's ability to supervise and lead people are among the key hiring criteria. VMI always seeks to hire the best possible applicant for every position.  
It was just announced that a living memorial is being planned for William J. Stockwell. While I support this idea, I am curious to know why a memorial on behalf of David Hess has not been considered. Thank you. Thank you. 9/18/2009 9:52:17 AM
A memorial plaque has been placed in Preston Library honoring LTC Hess' superb service to VMI and the Corps of Cadets. Any memorial proposal that is submitted will be addressed. General Order 36, VMI Memorials, Commemorative Plaques and Statues Policy covers this issue. GO 36 sets forth the procedures and guidelines. Memorials will honor those who have provided exemplary service to the Corps of Cadets as determined by the Superintendent. Any request should be sent to the Chief of Staff who will then forward it to the Memorial Committee for their review. That Committee will provide a recommendation on approval and any instructions as appropriate. A "living" memorial can be a scholarship or award but usually entails a financial endowment fund to support it.  
To Whom it may concern: I am writing this e-mail in regards to the Parade that took place today Friday SEPTEMBER 11th 2009. I was curious as to why there was no recognition of the events that took place 8 years ago to the day. Why there was nothing said about the innocent men and women who lost their lives in New York, Washington D.C., and in Shanksville Pennsylvania. As a native New Yorker and the son of a New York City Firefighter I am deeply disappointed to have seen such a lack of respect and remorse for these events. I feel that in the future proper steps should be taken to commemorate the day and those who perished (besides the flags being at half staff) . I thank you for your time. 9/17/2009 12:36:20 PM
Thank you for your comment. As you point out, the Institute officially recognized the anniversary of 9/11 and honored the fallen by positioning the flags at half mast. Including an additional commemoration during the parade would have been appropriate, and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention for future consideration. However, the absence of an additional commemoration does not equate to a "lack of respect and remorse."  
It has come to my attention that some new hires in uniform who have no prior military service were issued berets instead of garrison caps. I find this very disturbing, and I am not the only one who does. The reason given by the Military Store is they ran out of garrison caps. With the imminent change over in uniform, I guess someone figured it would be practical and OK to let these folks wear berets for the year since there was an ample supply of these covers. To me this seems like the cart leading the horse. It would take little effort to fill the void of garrison caps by either making them in-house or asking faculty in uniform to give back extra hats so new hires could wear them. The consequence of issuing berets to the "wrong" people cannot be underestimated. First and foremost, an important symbol of military service for those who have earned it has been relegated at Virginia Military Institute. People who have served should feel discounted. Those who have not served may wonder how someone without a service record "gets to" or even would dare to wear to a beret on Post. On the flip side, those who were issued a beret may not feel comfortable going outdoors where they would feel like imposters. Cadets (and, of course, alums)have been trained to read the beret as a symbol of service that engenders a different kind of respect, as it should.... From every perspective, it makes sense to ameliorate the supply problem immediately and restore the beret as a symbol of military service as soon as possible. I know many people in uniform who have plenty of extra garrison caps and would be willing to return some that are still in good condition to the Military Store for reissuance. I hope the Equity Committee will do what it can to restore the meaning of the beret at VMI, to put the horse back in front of the cart. Thank you for your careful consideration of this VMI community issue. 9/17/2009 7:07:26 PM
As you know, the United States Army is changing from the Army Green uniform to the Blue Army Service Uniform (ASU). All production of the green uniform items has been discontinued. There are no Army green service hats or garrison hats in the supply systems available for VMI to purchase. The Military Store does not have the means to manufacture hats in-house. We have been taking donations of Army Green uniforms for use by our faculty, but availability of used uniforms is no guarantee that donated uniform items are the size needed for a faculty member, and fit is an important consideration in proper uniform appearance. Hats are particularly difficult to obtain because the military services treat hats as personal items that are not reissued in the supply system. The beret worn by members of the Virginia Militia was developed with Army assistance in order to create a unique flash for wear by VMI’s faculty and staff. This beret will be the prescribed hat for VMI faculty following the conversion to the blue ASU. The current flash worn by VMI faculty members was designed by the Army Institute of Heraldry and approved by the U.S. Army for wear by the staff of VMI. It contains a cadet gray background through which extends three colored bands representing the VMI colors (Red for Artillery, White for Infantry - the Infantry branch color when first adopted as the VMI school color, and Yellow for Calvary). The VMI shoulder patch was designed and approved for wear by the U.S. Army at approximately the same time as the beret flash. Branch qualified officers serving on the faculty or staff in the appropriate grade while in the U.S. Army will wear the U.S. Army flash on the beret.  
With a day off without pay, ordering from small and/or minority business (more cost to the State) we are also looking at the New Army Blue Uniform for the entire Faculty and Staff which will cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Where and how does this spending/saving make sense. The State is in a mess and so is our country. 9/15/2009 3:53:30 PM
This issue has been studied by the Funding Priorities Initiative Task Force. As you may know, this change in uniform requirements is being driven by the Army's phasing out the green uniform and switching to the Army Service uniform, a different uniform. As a military college at which cadets and most faculty and staff wear uniforms, VMI will make this change as well.  
So much emphasis has been placed on VMI ordering supplies from Small, Women owned or Minority owned business rather than large franchised nationwide companies to "help the economy". It is understandable to pay a few dollars more to keep business' in Virginia and employment steady, but how does that theory justify giving state employees a day off without pay? Are we not taking from what we are trying to give back to? A day without pay for one employee could mean an electric bill not paid or prescription not purchased. Many spouses are also employed with the state, that means two incomes lowered. 9/11/2009 9:02:23 AM
Thank you for raising these concerns. Both policies you mentioned are promulgated by the State government and VMI must follow them. We recognize that a loss of income for any employee can cause personal hardship. How the proposed one day furlough will work with higher education has yet to be determined by the Commonwealth of Virginia. As soon as VMI receives any further information we will transmit it to all employees. 
Given the budget shortfalls how, in good conscience, can VMI plan to allocate funds (private or not) for the required new style uniforms for teaching faculty and others who are required to wear a uniform? It is time to let this die. I challenge you to save money and make me come to work in civilian clothes. 9/9/2009 4:24:53 PM
This issue has been studied by the Funding Priorities Initiative Task Force. As you may know, this change in uniform requirements is being driven by the Army's phasing out the green uniform and switching to the Army Service uniform, a different uniform. As a military college at which cadets and most faculty and staff wear uniforms, VMI will make this change as well.  
A small point of notice: I have noticed an employee parking their car in the nearby "Visitors" spot just about every morning. Over the past few weeks I began to notice this after realizing who this person was and seeing them walk into the office. I wondered how an employee is able to do this? The spot should be reserved for Visitors only hence the wording on the curb. If this spot is not of any significance, then it should be open for all parking, not just the same employee. Thank you for considering this matter. 9/2/2009 2:57:10 PM
The supervisor has been briefed and has corrected the problem. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. All employees are reminded not to take up visitor slots which are for people conducting business in nearby buildings 
Parking on Post: I had parked in the spots near the mess hall which is posted for bookstore/visitor parking and was asked to move because the Post Police were giving parking tickets. Since that time there are the same vehicles that are parked in those same spots every day and I don't believe that they are being issued tickets. Are these spots for certain employees or are the Post Police just turning their heads to this on going problem. 8/26/2009 12:51:50 PM
The VMI Police Department certainly does the best it can to enforce the traffic and parking regulations, as well as accomplish the numerous other requirements they have post wide. The two parking spots mentioned are reserved for visitors who are visiting the nearby academic departments and support offices (Registrar, Career Services, IG, Writing Center, and others). These slots should not be used as regular parking by employees. There is signage there warning it is for visitors only. VMI Police has received complaints from employees and others about non-visitors parking there. Several parking tickets and warnings have been given for these parking spots over the past three months.  
This question pertains to the swine flu and VMI’s work from home policy. Yesterday I heard on the news that school districts are implementing a new policy whereby parents are expected to keep a sick child at home until that child is completely recovered. My question is what, if any, policy does VMI have for allowing employees (faculty, admin staff, technical staff) to work from home? I recall that Gov Kaine released a policy statement a couple weeks ago encouraging state agencies to allow employees who could work from home to do so. My supervisor is adamant that the VMI policy (history and culture) is that employees are not allowed to work from home under any circumstances. If am not at my desk I must take a vacation or sick day. Very little of my work involves face to face meetings or interactions with others. Now I am looking at a situation where if I have to stay home with a sick child I get further behind in my work when I could easily stay abreast—not to mention I lose a vacation day! Back to my question: what is VMI’s policy toward allowing employees who can work from home to do so? Thank you. 8/19/2009 11:09:22 AM
A supervisor can authorize an employee to “telecommute” or “telework” only if that employee can in fact accomplish all of his or her work from a remote location. Most positions at VMI require face-to-face interactions with other Institute employees or the public, physical work that must be performed on the Post, or other tasks such as reviewing hard-copy documents that are physically dropped off at the work place. Additionally, when personnel are absent, other employees or offices may have to cover for the absent employees. VMI will publish a Telework policy within the next 30 days. In determining a position’s suitability for working from a remote location, the department must consider how the telework arrangement will benefit the work team, office, or the Institute. Justification may include increased productivity, decreased distraction, and improved customer service. Telework is not intended to serve as a substitute for child or adult care. Another individual must be present to provide necessary care during an employee's telework hours. A new state policy provides up to 80 hours of special paid leave per leave year if the State Health Commissioner and the Governor declare Communicable Disease of Public Health Threat conditions. Unless the influenza epidemic reaches this level of severity, employees will have to take annual or sick leave to care for ill family members.  
Salary increase freezes are the "sacred cows" of VMI's budget crisis' heart You stated "significantly increased responsibilities" for increase in salaries. Many of us have had a lot of increases in our responsibilities over the years added to our job descriptions yet not a penny extra for this. Mine has changed several times without an increase. When in many departments an employee leaves rarely they are replaced causing more work on who is left. then you have departments with too many who are allowed to hire even more. See the problem now? In short there is a lower class of employees (majority) very disgruntled at VMI and esteem is down to an all time low. 8/6/2009 10:40:29 AM
There are a number of unfilled positions across VMI that unfortunately cannot be filled due to the budget constraints. These include teaching positions, A/P faculty positions, classified employee, and hourly employee positions. It is clearly recognized that when positions go unfilled the remaining work is shouldered by the rest. This is a problem every state agency and most private businesses are having to wrestle with today. For classified and hourly employees, of course, additional work that can only be performed outside the normal work hours must be compensated. For the teaching and administrative faculty, it is not. We all hope that these tight budget times will end soon so that open positions can be filled and pay increases for deserving employees can be re-instituted.  
On the VMI home web page I see a death announcement for two retired faculty members - one announcement which was long overdue, in my opinion, since the death was in June and it is now August. I personally don't believe VMI does a good job in informing the "VMI community" of former or present employee deaths. I especially don't understand why the recent death of a current employee from the laundry department was not made known to us. If the death was of a faculty member, it would certainly have been made public. For those of us who do not take local papers or who don't always know all of VMI's employees, this would be important information for us to know soon after it happened. It again appears that some employees(unless they are faculty members or administrative officers) are just not important! 8/4/2009 7:57:15 AM
We have reviewed our procedures and policies based upon your posting. In an effort to ensure the VMI community is made aware of these losses, VMI Marketing and Communications will send out a post-wide email following receipt of information of any current VMI employee or retired employee's death and place the notice on the VMI website. We will also work with Human Resources to ensure that the administration is made aware of the deaths as soon as reasonably possible. Every attempt is made to notify the community as soon as the administration is made aware however, we are not always notified immediately. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention and allowing us to clarify our policies and procedures for all concerned.  
Is it a possibility that VMI will soon join the State Prisons and other state agencies on the Smoking Ban? 7/29/2009 7:18:07 AM
Governor Kaine issued Executive Order 41, "Banning Smoking in State Offices and Vehicles," effective 1 January 2007. VMI's General Order Number 45, "Tobacco Use Policy", prohibits tobacco use in VMI owned or leased buildings and vehicles. Cadet regulations, the "Blue Book", authorize smoking only in limited, designated areas and not within Barracks.  
I just read the post about cadets and the drug policy. I think the more important question to ask is why are cadets found in possession of illegal substances not charged by the police? 7/23/2009 2:13:47 PM
Any cadet found in possession of illegal drugs or found distributing them can and normally will be prosecuted by local, civilian authorities in addition to being disciplined by VMI. VMI Police, of course, do have authority to investigate and arrest cadets on Post committing those offenses. Cadets identified as using illegal drugs by urinalysis tests are disciplined by VMI as civilian authorities do not handle those cases.  
First of all, anyone on myspace all day should be fired. Second, why isn't myspace blocked from office computers since some of the supervisors have no clue as to what their hourly people are doing? 7/23/2009 9:32:13 AM
Anyone who notices such conduct should pass it along to the person's supervisor or command chain. Censoring of Web content and Web sites in a higher education environment is rarely done. Blocking sites carries with it unacceptable results (i.e. legitimate research gets blocked) and costly administrative overhead. If there is a concern that employees may be abusing the Internet, this issue should be dealt with in the same manner that would be applied to someone spending excessive time with personal calls on the telephone, reading a book, or doing just about anything that disrupts their intended work--report it to their supervisor or command chain. 
Why are dismissed cadets, especially cadets that violate the zero tolerance drug policy allowed to come back to VMI? 7/20/2009 2:09:09 PM
Cadets dismissed for drug offenses are not necessarily allowed to come back to VMI. General Order Number 17 permits any cadet dismissed for disciplinary reasons to petition the Superintendent after a minimum one year absence. Readmission is "granted only in rare cases." The petition is first reviewed by the Readmission Committee, which is composed of senior VMI officials. That Committee's review takes into consideration the cadet's academic, discipline, and medical records and makes a recommendation to the two Deputy Superintendents and the Commandant. The Readmission Committee then makes their recommendation to the Superintendent, who makes the final decision. In any case involving drugs, cadets are advised they must (1) go through a complete drug rehabilitation program that is previously approved by the VMI Cadet Counseling Office and one that includes drug screening; (2) complete 175 hours of community service in a program that is approved by the VMI Deputy Commandant; (3) submit to two random drug urinalysis tests during the rehab program with the results sent to VMI; and (4) finally must have a personal interview with the Superintendent. If a person dismissed for drugs is indeed readmitted, they return to VMI on Conduct Probation for one semester, must meet with Cadet Counseling and follow their regimens, and undergo random drug urinalysis. There have been a small number of cadets that have met these stringent requirements and have been readmitted. There are others who have not been readmitted. The cadet's complete record and rehabilitation as well as the nature, severity, type, and amount of drug offenses are taken into account during this process. Any readmission decision for drugs is only made after the above mentioned process has occurred and all facts are considered.  
We have been led to believe that salary increase freezes are the "sacred cows" of VMI's budget crisis' heart. Not so..Salary increases are being slipped through the back door of HR. They have us over a barrel because of the economy and employment climate and they know it. 7/20/2009 1:30:17 PM
The "salary freeze" you are referring to is the common term a number of people associate with the State of Virginia not approving any pay increases for all state employees. Without such funding, VMI is unable to provide across the board increases to all of its employees--even though we would like to do so. There are no "back door increases." Increases for full-time employees, except for teaching faculty, must be approved by the Superintendent. The Superintendent has approved increases, effective this summer, for nine classified employees who completed various certifications or who assumed significantly increased responsibilities, seven A/P faculty employees who received promotions, and one A/P faculty employee who attained a professional certification. These increases were approved through the budget process and twelve of the increases were deferred from the previous fiscal year. Similarly, the Dean's Office has approved salary increases for new department heads and for those faculty members being promoted. Hourly employees receiving promotions receive similar pay increases. While budget constraints don't permit raises for everyone, VMI does provide increases to those who are deserving of promotions or who are proven performers who take on significantly increased responsibility.  
On the subject of Uniform allowance. I agree with the Physical Plant remedy due to the fact more strenous tasks are performed daily but only agree with initial issue of Militia uniform. State budgets are very tight. 7/17/2009 3:57:11 PM
All issues regarding funding are receiving careful scrutiny during this extremely tight budget period. The Funding Priorities Initiative Task Force was chartered by the Superintendent to look at all aspects of the Institute and provide recommendations for capturing efficiencies and saving dollars. The issue of uniforms and associated costs is being reviewed. Thank you for your comment. 
Why are there no female faculty representatives on the Special Board of Inquiry for summer school? 7/17/2009 8:50:40 AM
First a Board is appointed only when there is a case to be heard. For each case there is a new Board appointed. It is not the case that a Board is appointed to hear all cases that arise in a given summer. When the need arises, and this is a rare occasion, the faculty members are drawn only from those faculty teaching in the Summer Session. During the first session there were only two full time female faculty teaching. No effort was made to preclude them from this particular Board. It may have been the case that they were not willing or available when the Board was scheduled to meet.  
Which department tracks leave time used by administrative and professional faculty members? Faculty members have a hard time using leave during the academic year while teaching, and are tracked by when they miss class. Classified and hourly employees submit a time sheet tracking time used and earned. There doesn't seem to be an accountibility system in place to monitor leave used by contract employees. Supervisors do not have a clue, or seem to be required to give permission. The honor system does not seem to work in this regard. this is definitely not fair to those individuals who do follow the rules. 7/16/2009 3:39:54 PM
There is no one department that tracks leave for A & P Faculty. Because of the different work schedules of these employees across Post, the individual department is expected to track the leave used by department members. Supervisors should be monitoring their employees leave and duty status. An A & P Faculty member intending to be absent from post for any reason other than illness must obtain permission from their immediate supervisor. A & P Faculty employees receive 30 days leave per contract year. Unused leave does not carry over. Classified employees are covered by State policy on leave accrual and use. Because most classified employees are eligible for overtime pay for hours worked over 40 in a work week, their hours worked and leave time taken must be tracked to comply with state and federal law.  
The Faculty and Staff (in uniform - Va. Militia)get an allotment for uniform. Is this fair to all other employees who are not in uniform who pay out of pocket for their clothing? It has been for many years they receive their first issue of uniform at no cost to them yet they receive $200.00 (Tax payers money)each per year to use - through the vine so to speak I have heard it has been reduced to $50.00- stillI am sure these folks are paid enough to take care of these expenses on their own. Economical/Fair? I do not think so. 7/13/2009 9:22:23 AM
The wear of uniforms as a condition of employment is a common practice. It is standard practice virtually everywhere that if an employer requires a uniform to be worn, then the company pays the cost, including replacements, or provides additional funding to replace uniform parts. Officers in the Armed Forces are provided a uniform allowance by the federal government to help defray the cost of uniforms when they enter active duty. They are responsible for all maintenance and upkeep of their uniforms during the remainder of their service obligation. Enlisted personnel are provided a complete clothing bag upon entry into the armed forces. They continue to receive monthly pay for the uniform upkeep throughout their term of service. Uniforms are required for wear by many here at VMI as a condition of employment much like the active duty military. Those individuals required to wear uniforms for their work at VMI are provided those uniforms - faculty, staff and members of Physical Plant. The Physical Plant provides uniforms and replacement for those items which are worn or made unserviceable due to fair wear and tear. Faculty and Staff members required to wear uniforms are provided initial uniform issue when employed by VMI. Up until the recent past VMI required the faculty and staff to pay for all upkeep and replacement of uniforms after the initial issue. In recent years, VMI started providing a uniform allowance for faculty and staff for the purchase of replacement uniform items only. Please keep in mind also that these are not clothing items that can be worn anywhere other than work--unlike civilian attire.  
not only is myspace a problem at vmi but you also have email forwards and employees using email for personal contact. employees use computers for personal use every day. are computers offered to employees during nonworking hours for personal use? 7/13/2009 11:15:21 AM
Computers are available in Preston Library for “public” use during normal Library operating hours. Our current policy (Appropriate Use of VMI Information Systems, VMI General Order Number 50) does not distinguish after hour’s usage for employees that have access to VMI computers. All VMI employees that have computer accounts must take 'security awareness' training once a year. Employees also agree during that training that they will comply with the VMI Appropriate Use Policy. The policy also states that in making appropriate use of resources, one must “minimize use of VMI email for personal use. One should obtain a commercial e-mail account for this purpose. Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, and other sources are available for free e-mail accounts. However, all email traffic on the VMI network, regardless of to what account it is directed, is subject to review and inspection by the Institute at any time and for any legitimate purpose”. Again, VMI will be reminding employees periodically throughout the year about appropriate e-mail and internet usage.  
A friend of mine who does not work at VMI told me that her friend chatted frequently on my space with one of VMI's hourly workers during working hours. She asked why this was allowed. If hourly workers don't have work to do, their hours should be cut back or their jobs eliminated. This would save VMI money. 7/8/2009 10:34:27 AM
All employees at VMI must abide by the rules contained in General Order 50, Appropriate Use of VMI Information Systems. Personal use of VMI's electronic communication systems that interferes with productivity or work performance is prohibited. This rule is further outlined in the Appropriate Use Policy as part of required annual Security Awareness Training. Regardless of whether the employee is hourly, classified, or faculty, they should not be doing what you described. Supervisors should ensure all of their employees are aware of this rule and are following it. This will be reinforced in future Weekly Bulletins and training opportunities. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 
re: summer employment of young people - Is it possible that some faculty members or departments may be working off grant money or other funding from outside of VMI that enables them to hire assistants outside of the protocol you describe for summer hires? 6/24/2009 1:55:05 PM
A check with the VMI Human Resources Office revealed that the VMI Research Labs (VMIRL) also hires students. VMIRL is a private entity and is not under VMI control. It is entirely possible that VMIRL may be hiring outside of the VMI protocol for hiring of summer employees as it is not required to because of their independent status. Your concern has been provided to the Director and Treasurer of VMIRL for their information and action as they deem appropriate.  
Every summer a number of high school age people are employed in various departments all over Post. In general these seem like excellent employment experiences with great learning opportunities, and good wages for the young people. The lucky students always seem to be related to some current VMI employee. Where are these opportunites advertised? How are the applicants reviewed and selected? How might all employees be made aware of these opportunites for their children, or for that matter, for any qualified person looking for a summer position? 6/23/2009 1:41:00 PM
VMI advertised for summer grounds workers and summer painters using the following resources: 1. Commonwealth of Virginia Recruitment Management System (RMS) -- 14 April 2009 2. The News-Gazette -- 15 April 3. The Weekender -- 18 April 4. The VMI Employment Page on the VMI website -- 14 April. The ads stipulated that applicants had to be age 18 or older. The ads were removed/put on hold on 4 May 2009 (applications were accepted for 20 days). Applications had to be submitted on-line through RMS. 48 individuals applied for the summer grounds positions -- Physical Plant hired 2. 68 individuals applied for the summer painter positions -- Physical Plant hired 12 The HR Office can identify 3 summer workers who are related to current VMI employees and 1 related to a Foundation employee. All hires were made by managers in the Physical Plant department. Ages of those hired varies from 18 - 28; some just graduated from high school; some are in college; and some are not students. Other summer jobs (guard room, library and swimming pool guards) are restricted to cadets.  
At the breakfast held last week for classified employees there were several people attending that are not classified employees or part of the Superintendants staff. Col Joyner, Lt Col David Williams and Maj Paul Ackerman. There may have been others that I am not aware of. The question is why they were at an event intended for classified employees? These uniformed folks are allowed to eat in the mess hall during the school year but classified employees are not. Perhaps they were invited by someone in the Superintendants office but employees have no way to know this. This is the kind of thing that makes classified employees feel that the class system is alive and well at VMI. Real or not this is the perception. 5/27/2009 1:02:41 PM
Your concern has been sent to the Human Resources Director for his information and action. The personnel you mentioned in the concern all work closely with classified employees and attended the event to see employees receive their service awards. Since there was no guidance put out to uniformed employees regarding attendance this matter will be discussed for guidance in the future.  
This was on today's email: All, The VMI Barber Shop will be open on Wednesdays this summer from 0900-1200, 1300-1600 hours. Our staff is qualified and licensed as both barbers as well as hair stylist providing the latest service for our Lady patrons. We welcome all students, and employees to stop in and make use of the services available. The cost is $10 for a haircut. If you wish you can call down to the shop to set up a time or check to see if there is a waiting line (phone X7792). Ihave a question. Why do we single out the Lady patrons? What, the male patrons are not eligible for the latest service? And why is Lady writen in caps? Barbers are stylists, too. It is hair. It is just hair. 5/20/2009 11:58:20 AM
Your comment has been sent to the originator of this e-mail message. Please feel free to contact this person to answer your question.  
I am just concerned with the submissions on the equity site. How do other employees or cadets who are suppose to be at work or class know what the mail room staff and others are doing if they are not also downtown or on the streets of Lexington? 5/19/2009 1:31:45 PM
All VMI employees are expected to do their jobs within the rules established by their supervisors. Every employee should be mindful that there are people, not necessarily VMI employees, who watch them. If an employee does not do the right things they are subject to being reported. Sometimes employees are reported when, in fact, the employee is doing what they are supposed to be doing and are turned in because someone feels that it is improper or it has the appearance of impropriety. These situations are handled by supervisors when they happen.  
Equality....Why are some employee's allowed to use State vehicles for their personal use? The mail room vehicle has been seen parked on the strett in downtown Lexington while an employee paid his property tax. This same employee has been seen on an almost daily basis at local fast food restaurants during work hours, buying his lunch. The vehicle is used to run personal errands to the Physical Plant during the work day. Why is the mail room the only facility/office that is not open during normal business hours and even with these shortened hours they do not open at 10:00 as they are supposed to. Why are they allowed to set their own schedule when some of us are not even allowed to take time off when we have leave available. They leave the post during business hours and have been seen during business hours in their personal vehicles at the Physical Plant,all around Lexington and the county from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. It would appear the employees in the mail room have a different set of rules and work hours than everyone else and are allowed to come and go as they please. Where is the Equality ??? 5/13/2009 2:53:54 PM
Your concern has been provided to the Director of Auxiliary Services for his information and action as appropriate. The mail room employees all work an eight-hour day on modified work schedules that make it possible to receive and send mail and packages during the normal lunch hour. The VMI mail truck is downtown no less than four times each duty day on official business at the Lexington Post Office. The truck is routinely driven to Physical Plant for fuel and maintenance. Mailroom personnel have been briefed on not stopping for personal business when driving a state owned vehicle, and that the mail truck must be operated in a manner that avoids even the perception of impropriety. If you desire to provide the name of the employee you believe is in violation of the above policies contact Mr. Jim Hudson, Lt Col Mike Friski or LTC David Williams. You may also contact Colonel Moncure, the Post Inspector General. 
Why is it that with all of the budget cuts and everything else we "can't afford", GEN Peay's salary is $340,000/year? Using the 2009-2010 out of state tuition cost of $ 35,730.00, it takes 9 1/2 out of state cadets to pay his salary alone! Yet we have tenured professors who are living off of $61,000 or less. And the funding allotted for NCMT weapons training (one of the reasons students choose VMI over "normal" schools) was cut by 2/3 and the cadet EMT budget was cut by 70% this year. It's good to see where our priorities lie in a time of financial hardship. 5/10/2009 1:09:32 PM
There is no question that budget reductions have caused VMI to tighten its fiscal belt and to review programs where savings can be obtained. Your assertion that the Superintendent's salary is out of line with the current situation is understandable. However, his salary is in the mid-category range of all the president's of state colleges and universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. For your information, General Peay took a substantial cut in pay to become the 14th Superintendent. In doing so, he also rejected membership in three clubs to which he was authorized to belong at VMI's expense, did away with the authorization for a car and automobile allowance, eliminated the aide-de-camp position to support him, and cut one of his household support staff. Additionally, he funds much of his own official travel not charging to VMI. General Peay's efforts over the past six years have brought in millions of dollars in state and private funding that have enabled VMI to thrive. The current economic situation has not been caused by his salary; in fact, his salary has actually slipped behind that of the other president's of state colleges and universities in the Commonwealth. VMI would like to see all of our employees paid more for the great work that they do and over the past five years salary increases have occurred. For the first time since 2003, VMI employees did not receive a salary increase in 2009 as there was no funding authorized in the State budget for employee salary increases. Despite the state budget cuts for the past two years, efforts to cut costs to meet budget requirements have ensured salaries have not been reduced or jobs eliminated. Other schools in the state have cut positions, departments, and staff. In the past two years, the New Cadet Military Training (NCMT) budget has actually increased allowing for the rental of more powerful radios and MREs for the FTX. Weapons training continues to be a great training event with a reduction of only 10 rounds per cadet. We are training smarter with a little less and still accomplishing the mission. In the near future, VMI will build a new multi-purpose range which will allow firing for longer hours, safer firing conditions, and more flexibility. The reduced funding for the EMT budget you cite, is still sufficient to meet the needs of the Institute. The EMT budget for AY 07-08 was $20K while EMT expenses totaled $1,918.45, significantly less than planned due to no EMT-B class being held (not enough cadets signed up) and there were plenty of supplies on hand from the previous year. The EMT budget for AY 08-09 was $11,500 based on anticipated requirement for supplies and cost of the EMT-B class (we still had several text books on hand which reduced class costs). As of 30 Apr 09, we have spent $5,042.29 from the EMT account. 
During these tough economic times it does not seems fiscally responsible of VMI to fully staff the Center for Leadership and Ethics at this time. The positions advertised include two professional administrative (uniformed) staff members and three classified positions. Institute employees and staff are being asked to cut expenses, including the suspension of salary increases. At the same time, responsibilities required of current employees continue to increase. We regularly see in the media reports of irresponsible fiscal actions by businesses and government agencies. A gradual build up of this program, beginning with a limited number of new positions, rather than fully staffing would seem a more appropriate route to have chosen. Current operations are suffering and fully funding this new iniative will be an additional strain on already limited resources. 4/22/2009 10:35:51 AM
The Center for Leadership and Ethics opened in January of this year with a staff of two full-time employees (acting director and a custodian) and a couple of part-time employees (administrative assistant and audio-visual technician). The VMI community has been quick to embrace the new Center requesting to use it almost daily. The current staff cannot continue to sustain this operational tempo. The current plans to hire additional personnel does not fully staff the Center as desired, but allows the Center to function with the projected operational tempo and programs. Private restricted money was raised to fund the new full-time employees. This private funding became available for this purpose and would not have been available otherwise. Finally, the planning for this facility occurred long before the current economic downturn and although it may appear to you that the staffing of this facility is unreasonable in this economic period, it is required to operate the Center. The VMI administration has determined that the approved staffing and operation of the Center is in the long term interest for all of VMI. 
Can a supervisor tell you what leave time you have to take or tell you that you can not take unpaid time off if you choose that rather than leave time if you have no overtime or compensation time? 4/20/2009 11:15:25 AM
It is difficult to answer your concern without knowing the specifics of your situation. In general, the supervisor has the authority to approve time off, unless the employee has an unanticipated emergency. Unpaid time off is ordinarily not an option if the employee has accrued annual leave. Any leave without pay requires a pay adjustment and blocks the accrual of annual leave for that pay period (this is a state rule). It is strongly recommended that you contact the VMI Human Resources Office with the specifics of your situation so that you can be properly advised.  
I have a concern regarding how cadets that are dismissed/suspended are handled. When a cadet is dismissed or suspended from the Institute they are required to out-process. Part of this process requires the cadet to obtain signatures from various offices on post. My concern is that some of these cadet’s are very angry about their situation. I have personally witnessed this. My fear is that a disgruntled former cadet is roaming the post unescorted. This provides an opportunity for that individual to cause damage to property, or much worse, bodily harm to themselves and/or others. Would it be possible for cadets that are being dismissed/suspended to be escorted while out-processing. During the beginning of the year, Rats are escorted by a member the guard team if they choose to resign and out-process. This procedure is in place to protect the Rat from possibly being harassed. In light of recent events involving violence on college campuses, I feel that having a similar procedure for dismissed/suspended cadets would assist in providing protection post-wide. Thank you for your consideration. 4/17/2009 10:37:16 AM
Your concern has been sent to the Commandant and the Chair of the Threat Assessment Committee for review. The VMI administration considers the risk that a cadet presents to themselves, or to others, when cadets are suspended or dismissed and responds accordingly. Current procedures require escorts to accompany out-processing cadets when individuals present a danger to themselves or others. In these situations where cadets are suspended or dismissed, a member of the Commandant's staff escorts cadets while in Barracks, when the Counseling Office or the VMI Police recommend doing so. No Commandant member escorts these folks outside of Barracks. If an individual was deemed to present a danger to members of the VMI community, they would be escorted by the VMI Police. However, the majority of cadets who out-process under these circumstances are not considered risks, but could certainly present an appearance of being upset.  
The VMI Directory Information Policy states that individiuals who do not wish to have their home information included may request suppression. I specifically selected NO to both questions, however address and phone information was published. STATEMENT: Information in this section will be used to update your home address information and will be included in the VMI Unofficial Directory unless you indicate that you do not want your information to be listed in the Directory. Do you want your home address listed in the Directory? NO Do you want your home phone number listed in the Directory? NO I note that EVERY individual and name has an address and phone listed, versus last year many were blank. Can you advise who is responsible for monitoring facutly and staff directory information and assuring that privacy rights were honored? 4/14/2009 2:51:15 PM
Thank you for letting us know of the inclusion in the Post Directory of information that you thought was protected. The preparation of information in the Directory is a collaborative effort between Information Technology, which collects the data; Human Resources, which reviews it; and Communications and Marketing, which formats it and coordinates printing. We realize the inadvertent failure to protect this information could make some people wary of providing future updates. With the understanding of the shortfall in the production of the Directory this year, we have established procedures to ensure that in the future the data you want protected is not forwarded for review and formatting.  
Is it true that a department head has the right to tell staff they can not take time off without pay rather than using their leave time? I have been told I can not take off non-paid because there is to much paperwork involved. 4/14/2009 1:29:22 PM
It is difficult to answer your concern without knowing the specifics of your situation. In general, the supervisor has the authority to approve time off, unless the employee has an unanticipated emergency. Unpaid time off is ordinarily not an option if the employee has accrued annual leave. Any leave without pay requires a pay adjustment and blocks the accrual of annual leave for that pay period (this is a state rule). It is strongly recommended that you contact the VMI Human Resources Office with the specifics of your situation so that you can be properly advised.  
The laundry services mgr. is constantly parking his personal vehicle between the alley of Scott Shipp Hall and Cocke Hall and I have yet to see the Post Police ever issue a ticket or ask him to move. But when other vehicles are parked there someone always calls and they are asked to move their vehicle. Why can he park there and no one else can? 4/13/2009 10:20:33 AM
Your information has been forwarded to the VMI Police for their information and appropriate action. I strongly suggest that you also contact the VMI Police with your concern. 
What should be done when a supervisor puts me down in front of fellow workers and curses at me? I am really tired of their unprofessional behavior. 4/8/2009 1:35:34 PM
You have several courses of action available to you regarding this situation. Since the specifics of your situation are unknown some of these courses may not fit your particular circumstance, but you would be in the best position to judge that for yourself. You may avail yourself of the following options: you may wish to discuss the matter with your supervisor in private to let him/her know that you find the comments hurtful, embarrassing, and inappropriate; if you do not feel comfortable doing that, you can go to the next supervisor in your chain of command, or your that person's supervisor; you may also contact the Director of Human Resources; the Inspector General; you may contact a member of the Equity Committee; and/or make an appointment to see the Superintendent on his open door policy to file a complaint. You obviously know about the equity hotline process. If you need confidential counseling regarding this situation you may contact the office of the VMI Chaplain or the VMI Counseling Office for advice and guidance. There are also external avenues (outside of VMI) for you to make complaints regarding your situation as well. You know your situation best and can determine which avenue to use to resolve your situation. You are strongly encouraged to seek the appropriate course that you feel best assists you in rectifying the situation.  
It is noteworthy that no one has responded to the inquiry regarding someone supervisong their spouse. This situation creates a very complex dynamic that can easily lead to a hostile work environment. 4/7/2009 3:24:57 PM
The State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act, Code of Virginia section 2.2-3100 et al., prohibits an employee from exercising any control over the employment or employment activities of a member of his immediate family. The delay in responding to this issue was due to administrative error. 
Could you please tell me why there are no female faculty members on the Funding Priorities Initiative Task Force? 4/3/2009 2:34:18 PM
The Academic Program's representatives on this task force were selected by the then-acting dean based on the appointed faculty members' extensive experience in strategic planning, curricular development, and assessment. Each major area was allowed to select a maximum of two members for this committee. 
Could you please review why all cadets can not wear the hooded sweat shirt. Many of the athletic teams are issued hooded sweat shirts and wear them in and around barracks alot in our out of season. The QMD at one time issued and sold them to cadets and they were very popular. If the entire Corps is not suppose to be wearing hooded sweat shirts why are the athletic teams buying them? 4/3/2009 10:27:04 AM
This issue was sent to the Commandant and the Athletic Director for a review and response. The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics has approved athletic practice gear that is specific to individual teams. However, athletic practice gear that is not the same as "Gym Dyke" issued to all cadets is not authorized to wear other than at the individual sports practice site. The Director of Intercollegiate Athletics has advised NCAA team coaches of this policy and asked them to ensure their players are informed. Players are not supposed to wear athletic practice gear in Barracks. The Commandant commented that cadet-athletes are not authorized to wear hooded sweatshirts in and around Barracks--and that he will correct any athletes that do. The Commandant's staff will bone cadets improperly dressed. 
How long until Maury Brooke Hall can be used for clasrooms? The psychology department needs classrooms, we don't have anywhere to go, and most of this building is sitting there empty. 3/31/2009 2:19:04 PM
The current utilization of the Maury-Brooke Hall on the 100, 200 and 400 levels (which support the Band, Glee Club, QMD and Honor Court Facilities) are not programmed for relocation out of Maury-Brooke Hall. Cadet Life has relocated to their permanent offices in Third Barracks creating a vacancy on the 300 level. The Post Facilities Master Plan dated December 2008 ( provides options related to the planned long term use of Maury Brooke Hall. A final determination has not yet been made on which department or offices will occupy this space. 
Why can Physical Plant park there vehicles where ever they want and never get a ticket, and can I put out a orange cone behind by vehicle when I need to park somewhere. 3/21/2009 9:28:32 AM
VMI Physical Plant receives and processes 5,000-6,000 work orders annually. With limited parking on Post and the need to respond to numerous daily facility, grounds, and infrastructure requirements, VMI Physical Plant is constantly in and out of buildings and areas throughout the day. Additionally, there used to be a number of slots designated for Physical Plant parking, but almost all of these slots have been eliminated to provide for more parking spaces for other employees at VMI. Lt Col Williams, Post Engineer and Chief Marshall, VMI Police Chief discussed the daily routine and agreed that the following approach will be incorporated into the VMI Physical Plant procedures...when performing facility or grounds work on Post, the driver is to (1) look for an official parking space whether it is an open space or designated service vehicle parking only, (2) if no parking space is available, then the driver is authorized to parallel park along the road in a safe manner, place an orange cone off the back end of the vehicle for safety purposes, and conduct their business. When complete, the Physical Plant staff member is required to depart the area and proceed to their next location. If you have any further concerns about this process, please contact Lt Col Williams at x7358 and he will discuss your concerns.  
Could you tell me if VMI has a policy on spouses supervising spouses? Thank you. 3/13/2009 1:27:59 PM
The State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act, Code of Virginia section 2.2-3100 et al., prohibits an employee from exercising any control over the employment or employment activities of a member of his immediate family. The delay in responding to this issue was due to administrative error. 
Post this or don't--it is up to you. But someone needs to introduce the new dean to the concept of "she" and "her". He only speaks in the masculine and needs to adopt the concept of he/she and his/her and him/her. The days when English uses the masculine for "mankind" are way gone, especially in a professional setting. 3/12/2009 11:18:13 AM
Your concern has been forwarded to the new dean for his consideration. 
Frequently I am the only woman on committees. When letters go out to the entire committee, they are frequently addressed to "Lady and Gentleman". Not only does this single out the only woman, it sounds really stupid. Would those of you who do this please stop it? 3/12/2009 10:10:11 AM
Your comment will be provided to the Institute leadership to pass to their subordinates for their information. It is also recommended that you inform the committee chair that this issue is of concern to you. 
Why are cadets receiving athletic scholarships, but apparently not other types of scholarships, excluded from consideration for the Francis H. Smith Award? [VMI Memorandum Number 53 10 March 2009] Why would any merit based award be contingent upon a student's financial status? 3/10/2009 12:22:24 PM
This award was established in 1980 by a private donor who specifically laid out the award criteria. VMI does not have the authority to deviate from the donor's desires.  
I have heard that the Commandants Office is having the Tailor shop Department put Class Stripes on the overcoats the cadets have. This hasn't been done in over 15 years and I can only imagine the cost and additional time required to do this every year. With people that work in the Physical Plant going home early because overtime is not authorized and everyone being very carful about money and how it is being spent how is this being considered. Is it a safety issue or an educational tool? The question of why must have been answered by someone. Does this match the statement on your web page "that all of our actions and efforts are synchronized to achieve maximum results" I belive this action needs to be reviewed. 3/9/2009 8:56:53 AM
The Corps of Cadets are being required to wear the "overcoat" uniform more frequently and the class stripes are a traditional part of the uniform. Wearing the "overcoat" uniform has both health implications and a practical rationale. During cold weather, the uniform is necessary for cadets to wear to stay warm. Hopefully, you have observed over the past year the increased wear of this uniform by cadets. The adding of class stripes to the uniform helps to identify the class of the cadet, a function that the Commandant and the Superintendent felt was required. 
What is the stipend that a department head receives? How often does this increase? How does a department head stipend compare to that of an advisor to The Cadet newspaper or the Bomb? 3/6/2009 9:53:23 AM
The 14 academic department heads (not including the three ROTC heads) receive an annual stipend of $6,000 for the department head duties. This stipend increased from $5,000 to $6,000 six years ago. The stipends paid to the advisors to the Cadet newspaper and the Bomb are $5,000. 
Why did we not get info on the late opening on Monday on channel10, email, or voice mail?? I thought these were the options to use to find out the schedule. I found out only after calling VMI. This needs to be done early so that people traveling can adust travel times. we all don't live on campus or in the city. 3/6/2009 9:36:34 AM
VMI was responsible for the information not being sent to the local media outlets as we have stated in the past. The television station and radio stations have codes a caller must provide to post a late opening or closing announcement. COL Spore was out of town over the weekend, and planned to return to Lexington early Monday morning. He did not bring the codes with him. The rest of the HR Office staff now have the codes and this problem will not recur. Please remember in the event of severe weather problems to check with your supervisor if you have transportation difficulties or if you are concerned about your safety in traveling to VMI.  
At one time I received and email on the inclement weather that gave out the radio and TV stations that would carry VMI's late openings or closings. Channel 10 was listed as one of the stations. On Monday when we had weather, there was nothing on channel 10 about VMI. I kept calling the VMI number and finnaly got the message of the opening at 9. When I got to work there was not a phone message nor email message about the late closing. I know some people have joined the Channel 10 news so that they will be texted when VMI has a closing or late opening, but if it not going to be reported, how will they know. I also signed on remotely from home to check to see if we had gotten an email. I feel that a better job needs to be done with getting the information outto employees. We must remember that not all of our employees live in town or on campus, sot a decision should be put out no later than 6:00am in order for employees traveling to adjust their commute, so that they can be safe too. 3/5/2009 9:16:53 AM
VMI was responsible for the information not being sent to the local media outlets as we have stated in the past. The television station and radio stations have codes a caller must provide to post a late opening or closing announcement. COL Spore was out of town over the weekend, and planned to return to Lexington early Monday morning. He did not bring the codes with him. The rest of the HR Office staff now have the codes and this problem will not recur. Please remember in the event of severe weather problems to check with your supervisor if you have transportation difficulties or if you are concerned about your safety in traveling to VMI. 
In these "green" times, why does VMI continue to use herbicides? Couldn't we save a lot of money and kill fewer fish, and breathe fewer chemicals if we really did go "green"? How safe can it be for employees if we need to stay off the grass or out of the wind due to pesticides? While recycling makes us look good for public relations, we undo the spirit of such by using pesticides. 3/5/2009 9:26:40 AM
To date, VMI has chosen to use the product Primera Razor Pro [Round Up] to transition from ryegrass to Bermuda grass on Alumni Field at Foster Stadium. In order to ensure a first class field in September each year, the process begins in the March timeframe. As stated by Grounds Maintenance Magazine [expert keeping grounds professionals up to date on techniques and products]..."failure to provide approximately 100 days of Bermuda grass growth in the absence of perennial ryegrass competition is necessary for complete Bermuda grass recovery. If Bermuda grass does not have adequate time to recover, decline in the Bermuda grass stand will occur over time. In many cases, a total loss of Bermuda grass can occur. Several chemical tools are available for removing over-seeded perennial ryegrass from Bermuda grass. You must find the method most suitable for your situation. For athletic fields that aren't played on in the spring, a herbicide such as glyphosate [main ingredient in Primera Razor Pro] is the best treatment." Primera Razor Pro is a "contact herbicide" which means it kills tissue with which it makes direct contact, the product is applied directly to weeds [or rye grass in VMI's case] and is not translocatable. For the money, Primera Razor Pro is the most cost effective product VMI Physical Plant has found. In response to the comment "...kill fewer fish...", this product has a four hour "rain fast" classification which means that after four hours, if it rains, the product will remain in place with whatever it came in contact with and is not translocatable. When VMI Physical Plant schedules the application, they pay special attention to the wind and weather to make sure adverse weather conditions do not overlap the process. As stated in the Post-wide message that went out on 3 March 2009 -- "The Physical Plant Ground Shop will be spraying the Alumni Field at Foster Stadium with herbicide on Friday, 6 March, between 1000 and 1200 hours. There will be signs posted up restricting this area to keep people off the grass until 1200 hours on Saturday, 7 March. Alumni Field will be off limits during this time. In the event of bad weather, the herbicide spraying will be rescheduled to Monday, 9 March, at 1200 hours with a no entry onto the field for 24 hours". Additionally, this product has a 4 hour "out of area" requirement. VMI Physical Plant took the conservative approach and closed the area for 24 hours to ensure the safety of VMI employees and Cadets. As for the applicators, they receive annual training on proper application procedures and wear of personal protective equipment. In closing, the product VMI is currently using is not "green", however, it meets or exceeds all federal guidelines and EPA standards. As a commitment to our environment, VMI Physical Plant will continue to look into new technologies and products.  
It concerns me that in a time when the economy is in the position it is and when so many State funded activities are being curtailed that there is such waste of some funds. One only has to walk through the breezeway by the V.M.I. mail room and look on the ground and in the recycle bins to see waste. Colored handouts were everywhere last week. These must cost quite a bit and then they are removed from mailboxes and trashed. Why don't the departments use e mail to the Cadets? They could inform them of programs and Summer Schools, when schedule changes need to be done and who to contact. The e mail system is in place and every department could save substantial amounts of money by utilizing it. It's nice that the Cadet's recycle, but it would be even nicer to not waste money for handouts that end up in the trash. 3/4/2009 3:23:38 PM
Thank you for your concern regarding this issue. This issue was brought to the attention of the Institute Planning Committee at the 6 March meeting. Key leaders were made aware of your concern and asked to inform others. Many departments do use e-mail to contact cadets unfortunately many cadets do not read their e-mails and other means of contacting them are necessary. The individual departments make the call to use fliers to contact cadets. As you stated it is positive that the recycling efforts are being made.  
How do people with expired handicap stickers still get to park in handicap spots without getting towed or ticketed. I know for a fact that this person has been in a handicap spot for the last year or so, as I see the vehicle everyday. Are the post police blind or not out looking for these infractions? 2/19/2009 2:28:18 PM
If you have evidence that someone is parking in a handicapped parking space on post illegally, please contact the VMI Police and make a complaint. The VMI Police Department has been understaffed for months and does the best it can to enforce the traffic and parking regulations as well as accomplish the numerous other requirements they have. Please contact Chief Marshall at extension 7755 or email him at with your concerns/complaint. 
Could you please explain why a retired male faculty member (’63) was asked to chair the chief of staff search committee? Female faculty members are currently under represented as committee chairs and are often penalized in the category of professional citizenship for lack of service which unfortunately has an effect on their ability to be promoted and or tenured by the Institute. Was a female faculty member even considered for this position? 2/18/2009 2:30:28 PM
The selection of a retired faculty member to chair the Chief of Staff search committee was made by the Superintendent on the basis of the intense amount of work required to be accomplished in a short amount of time. The Superintendent decided not to burden a full-time member of the faculty or staff with this requirement as it would have unnecessarily taken time away from their primary duties. The retired faculty member selected to chair this committee, retired last academic year, remained in the local community, and has kept close ties with the Institute since his retirement. A retired female faculty member, among others, was considered to chair this committee. Also, it should be noted that the most important search committee (Dean's Search) is being chaired by Colonel Emily Miller. Regarding the assertion that female faculty members are "often" penalized for not being chairs of committees as it relates to the "professional citizenship" category and the effect it has on their ability to be promoted or tenure by the Institute, the following information is submitted: Tenure results for the past three years reveal a total of 15 faculty members eligible for tenure - 13 faculty members were granted tenure (9 males and 4 females), 2 faculty members not granted tenure (2 males). The individual breakout for tenure over the past three years are: 2005-2006 - Six applicants for tenure of which 5 were granted tenure (3 males and 2 females), 1 denied (male). 2006-2007 - Seven applicants for tenure of which 6 were granted tenure (5 males and 1 female), 1 denied (male). 2007-2008 - Two applicants for tenure of which both were granted tenure (1 male and 1 female). Promotion results for the past three years indicate a total of 27 faculty members recommended for promotion - 24 faculty members were promoted (17 males and 7 females), 3 faculty members were not promoted (2 males and 1 female). The individual breakout for promotion over the past three years are: 2005-2006 - Nine applicants for promotion of which 6 were promoted (3 males and 3 females), 3 denied (2 male and 1 female). 2006-2007 - Eleven applicants for promotion of which 11 were promoted (10 males and 1 female). 2007-2008 - Seven applicants for promotion of which 7 were promoted (4 males and 3 females). Finally, since 2002, no faculty member has been denied tenure or promotion on the basis of not meeting the Institute's Statement on Faculty Expectations with regard to the domain of "Professional Citizenship."  
While attending Saturday's services and walking along Letcher Ave with a co-worker she commented on and pointed to our current post police chief. She and I both noticed he was dressed nicely for the occasion however he was not in uniform as were so many of the other guests. I spoke to another friend and co-worker about this and was informed that not only did he not wear a uniform to the services over the weekend, that he does not regularly wear one to any V.M.I function or on a day to day basis like the rest of his very own police department. The more I thought about it the more I found this situation to be concerning to me. As a former member of the Armed Services and the spouse of a former Law Enforcement Officer I found this issue to be disappointing and disrespectful, not only to law enforcement as a whole but especially to the Institute. It is my opinion that any man that has raised himself to the position of chief of police in any given department would proudly wear his uniform not only to public events but on a daily basis in the performance of his duties. Especially a full dress uniform, while attending services after the loss of one of V.M.I's own. I believe any department would find this concerning and inappropriate. Especially our very own here at V.M.I. One could easily take this opportunity to question our current chiefs dedication to his position here at V.M.I and wonder why he chooses to not participate in such a time honored tradition that is held so near and dear to myself, my fellow staff and on down through the newest Keydets. A police chief of his stature should set a visual example for all here on post and in our community at large, not blend into the crowd. Perhaps someone needs to remind him that both his position here and the opportunity to wear a uniform is a honor and a privilege that should not be disregarded. Can someone please explain the circumstances of this issue and put my concerns to rest. 2/13/2009 1:05:31 PM
The dress of the VMI Chief of Police is a decision of the Chief of Police and his Supervisor and how they believe he can best serve the Institute. The VMI Police Chief fills an important community service role both on and off the VMI Post. In addition to directing the department he serves as a chief investigator and the liaison with the local police departments and the local commonwealth attorney. Investigators typically wear civilian clothes, not a police uniform. In conducting investigations it is important for witnesses and others to feel comfortable discussing a possible crime. A uniform can be intimidating and discourage approachability and reporting of crimes. The VMI Police Chief carries his badge and credentials at all times. He attends numerous meetings throughout the day, both on and off post, making arrangements, conducting investigations, and coordinating law enforcement support for numerous events. The effectiveness, dedication and efficiency of VMI’s Police Chief and his department are unquestioned. Your implication that he is somehow disrespectful to law enforcement and VMI and is somehow less effective because he does not wear a uniform is without merit, even though it is clearly your opinion.  
You did not read this correctly per your answer - Please note where the area in concern is. I have several concerns/complaints as it may be but I wish to focus on just 1 for the moment. If people are allowed to park in no parking areas consistantly, Take Down The No Parking Signs. One in particular I see every day is as you enter the road behind Crozet and Richardson Halls. I have observed same car or cars there everyday for weeks, while I am walking in all kinds of weather from afar to get to my work. Wake up people. If cadets do this they get towed, tickets or both so what is the Equity here? As I said if nothibng is done about it - Take Down The Signs. Also I know at least one person that got a ticket for parking in the spot mentioned and was made to pay it - lost the appeal on it Thank you and may you wisely judge this. 2/5/2009 1:21:53 PM Thank you for addressing the Admissions reserved parking issue behind the BOQ brought to your attention by another employee. Please note that the reserved parking signs are still posted. Thank you. 2/4/2009 11:53:30 AM The reserved parking signs were removed from these three parking spaces on the evening of 4 Feb. 2/9/2009 7:48:43 AM
It is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what is meant by concerns/complaints submitted. Thank you for responding so that we can get it right. The signage directing specific areas as "No Parking" have been established and are, in fact, areas where people are not allowed to park. These no parking areas will remain marked and signed as "No Parking". Chief Marshall was specifically requested to look at the area on the road behind Crozet and Richardson Halls. Chief Marshall's recommendation is, "The VMI Police Department recommends the no parking signs remain in place due to large trucks traveling in this area. Since 01/01/09 the VMI Police Department has written (76) parking tickets and (8) were issued in the Crozet Hall/Burma Road area." The fact that personnel are parking in these spaces subjects them to being ticketed by the VMI Police. The VMI Police do issue tickets for parking violators as you have indicated in your complaint. The fact that they don't ticket every vehicle is a function of their availability to handle their workload at VMI. The current VMI Police Department is operating with one less police officer and one administrative assistant short of their requirement. This added workload contributes to their ability to fully handle the numerous requirements. It is anticipated that a new police officer will be hired soon and after initial training that police activity will increase. If you have any issues please call the VMI Police at extension 7755 and ask to speak with Chief Marshall. The second part of this complaint is unclear and request you contact the Office of the Chief of Staff at 7104, so that we can understand exactly what it is that you want.  
I have several concerns/complaints as it may be but I wish to focus on just 1 for the moment. If people are allowed to park in no parking areas consistantly, Take Down The No Parking Signs. One in particular I see every day is as you enter the road behind Crozet and Richardson Halls. I have observed same car or cars there everyday for weeks, while I am walking in all kinds of weather from afar to get to my work. Wake up people. If cadets do this they get towed, tickets or both so what is the Equity here? As I said if nothibng is done about it - Take Down The Signs. Also I know at least one person that got a ticket for parking in the spot mentioned and was made to pay it - lost the appeal on it Thank you and may you wisely judge this. 2/5/2009 1:21:53 PM
I have several concerns/complaints as it may be but I wish to focus on just 1 for the moment. If people are allowed to park in no parking areas consistantly, Take Down The No Parking Signs. One in particular I see every day is as you enter the road behind Crozet and Richardson Halls. I have observed same car or cars there everyday for weeks, while I am walking in all kinds of weather from afar to get to my work. Wake up people. If cadets do this they get towed, tickets or both so what is the Equity here? As I said if nothibng is done about it - Take Down The Signs. Thank you and may you wisely judge this. 2/5/2009 1:07:15 PM
This complaint is being forwarded to the VMI Police for their information and action. Request that you contact the VMI Police Office and advise them of the license number of the vehicle(s) which you are referring. 
Thank you for addressing the Admissions reserved parking issue behind the BOQ brought to your attention by another employee. Please note that the reserved parking signs are still posted. Thank you. 2/4/2009 11:53:30 AM
The reserved parking signs were removed from these three parking spaces on the evening of 4 Feb. 
I noticed on the ad hoc search committee for the position of chief of staff there was no representation from the office of Dean. Given, the amount of interaction and engagement of work these two offices have why was there no representation of this office? Even though the Dean's position is vacant there are four highly respected professionals to represent the Dean's office. I see one faculty member's name as perhaps a token representative for faculty but no one at the Associate Dean or Dean level. 2/4/2009 8:44:37 AM
You are correct, no member of the Dean's Office was selected to be on the search committee for the Chief of Staff position. However, knowing the current workload of the Dean's office with the on-going Dean's Search, budget issues, and other requirements, the Superintendent did not select them to be on the committee. For your information, there are no members from the Athletic Department on the selection committee, and only one member from the Finance, Administration and Support (FAS) area. You are incorrect about the representation of the academic community on the committee. The Chair of the selection committee is a recently retired full professor (Faculty Emeritus); there are two full professors, both Department Heads; one Associate Professor; and an Assistant Registrar. Having the Chair and four other members of the academic community on the eleven person committee does not appear to be a token representation. If you have any other questions about the committee selection please contact the Office of the Chief of Staff at extension 7104.  
I understand that there is a job that was created at the Physical Plant for a part-time secretarial position. The female is out on maternity leave that was working part-time and is now a full time position that has been filled. Don't the part-time positions have to be advertised just like the full-time positions? 2/3/2009 11:21:56 AM
The Physical Plant Department filled a new full-time administrative assistant position on 1 February, replacing the part-time wage employee (Ms. Gordon) who was the administrative assistant to Lt Col Williams, Post Engineer. VMI advertised for the new full-time position, used a committee to select the finalists, and Mrs. McCracken was hired on 1 Feb. Also this month Captain Pegg, Staff Engineer, was called to extended active duty for approximately 12 - 15 months. Lt Col Williams has decided to assign Ms. Gordon, the part-time administrative assistant, to the Engineering Office during Captain Pegg's absence to handle the administrative workload. Ms. Gordon is familiar with the work in this office and will begin these duties when she returns from her maternity leave of absence. Because this is a transfer of a current part-time VMI employee there is no requirement to advertise the position. 
Can you shed some light on the rumors that all of GEN Peay's maids and servants are black? Is there any validity to this accusation? 1/22/2009 9:10:19 AM
General Peay has one housekeeper who has been employed at the Superintendent's Quarters since 1988. She is a black female who has worked for the past four Superintendents. When General Peay has official functions at his quarters, ARAMARK caters the event and they use their employees. There are no maids or servants working at the Superintendent's Quarters.  
Everyone knows how hard it is to find a parking spot during the day at VMI. That is nothing new. The new North Institute lot has done a lot to help the parking situation but has done little if anything to help parking on the South end of the campus where the Letcher offices, Neikirk, Moody, Smith, Marshall and CLE are located. This end of the hill has actually lost more parking due to the CLE. I am a resident of the BOQ and an empoyee here at VMI. I am not upset if I cant't find a place to park due to other VMI employees or residnets of the Institute. I do, however get very irritated when I drive down College lane and see the three red Admissions cars parked behind the BOQ which rarely ever move.These cars sometimes sit for months without being moved and hardly ever do move. Would it be possible for Admissions to park these cars at the Physical Plant where every other department has to go to pick up a vehicle? If it is necessary for them to take up vital parking spaces on the main campus wouldn't it make more sense for them to park there cars behind there own building. Then again, that's probably why they park them behind someone else's building. I guess they dont want to mess up the parking behind the building where they want to park. Action on moving these cars to another location would be much appreciated. 1/20/2009 1:38:34 PM
Thank you for raising your concern. This issue was addressed to Colonel Beitzel, the Director of Admissions, and the three state vehicles will be moved to the Physical Plant by the end of the week. 
Parking on Post is definately improving; however, when rules are posted should they not be followed by all Post employees? The circle in front of Smith Hall specifically states 2 Hour Visitor Parking - Towing enforced. A Marshall Foundation employee consistently parks in the circle, most days for the full work-day. This has been brought to the attention of Post Police more than once. 12/16/2008 10:34:22 AM
The Executive Vice President of the Marshall Foundation put out an e-mail notice to his employees reemphasizing the rules for parking in front of Smith Hall. The VMI police have also been notified. 
You avoided answering the question on ring girls, but I will follow your lead.... Why would we model our decision after other schools? We are, after all, a unique military institute and we should do something unique. I suggest ring boys. 11/25/2008 2:29:27 PM
Your questions were answered to the best of our knowledge. The person responsible for planning the boxing match decided to do something different than what had been done in the past. Your latest comments, as well as your earlier ones, have been provided to the appropriate people for their consideration in planning for future boxing matches.  
I was aware that during the recent boxing invitational (Nov 15, 2008) ‘ring girls’ were used. I don’t believe these were ever a part of previous VMI boxing matches. In an environment where we are trying to respect each other and uphold civility I was wondering why the decision to have ‘ring girls’ was made. This ‘use’ objectifies women openly to the VMI community and the general public at large. Thank you in advance for looking into this. 11/21/2008 7:25:27 AM
We cannot confirm if ‘ring girls’ have ever been previously used at VMI boxing matches, but we do not think they have. However, the decision to model this particular VMI boxing match after other intercollegiate boxing matches, which included the use of women as 'ring girls', was to let the audience know what round was coming up next in the fight with the round cards. VMI required the women’s attire to be the new big red shirt, blue jeans and heels, not the stereotypical outfit routinely worn by women at these events. The fact that this issue has now been brought to the attention of those responsible for scheduling and planning the event will make the decision to use 'ring girls' for future events a more informed process 
I am offended by the continued use of the term "VMI family". I work here, I have excellent colleagues, but they are not my family. In order to work here, in fact, I spend time away from my family. VMI is a community, and a fine one at that. Don't cloud things up by using the term "family" to refer to a professional environment. 11/3/2008 8:32:40 AM
Your concern was discussed at the 12 December 2008 Equity Committee meeting. The committee did not feel that this was an equity issue or that the use of the term "VMI family" was discriminatory.  
Why are cars still being allowed to park in the spaces near the mess hall that has signs designated for visitors/book store? In the mornings when I walk from the far end parking lot I see vehicles parked there with frost on the windshield so they of course have been there all night and there is also a handicapped vehicle parking there and there are plenty of handicapped parking in front and behind of Scott Shipp Hall. If parking is allowed in these spaces then someone needs to take the signs down if this is not going to be enforced. 10/30/2008 3:11:52 PM
We can not explain why people park where they are not supposed to park. However, since 26 Oct until the close of business 30 Oct (today's date) the VMI Police Department has issued (21) parking tickets through-out the post and (7) in the area of your complaint. If you see a parking violation at VMI in the future please do not hesitate to call 911 and report the infraction. A VMI Police Officer will be dispatched to the location of the violation and will be required to give a disposition of the complaint. It is important to remember that we routinely have one officer on duty and that officer has many responsibilities, so your help in identifying those personnel illegally parked would be appreciated. If you would like to contact the VMI Chief of Police (Chief Marshall) to discuss any specific issues please contact extension 7755.  
I am concerned about the doors being locked outside of the QMD in Richardson Hall/ Maury Brooke Hall. The building does not belong to them, therefore, they cannot lock it. I understand locking the doors that lead into the actually QMD where cadets and others can purchase items, but to lock the doors that lead to the outside is not right, not to mention that it is a fire hazard. 10/28/2008 1:20:11 PM
The hallway in question is open to the public as designed. All can enter the hallway from the stoop and Maury Brooke Hall during the day. At the close of the work day the outside stoop door is locked to the person attempting to gain entry from the outside. Per fire code the panic bar on the inside of the door is fully functional allowing easy exit from the building but limiting re-entry as per design after duty hours. 
Why does VMI not celebrate Martin Luther King Day? It is a national holiday and I feel that if we have to "do something" to recognize Constitution Day then the same respect should be given to MLK Day. 10/28/2008 1:14:13 PM
Thank you for your question and the chance to clarify this issue. VMI does not observe/celebrate several National/State holidays during the academic year. Labor Day, Columbus Day, President's (Washington/Lincoln birthdays) Day, Martin Luther King's Birthday, Lee-Jackson Day, and Veteran's Day are not observed as holidays at VMI. Instead of Veteran's Day, VMI celebrates Founders Day. These unobserved holidays are used to provide VMI employees with a longer break at Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday periods when the Institute officially closes. This policy allows employees to take these days off without having to use official leave. Although "Constitution Day" is not a National Holiday, VMI is required by federal law to hold a formal educational program on 17 September of each year. VMI does not prohibit the recognition or celebration of the unobserved holidays mentioned above by various groups or constituencies on Post and events have been held in the past to celebrate these occasions. Please refer to the VMI Weekly Bulletin for information about such observances that may be scheduled. If you have any specific suggestions for future observances of Martin Luther King's Birthday or any of the other holidays please contact the Office of the Chief of Staff at 464-7104. 
The VMI laundry opens at 0600 hours and the laundry office remains open until 1600 hours Monday- Friday. The office hours coincide with the Tailor Shop and the Military Store. If you have a problem please contact Colonel Joyner, Director of Auxiliary Services at 464-7096 for assistance. 
When faculty/staff members bone a cadet for an offense, how are they informed about the outcome? Is there any way for us to ensure that the bone was followed through and not simply scratched or reduced? 10/9/2008 11:08:46 AM
Faculty/staff members are not routinely informed of the outcome of the penalty of a cadet due to the volume of special reports. However, faculty/staff members may inquire from the Commandant if they have any questions regarding the outcome of a special report. 
When traffic/parking tickets are issued, where do those funds go? I hope that they go to VMI Post Police so that they have resources to dedicate for additional hires. Any chance of this? 10/9/2008 10:59:37 AM
The funds collected by VMI for parking and traffic citations/tickets are deposited in the Auxiliary program. They are deposited in the Auxiliary program because parking (and related costs and revenues) is considered an "auxiliary" or self supporting activity by the State. Police officers are traditionally paid for from the Educational & General (E&G) program. However, VMI is currently considering hiring an additional police officer (maybe in 2010) that would/could be paid for from the Auxiliary program and supported by revenues from parking and traffic citations and fines. Any additional questions regarding this issue may be addressed to Colonel Gary Knick, VMI Treasurer, at 464-7215.  
There is a problem in the military store and the tailor shop. I have tried on numerous occasions to obtain uniform items through the military store and I have been unsuccessful. The braid fell off of my trousers and the hem fell out of another (the same day)so I had to borrow trousers from a colleague. This puts faculty and staff in the strange position of having to cannibalize uniforms in order to come to work. Have you tried to contact the military store lately? You should. When I go up, no one is there (although the hours posted sign says that someone should be there). My calls are not returned. Email? Forget it--I receive no response. Could someone please look into this so that we can come to work with the uniforms we are requireed to wear? 10/8/2008 9:49:39 AM
Thank you for your concern regarding the military store and tailor shop operations. You are correct, the availability of 'green' US Army uniforms has been and will continue to be an increasingly difficult challenge. The US Army transition from 'green' uniforms to 'blue' uniforms has worldwide ramifications. The uniform suppliers of these 'green' uniforms have stopped making them causing major problems. Attaining proper uniform items for new faculty/staff members is now taking weeks and months. In previous years, this process took days and weeks. Some items which are not in the normal size ranges are no longer available. Please contact LTC Mike Friski at extension 7303. As for the Military Store operation, in past years, all fittings (rats, upperclassmen, faculty/staff) were conducted in the Military Store [401 Richardson Hall]. Beginning this year, fittings for rats are conducted in the new Quartermaster Department [Building 45]. The fitting for rat winter uniforms was conducted in the Quartermaster Department each morning from 16 September - 03 October. During this time, the Military Store was closed as personnel were required to execute fitting operations in the Quartermaster Department. Signs were clearly posted on both exterior doors to the Military Store which reflected the modified operating hours. An e-mail posting of the new hours should have been sent out across the Post which might have better informed the customers. If you have any specific requests or complaints please contact LTC Mike Friski at extension 7303 or LTC Dave Williams at extension 7095.  
I wanted to make the VMI community aware of an abuse that is taking place on a daily basis here on Post. Individuals without handicapped stickers are parking in places designated for the handicapped. In some instances people are displaying outdated handicapped tags only to shield the expired date with a sun screen. This has occurred all semester and there has seemed to be no attention paid to it when it was brought up to some Post Police officers. This is a serious offense because we do have current faculty, staff, and alumni who do have disabilities and need easy access into our buildings. Please adhere to the law and park in appropriate parking spaces. Thank you. 10/8/2008 9:04:50 AM
Your concern has been forwarded to BG Green's office for coordination with the VMI Police. Request that if you see people who are not authorized to park in handicapped parking spaces that you notify the VMI Police immediately. VMI routinely has one police officer on duty at any given time, except for major events. As you know the VMI Police have other law enforcement, physical security, crime prevention, and safety responsibilities for all VMI employees and cadets as well as their traffic and parking enforcement responsibilities. Your concern will be addressed in this week's meeting of the Institute Planning Committee and a notice will be posted in the Institute's "Weekly Bulletin"."  
Thank you for providing a turn around spot in the new Scott Shipp parking lot. But how are we supposed to use it when there is a full sized bus parked right behind it? Also, cars tend to park in the additional back up spaces, so there is absolutely no way to turn around and we have to back up the whole way out of the lot. 10/8/2008 9:39:08 AM
Thank you for bringing this to our attention. The bus was moved at 1000 this morning. 
It has came to our attention the steam that feeds the heat in Carroll Hall has been turned off and this appears to be a reoccuring issue. As you know the mold in the building is very bad and if turning the steam on and leaving it on will help the issue why not leave it on. Your help in htis matter is greatly appreciated. 10/3/2008 1:54:18 PM
Thanks for asking about the steam situation in Carroll Hall. According to the VMI Physical Plant (P2) turning the steam off does not increase the potential for mold growth, it actually decreases it. Steam in Carroll Hall is strictly for heat. The steam is shut off during non-heating months to save energy and reduce the potential for steam leaks in the basement which can increase mold growth. The issue was that the heat was off when it should have been turned on when night temperatures dropped below 45. This issue was corrected as soon as P2 was notified that office temperatures dropped below 70 degrees. For your information a quick update of the indoor air quality is provided. Since reported, the steam leak in the basement, the roof leak, and the HVAC ventilation hoods have been repaired. Indoor air purifiers were added and installed on July 23, 2008. Building occupants informed P2 in August that the air purifiers were working. On September 15, a complaint was received that there were not enough purifiers. A staff member who just returned to work noticed she did not have a purifier in the office. This staff member's office was not included in the original request P2 received in July. P2 installed 2 more air purifiers as requested. If you have any additional questions regarding the Carroll Hall Building situation, please contact your building coordinator, Colonel Tim Golden, Director of Financial Aid,306 Carroll Hall.  
Vision 2039 clearly states that one of the Superintendent's goals is to achieve a "Corps of 1,500 (with a goal of 150-200 Female Cadets)" (direct quotation). How come females are the only minority singled out in Vision 2039 with a quota for recruitment? What about Latinos, Muslims, or - yeah, I'll go there - homosexuals? Quotas are a form of discrimination in and of themselves. I don't have any concrete statistics, but a decent percentage of cadets would agree that gender is the only minority the Administration truly cares about... and that's probably because women were the only ones who had to sue to be let in. The fact that there's a recruitment quota only lends credance to those who believe that women have a less stringent admissions process than men, because clearly we have a specific numeric goal we're trying to achieve. In the end, this will do more harm than good in the short term of the struggle for equitable treatment for female cadets. Very Respectfully, -A female cadet who is sick of being singled out by the Administration, when male cadets have never singled her out 9/19/2008 11:02:47 PM
You are correct that the Superintendent’s Vision 2039 establishes a goal of expanding the Corps of Cadets to 1500 cadets, and that as part of that goal, the Institute expressly aspires to having at least 200 women in the Corps. The number is an aspirational goal - a number that we believe represents the “critical mass” that would optimize the full assimilation of women into the Corps. This belief is grounded in research and, although there is no question that women are succeeding in spite of the elusiveness of the goal, the expression of the goal is intended to reflect our continuing commitment to the full and successful incorporation of women into the entire VMI program. VMI’s singular and particular commitment to assuring the success of women at the Institute arises out of its unique history. There is an ongoing need to overcome more than a decade of intense, emotional and very public resistance to the admission of women to the Institute. The lasting impressions left by that battle must be erased not just within the Corps, but everywhere else on Post, and off. No such battle preceded the admission of any other group of individuals to VMI. It is encouraging to hear you say that the Corps has never singled you, or women generally, out during your cadetship. But the Institute intends to remain vigilant and visible in its commitment to the complete assimilation of women into the Corps. The number set as a goal is not a quota, in fact, in light of a decade’s experience, it appears unlikely that we will reach the goal. Moreover, the efforts engaged in pursuit of the goal are limited to recruitment and retention activities and efforts to learn how to do those things better in order to increase the number and improve the quality of female applicants. As with other minorities, such efforts DO NOT include any alteration of admissions standards in order to admit more women. Women are subject to the same stringent admission standards and process that applies to all applicants. We understand and appreciate your sensitivity to this issue and hope this responds to your concerns surrounding this element of Vision 2039. If you have other questions or, even better, ideas about how we might be more effective in any way, please do not hesitate to contact Colonel Chalkley, VMI's Chief of Staff, in 201 Smith Hall, or via telephone number 464-7104, or email  
Can the Committee look at why the parking regulations are not enforced on Post? Thanks for your consideration! 9/12/2008 9:06:10 AM
In April 2006, the VMI Police Department was tasked with enforcing parking violations on the VMI Post. Since that time the VMI Police Officers have issued 1,039 parking tickets and approximately 300 warnings. The VMI Police have issued 349 parking tickets this year since 1 January 2008. The VMI Police do enforce the parking regulations on Post. All employees are requested to report parking violations by calling 464-7017.  
Some weightlifting equipment has been moved under the visitor side stands of the Grey-Minor Stadium and set up in an orderly fashion. This equipment is easily open to public access and thus subject to unauthorized use, abuse, theft or vandalism. With time more and more people will become familiar with its location. It would have been better to place this dangerous equipment in an enclosed structure like the old welding shop where its access could be controlled and screened from common public observations. Of all weightlifting equipment, free weights are the type which needs the most supervision and most likely to injure the user when not used properly. Cocke Hall's weight room has set a great example of access control and proper supervision, hopefully the Grey-Minor Stadium will not result in a great liability to VMI from an avoidable injury. I can just imagine the children being fascinated with the equipment when they are not chasing the foul baseballs. As it stands now, an individual can walk off of Anderson Drive into the top of the home side stands and then down one of the rear steps on the visitor side stands and help themselves to any of fine items on display or simply damage what is available or better yet hurt themselves on it and file suit against VMI for big bucks. Can we say vicarious liability? Please, reconsider this arrangement as it currently stands. With each great opportunity comes an even greater responsibility! 9/11/2008 1:27:27 AM
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. The weightlifting equipment is being moved back to Cocke Hall. Although the purpose of this movement of the equipment was to better assist our athletes, issues with security and public safety were not fully addressed.  
Could there be a postwide issuance noting that ALL who drive on the road going beside BOQ building slow down. Not only could there be an auto accident, but pedestrians also walk that route and someone could get seriously hurt? 8/19/2008 5:23:53 AM
College Lane (the street beside the BOQ and VMI Police Offices) is showing an increase in vehicle and pedestrian traffic, and as a result, everyone should use caution on this street. All are reminded that vehicles entering College Lane from the parking area or Engineering Drive are required to yield to through traffic. The VMI Weekly Bulletin frequently includes announcements to advise the VMI community of activities taking place which require extra attention to enhance safety. Additionally, Post wide emails are sent out to all users of VMI email accounts. Consistent with other notices previously provided, VMI will provide a Post wide notice through email and the Weekly Bulletin advising VMI Faculty, Staff and Cadets to comply with posted speed limits.  
Why has the Physical Plant building had cable tv put in and other department told they dont need it. 7/22/2008 2:52:13 PM
The VMI Physical Plant is charged with preparing for and providing support prior to, during, and after severe weather conditions. The need to monitor local news and weather channels is necessary to respond to alerts for extreme temperature warnings, snow, wind, rain, natural disasters or other emerging news relevant to the Physical Plant support mission. Monitoring local news and weather channels increases the Physical Plants ability to properly and safely prepare and respond. In February 2005, Cable TV was approved for the Physical Plant. Except during the transition period of moving out of Building 46 and occupying Hinty Hall the Physical Plant has had Cable TV. Once the necessary Cable TV infrastructure was made available in May 2008, the Cable TV service was re-established in Hinty Hall. The approval of Cable TV service is to support a mission related function. If a department was turned down for cable TV service then their justification was not sufficient.  
There has been a car that has "For Sale" signs on it parked in the parking lot behind Scott Shipp Hall. It does not have a VMI decal on it and it has been there over two weekends parked. We have a parking problem and I think that this car should not be allowed to park there. Other people that have their cars for sale have parked them on main street or at Wal-mart. 7/15/2008 9:37:33 AM
Vehicles parking on Post are required to be registered and park in designated VMI parking areas during the hours of 0800 - 1700 hours, Monday through Friday. The vehicle in question was not properly registered while parking in a VMI parking area. The vehicle should have been ticketed or even towed. The VMI Police contacted the owner of the vehicle and the owner promptly removed the vehicle. The VMI Police will be more proactive in the enforcement of violations for vehicles parking on Post that are not properly registered. Thank you for your assistance in pointing out this issue. 
Why is J.M. Hall unsecured during the summer evenings hours when there are no activities inside after the VMI Museum closes. The building coordinators of Nichols and Mallory recognized the need to secure their buildings at earlier hours during the summer months and scheduled their buildings' doors to lock electronically at 1700 hours, yet J.M. Hall remains electronically unlocked until 2300 hours. Does the building coordinator of J.M. Hall think his/her building is not a significant part of VMI and VMI's history and thus should be safegaurded at least as much if not more than an engineering or physics/math building? After the VMI Museum closes at 1700, there is six hours of opportunity each day for someone to do untold harm and irreparable damage to the interior of J.M. Hall. Is it going to require a tragedy for the building coordinator of J.M. Hall to come to his/her senses and secure his/her area of responsibility at an appropriate time. Thank you!!! 6/28/2008 1:37:43 AM
Thank you for your comments regarding access to Jackson Memorial Hall. The 300 level auditorium and the 200 level lobby were the only areas accessible between 1700 and 0630 hours. The area had remained open so as to provide access to the public restrooms located on the 200 level of the building. As a result of further review of this procedure, the entire building is now secured at 1700 hours.  
I heard that when a female cadet left VMI in the last few weeks, that many cadets were cheering from windows and stoops and yelling "kill yourself" as she was leaving. Is this true? What has been done to address this? 4/10/2008 10:32:00 AM
There was a complaint made recently by a cadet as she out processed from VMI that members of her class had made inappropriate comments to her. The next morning the Commandant met with all the fourth class cadets from the two companies implicated in this action and addressed them about their unprofessional behavior. In addition, the officers from the General Committee addressed the entire fourth class about proper conduct of a VMI cadet. Because of this incident and some other behavior issues within the fourth class, the General Committee revoked their privileges. Concurrent with these actions, the Cadet Equity Association (CEA) began an investigation into the allegations. The CEA identified three fourth class cadets that made inappropriate comments to the former cadet. The names of those cadets have been provided to the Commandant for disciplinary action.  
“Thank you” for clarifying your position on matters of gender equity at VMI. The administration’s silence in response to the hateful notice in the February 15, 2008 issue of the Cadet newspaper is deafening. At least now every cadet, employee, parent and donor has a clear understanding that a climate of hostility and a culture of disrespect are condoned by the administration. It turns out that the story that VMI tells about itself….as a bastion of civility steeped in honor and bursting with good character….bears little resemblance to the story it tells on itself…as a cultivator of bullies and hate and plagiarism. Shame on you for not taking the opportunity to reassert the values VMI should endorse. Shame on you for contributing to the erosion of whatever progress had been made in regards to gender disparities on Post. Shame on you for failing to endorse the sentiments of all those in this community who find the matter appalling. “Congratulations” on perpetuating distrust, disgust, disappointment, apathy, resentment, confusion, and a very sorry model of behavior. 4/9/2008 2:11:24 PM
The Superintendent sent an electronic message to the entire VMI Community on 28 April 2008 addressing this issue.  
The following concern has been brought to my attention by several laundry employees. The vending machines,(soft drink, water, juice and snacks) located in the breeze way between the Laundry Dept. and the Post Office often take employees money but do not give the merchandise. (This happens frequently.) Employees have left notes on the machines stating the situation and giving their name and job location but they are never contacted. Who is responsible for stocking the machines and collecting the money from sales? Laundry employees have lost considerable change in these machines. Thank you. 3/26/2008 1:12:01 PM
The Director of Auxiliary Services is responsible for the vending machine contract on Post. After being made aware of the complaint, Colonel Joyner visited the site. He found that the machines were working at the time, but there was no prominent phone number posted to call if there was a problem. The vender (ARAMARK Services of Central Virginia - located in Buena Vista) was notified of the complaint. A request was made for a sign to be posted with the phone number to call if there is a problem with the vending machines to resolve the issue. The company stated they would have someone out to service the machines early Monday morning and they would also post the complaint number on the machines prominently. The company stated they had not received any messages posted on the machines in the past, but it is possible that they could have blown off or been taken off. Please address any future concerns to the company using their posted complaint number or contact the VMI Director of Auxiliary Services at extension 7096. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. 
Previously a question was posted regarding the make-up of the head football coach search committee. In the posted response it is stated that “VMI does consider the placement of women, minorities and cadet representation on all standing committees at the beginning of each academic year. The committee order is staffed by each senior executive for the committees that report to them and discussed in the Institute Policy Committee meetings prior to the annual publication (normally September of each year). The resignation of VMI's head football coach on Tuesday 22 January was unexpected. Coach Reid's resignation came at the height of the recruiting period for football players as well as after the normal hiring cycle for football coaches. The administration's decision to conduct a search for the new head coach with a small ad hoc committee was done to expedite the process.” Is the equity committee suggesting that when it comes to ad hoc committees VMI does not need to include women and minorities? This is clearly unfair and has a negative effect on the annual evaluation process and tenure and promotion process for all women and minority faculty members, since they are being denied equal opportunities to serve the institute. If a female or minority faculty member does not serve on a significant number of committees the institute can deny them tenure, promotion and merit pay. The administrations decision to only allow alumni to serve on the head football coach search committee shows the institute’s lack of concern and understanding for diversity and the importance of providing equal opportunities for all members of the VMI community. How can an equity committee justify the institute’s lack of diversity on ad hoc committees? 1/30/2008 10:51:05 AM
Ad hoc committees are appointed for specific and limited operational purposes. There are a great many critical needs to be addressed by this particular committee. It is important to the continuation of the progress and future success of VMI's football program to appoint a small group of individuals that could move quickly, and to appoint the individuals with the most relevant ability and knowledge about football coaching and VMI's program, experience and understanding about the program, past, present and future, and responsibility for working with and in support of the individual selected, from the areas of institute operation that must concur in any selection. With the selection of VMI's athletic director, Donny White; Alumnus Bobby Ross (former head football coach at the college and professional level); BOV member – Bill Paulette (a former head of the BOV athletic committee); Faculty Athletic Representative - Colonel Tom Baur; and Captain Chris Perry, an administrative and professional faculty member as well as a former VMI football player, and president of the Honor Court; we believe we have accomplished those goals and identified individuals who not only have what we need, but also the time and willingness to serve, putting in a lot of time very quickly. You will note that the selection committee has a minority administrative and professional faculty member as well as the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) to represent the VMI faculty. The VMI administration is aware of the importance of committee service to our employees on both standing and ad hoc committees.  
Is there a reason why VMI does not make a conscious effort to include female and cadet representation on all committees? I note that the search committee for the new football coach is an all male makeup of only VMI alums. Cadet representation at a minimum would be valuable information, and there is female athletic representation on Post that could also give differing perspectives in a search(i.e. advising, marketing, support, etc.). 1/29/2008 9:31:57 AM
VMI does consider the placement of women, minorities and cadet representation on all standing committees at the beginning of each academic year. The committee order is staffed by each senior executive for the committees that report to them and discussed in the Institute Policy Committee meetings prior to the annual publication (normally September of each year). The resignation of VMI's head football coach on Tuesday 22 January was unexpected. Coach Reid's resignation came at the height of the recruiting period for football players as well as after the normal hiring cycle for football coaches. The administration's decision to conduct a search for the new head coach with a small ad hoc committee was done to expedite the process. The Chair of the search committee will decide what cadet input will be considered during the candidate interview process. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you would like to contribute to the process please contact Mr. Donny White at 464-7251 or e-mail him at  
New and returning faculty and staff are introduced at the biannual general faculty and staff meeting. Announcements include pertinent information such as degrees held and former work experience. Additional information shared includes facts relating to the individual’s spouse and children (for example: Major Smith is married to the former Bonnie Sue Jones and they have 3 children, etc.). Why do they do this? Who cares? And how is it pertinent? 1/28/2008 1:59:22 PM
The introductions of new faculty and staff personnel at the bi-annual faculty and staff meeting are left to the judgment of individuals doing the introduction. Some people say more than others about the person being introduced to include personal information that I assume they think would be interesting and informative. 
My concern addresses the comments found in the publication the Bomb. To argue that the Bomb is not a VMI publication is a gross misuse of interpretation and, irresponsible. The Bomb must be 'sanctioned' by some VMI adult entity. Cadet Life? Commandant’s staff? Superintendent? Who is responsible for this oversight? Where is (was) the adult supervision/mentoring in the publication process? The comment that only ten cadets proclaimed they were "HATERS" does not make for an environment which is pervasive enough to interfere with a student’s education is a judgment call. One person and a set of actions can create an unwelcome (hostile?) environment. I believe if there was an extensive investigation of what happens in barracks and the classroom another conclusion would be drawn. 1/11/2008 11:03:57 AM
VMI has looked into the allegations raised in this initial complaint and provided an official response to it. You are free to disagree with the response; however, unless you have any evidence or other information that supports your belief this matter is closed. If you do have such information, please report it immediately to the VMI Police or the VMI Inspector General's Office. 
Has VMI ever nominated a female faculty member for the Rising Star award or any other state teaching award? 12/13/2007 10:06:33 AM
Two women faculty members have been nominated for the SCHEV Outstanding Faculty Award from VMI since 2001. None has been nominated yet for the Rising Star Award, but this is only its fourth year (2008 won't be announced until Jan 08). VMI won the award the first two years. 
If you look at last year’s BOMB you see the term “hater” written in the entries beside the pictures of some first classmen. Since it is common knowledge at VMI that “hater” refers to cadets who are openly against having women cadets in the Corps, I would like to know how long this practice has been taking place in the BOMB. I would also like to know what is being done about it, why it was allowed to appear at all (along with many other words that are despicable filth and make VMI look very bad), and how we can avoid this in the future. I do not accept the argument that the BOMB is protected by free speech and as a result, cadets have the freedom to enter whatever text they like. According to the VMI website the BOMB is a cadet managed product, which means that it is part of the VMI system and the VMI experience. Our website states: “Cadets write, edit, and manage the following periodic publications: The Bomb, The Cadet and Sounding Brass. The Bomb, VMI's yearbook, chronicles the events and experiences. The Bomb was first published in 1885 and has been published continuously since 1897.” (Found at: Even if the BOMB does lie outside the auspices of VMI due to technicalities that it is published elsewhere, it is still representative of the Institute’s culture and as a result, needs to be edited more carefully. The “hater” references in the BOMB are documented evidence that there is, in fact, a hostile environment toward female cadets at the Institute. 12/12/2007 2:04:58 PM
The VMI Inspector General is working a similar complaint regarding the 2007 edition of "The Bomb". A review of the 2007 edition of “The Bomb” revealed ten references where cadets self-identified as “haters/dragons” out of approximately 300 entries in the personal history section. An additional review of the “Bombs” for 2004 and 2005 found no such references to “haters/dragons” and the 2006 Bomb had one. Thus, while the Institute does not support or endorse the views implicitly expressed by this small minority of cadets, the expression of those views in “The Bomb” is by no means so severe or pervasive as to interfere with any cadet’s participation in the Institute’s educational program and thus create a “hostile environment” as that term is used in the law. The Cadet Publications Board will address this issue for future issues of all cadet publications and the Institute will strongly encourage the editors of these publications to use good judgment in their editorial process. However, in the end, the cadets are responsible for the publications and are protected by the first amendment of the US Constitution. We strongly suggest that you add your voice to that of the VMI administration and contact the editors of the cadet publications so that they understand that the VMI administration is not the only party concerned about the content of their publications. If you have any additional concerns regarding this issue please contact the VMI Inspector General, Colonel Tom Moncure at 464-7072 or e-mail him at  
"The Bomb" includes specific references to "haters" and the "Red Dragons" beside the names and pictures of graduating cadets. For how many years has this been going on? The "haters" are known for their blatant attacks on women cadets and I would like to know what is being done about this clear evidence of hostile environment in this VMI publication. 11/29/2007 9:29:26 PM
A review of the 2007 edition of “The Bomb” revealed ten references where cadets self-identified as “haters/dragons” out of approximately 300 entries in the personal history section. An additional review of the “Bombs” for 2004 and 2005 found no such references to “haters/dragons” and the 2006 Bomb had one. The appropriate Institute representatives will work with the cadet editorial staff of the "Bomb" and other cadet publications to make them aware of the seriousness of their responsibilities. Thus, while the Institute does not support or endorse the views implicitly expressed by this small minority of cadets, the expression of those views in “The Bomb” is by no means so severe or pervasive as to interfere with any cadet’s participation in the Institute’s educational program and thus create a “hostile environment” as that term is used in the law. Your complaint also alleges that the self-identified cadets have participated in hostile behaviors toward females that has been tolerated by the Institute. After thoroughly examining the investigative and disciplinary records of these cadets, there is almost no complaint or evidence of punishable actions toward women. Where inappropriate behaviors have been reported and confirmed by investigation, counseling, training, and/or punishment, has occurred. Thus, such conduct is not and has not been tolerated by the Institute. Additionally, a recent check with Institute reporting agencies (Post Police, Inspector General, Post Physician, Chaplain, Counselors, and the Cadet Equity Association) responsible for dealing with and investigation of such complaints revealed there are no reports of "blatant attacks" on women at VMI. If you know of any such attacks request you report them to the VMI Post Police immediately for investigation.  
Why does the Police Chief not wear a uniform and a gun? All the rest do. 11/22/2007 8:44:59 AM
The decision as to what the VMI Chief of Police will wear is a decision of the Deputy Superintendent for Finance, Administration and Support. Your concern has been forwarded to him for information.  
As a state institution, VMI is required to advertise all openings before they hiring for a position. How then can Gen. Peay announce that Gen. Brower will be heading the new Leadership Center when no such position was advertised. Did I miss seeing the hiring committee for that one? 11/10/2007 2:08:13 PM
The recent resignation of BG Brower from the position of the Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty, effective 30 June 2008, enabled the Superintendent to take advantage of BG Brower's experience with the leadership program at VMI to supervise the initial organizational aspects of the VMI Leadership and Ethics Center (LEC). In this instance, the Superintendent has the authority to transfer BG Brower to a one-year acting position before BG Brower returns to full-time teaching on the VMI faculty. As part of his initial duties as the acting director of the LEC, BG Brower will be responsible to the Superintendent for establishing the search committee for the full-time position of the Director of the Leadership and Ethics Center.  
The search committee for the new Dean's position includes Gen. badgett - a man who vehemently opposed women coming to VMI and who recently (at the Ac Bd dinner) on the occasion of his retirement, said his only regret was that he wasn't reitiring from an All-male school. Is this your idea of an impartial judge? Why not just hang a sign out that says :"Women need not reply"? 11/10/2007 2:06:48 PM
BG Badgett has been selected to be one of the fourteen members of the search committee for the new Deputy Superintendent for Academics and Dean of the Faculty. BG Badgett’s relevant experience as a VMI graduate, Rhodes Scholar, former Dean of the VMI Faculty, and most recently a member of the faculty in the Economics and Business Department provides the search committee a unique perspective in the selection process. The fact that he holds personal opinions that are contrary to the official position and policy of the Institute does not disqualify him from service or mean that his experience does not bring value to this process. The search committee, which is chaired by Colonel Emily Miller, Head of the English Department, is a diverse selection of people heavily invested in the academic programs and success of the Institute. All members selected for this committee can be relied upon to conduct themselves, in this official capacity, professionally and responsibly. Every committee member, indeed every member of the faculty and staff, is entitled to personal opinions concerning the Institute, and none should be disqualified from this service on that basis upon a presumption that they are unable to perform their official duties without indulging them. 
Why does VMI have signs posted at letcher Street and Main Street, not letting you turn left when you leave and then not letting you turn right when you travel South on Main street. I can't get to work from the other side. what am i to do??? 11/4/2007 1:11:57 PM
A similar submission was received on this issue several weeks ago. The answer to that issue was posted on the website on 22 October 2007. VMI completed two major parking and traffic studies within the past two years (May 2005 and March 2007). Based upon the recommendations of the completed studies VMI has implemented the current traffic protocols. The implementations of the protocols were coordinated with the Lexington Police Department and the VMI Police Department to increase safety by taking steps to reduce harm, injury or death. It is understood that the signs have made it more inconvenient, but certainly not impossible for anyone to negotiate travel to and from VMI. Instead of waiting for someone to be killed or seriously injured at this intersection VMI decided this was the prudent measure. 
Why is it that the HR Office always misses the deadline for posting job openings in local papers? This has happen numerous times. Those trying to fill a position certainly can't leave it open for months waiting for an item in the News Gazette to appear. On the other hand this creates the appearance that we are "conveniently" screening out locals. We've been accused of this so many times, would it not be appropriate for the HR Office to act with all due haste in getting openings listed as quickly as possible? This is, after all, their job. 11/2/2007 1:44:53 PM
The presumption that the Human Resources (HR) Office always misses the deadline for posting in the local newspapers is wrong. The HR Office electronically sends any vacancy announcement received by early Tuesday morning for the Wednesday edition of the local newspaper (cut-off time is approximately 9:00 AM). There have been several issues with the local newspaper in October to include; losing a vacancy announcement sent in early October (the ad ran the following week), and the newspaper erroneously ran the previous week's classified section; however, the newspaper published the correct classified section in the Saturday "Weekender" edition. The newspaper has promised the publishing problems have been corrected. Supervisors whose vacancy announcements were affected by the problems with the local newspaper in October were made aware of the difficulties. None of the missed ads were the fault of the VMI HR Office. Additionally, all vacancies open to the general public are also posted on the VMI web-site. Although not significant, there were some minor delays in posting announcements when the new VMI web-site started up. This is was quickly resolved and there are no current difficulties with the web-site posting process. The HR Office keeps track of the dates vacancy announcements are received and placed if anyone has questions about a specific posting. If there is a specific job announcement that you believe is not being handled correctly please contact Colonel Spore at extension 7322 or contact Colonel Moncure, the VMI Inspector General to look into this matter.  
In reference to a previous question on the equity page asking who responds to the concerns submitted, I offer the following statement from the Equity home page under the accomplishments of the committee, "Developed an employee web site to make equity information accessible, provide a secure means for employees to use web-based reporting of equity concerns for the committees review, and to maintain an ongoing list of posted issues and committee responses to them." This statement indicates that the committee responds to the questions not the Chief of Staff. If the Chief of Staff responds to the issues what is the purpose of the equity committee? If responding in a timely manner is a problem then perhaps the equity committee should meet more then every other month. If the committee is not going to respond to the posted questions then the statement on the equity page should be modified as well as the statement the one receives after submitting a question to this page. 10/18/2007 10:19:10 AM
Thank you for bringing the outdated information on the Equity Committee to our attention. The primary purpose of the Equity Committee is to provide another forum where VMI employees can bring issues to the Superintendent and other key leaders at VMI. The Equity Committee website allows employees to remain anonymous and yet still get responses to their issues/complaints. The official VMI public responses to issues/complaints made on the website allows all VMI employees to review and follow-up as they choose. In situations where it is appropriate a point of contact is provided in the official response which indicates where employees may get additional information regarding an issue/complaint. Additionally, the minutes of the Equity Committee are personally reviewed and approved by the Superintendent, sent to each senior executive of the Institute for information, and to each member of the Equity Committee. Last year the Equity Committee voted to meet every other month and the website was not changed to reflect the change. Although members of the Equity Committee represent all employee groups of the Institute, they are not the subject matter experts to answer the majority of the issues/complaints submitted and having them meet more frequently would not solve this issue. The fact that the Equity Committee reviews all the official responses published to complaints/issues empowers them to comment on them at the Equity Committee meetings. The website will be changed to reflect the process as it currently operates. 
To the Equity Committee: It has been brought to my attention penalties of the General Committee and those of the Commandant’s office are biased against females. It appears that severity and types of penalties are gender and personality specific. I think a review and assessment of penalties is warranted. I look forward to the committee's discuss. 10/18/2007 9:03:39 AM
The operation and supervision of the disciplinary system for the VMI Corps of Cadets comes under the purview of the Commandant of Cadets. This issue has been forwarded to the Commandant of Cadets for his information and review. If you have any specific information that would assist the Commandant in reviewing this issue it is recommended that you contact him directly at extension 7313 or at or if you desire to remain anonymous please contact the Inspector General, Colonel Moncure at extension 7072 or at  
I understand VMI has to charge employees for sports events to help the Football/Basketball teams etc. to raise revenue to support the cost of the athletic department expenses. However, just recently I wanted to purchase tickets for a Football game. I did go to the ticket office only to be told -no one is here that can sell you tickets, come back a little later. Returned for a second time (same day)and was told that the person who sells the tickets was out for the day. The following day I decided to call the ticket office. I was told someone would be there until 4:30PM. During this telephone conversion I was told there would be plenty of tickets for sale at the booth on the day of the game. My whole purpose for getting the tickets early was to be able to pay for my guests tickets and just enter the stadium all prepared. If this is revenue generating, why is this not staffed appropriately? 10/17/2007 12:18:11 PM
Your comments were provided to the Athletic Department for a response. We regret the inconvenience you experienced in purchasing football tickets and have gone to considerable lengths to provide several ways to purchase tickets to Athletic Events: by phone, by email, over the internet, and in person at the ticket office. Unfortunately, there are times when the ticket manager is out of the office on business matters and no one is at the ticket window to greet walk-up customers. A sign will be made and posted at the ticket window to explain how walk-in customers can be serviced when this occurs. The other ways to purchase tickets are: By phone, simply call the ticket office during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm M-F) and place an order and your tickets will either be mailed or held at the will call window. If the ticket manager is either on the phone or unavailable, customers can leave a message and the ticket manager can return the call to assist them to obtain tickets. By email, similar to by phone, customers are linked directly to several web pages on both and; and they can place their order or ask the ticket manager to email or call them back for assistance. They can email any time of day and the ticket manager will respond that business day or if past the close of business, will respond the following day. Over the internet, the ticketing website is linked through by following the "Tickets" tab on the left side of the page and that will direct customers to the "XOS" ticketing platform. Tickets can be purchased 24 hours a day by this means. In person, by coming to the Cameron Hall Ticket Office, customers can place their orders and receive their tickets immediately. Simply ring the buzzer on the right side for service. Also, the ticketing kiosk located in the corner by the ticket office window is another way to place an order for tickets, and the tickets can be printed in the back once the order is completed. There are step-by-step instructions detailed on the kiosk to help customers not familiar with our ticketing website. Customers are also welcome to make an appointment with the ticket manager at an agreed upon time. Any questions related to ticket services should be directed to Ms. Elizabeth Igo at 540 464-7266 or e-mail  
Who answers the questions on the equity page? Does the equity committee discuss each issue before the answer is published on the page? 10/12/2007 3:06:48 PM
Posting answers to the questions listed on the Equity Committee website are the responsibility of the Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff receives the anonymous question from the VMI webmaster. The question is reviewed and the appropriate subject matter expert or experts are asked to provide input. The information, often from multiple sources, is compiled and the final answer is reviewed by senior staff. Once the answer is properly researched and verified for accuracy, the answer is posted on the website. Every effort is made to address each question quickly, but in some cases there is considerable research required and therefore an immediate answer is not always possible. The Equity Committee does not discuss each issue before the answer is published as the Equity Committee meets bimonthly. To insure that VMI is providing answers to important issues in a timely manner, the responses are answered and posted as explained above. However, it is important for the Equity Committee to review and understand the issues concerning VMI employees. As part of the Equity Committee meeting the Equity Committee is given the opportunity to review the questions and answers and follow-up, if required.  
I notice the signs that continue to go up restricting the access road traffic coming up from Route 11 to Crozet Hall. Has VMI done any studies to determine what the effect of these changes will be during major events such as matriculation, graduation, Cameron Hall events, athletic and homecoming weekends, etc.? I assume that the changes were made to restrict sharp turns in and out of access road, however, having been caught up in that traffic during majors events, the problem has just be shifted down the road to Cameron Hall and Diamond Street to use those areas for turn around spots instead for employees and patrons heading out of town. 10/5/2007 4:58:30 PM
Traffic congestion continues to be an issue at VMI for special events. As part of the planning process for all major events traffic control, traffic flow, and parking are discussed in detail. This issue will continue to be addressed in planning sessions for future events and if it is feasible to adjust the traffic egress without endangering others it will be considered. Additionally, VMI completed two major parking and traffic studies within the past two years (May 2005 and March 2007). Based upon the recommendations of the completed studies VMI has implemented the current traffic protocols. The implementations of the protocols were coordinated with the Lexington Police Department and the VMI Police Department to increase safety by taking steps to reduce harm, injury or death.  
Why do VMI employees have to pay to get into sporting events such as football and baseball games? I understand that we are an NCAA school and that sporting events have cost needs, but the prices are rather high for local salaries (for example if an employee wants to take his family to the game). When you give out free tickets, you give out ONE. Thanks, but this doesn’t really help a family of 5 very much. If we get in free, my kids would eat plenty of hot dogs and you would make up the difference on concessions. I think paying for sporting events is an insult considering that many employees take work home and donate much time and effort to VMI for which we are NOT paid. 9/19/2007 8:39:17 AM
VMI strongly encourages all of our employees to take advantage of all of our special events that are open to the public, not just athletic competitions. Most events are free of charge. However, VMI is no different than other colleges and universities in regard to NCAA sporting activities. These sports must make money to support the entire athletic program and cover expenses. Additionally, the VMI Athletic Department is aggressively marketing our athletic program events through advertising and corporate sponsors to assist in covering the cost of these events to keep all prices at the lowest possible cost. VMI Employees are offered a discounted season ticket for all of our ticketed sports - Football, Basketball, Baseball and Wrestling. We also offer one Employee Appreciation Game during each of those seasons for all VMI Employees who can not take advantage of the discounted season tickets for them and their family with discounted admission. Each Employee Appreciation Game will be publicized approximately one month before the event and will include information regarding acquisition of discounted admissions. This Football season, the Employee Appreciation Game is November 3rd - vs. Charleston Southern. If you have any questions regarding the ticketing costs please contact Mr. Andrew Westhouse at 464-7529.  
I have heard that the new secretary in Civil Engineering will be making $30,000. Isn’t this out of line with what secretaries make? Or, if you are bringing in this secretary at a higher rate, will you be adjusting the others who have been here over 20 years and still do not make $30,000? 9/19/2007 8:30:22 AM
The starting annual salary rate for the new administrative assistant in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department was $30,000. This starting salary was based on her 10 years of experience in the same department and her 11 years of experience as the secretary of the Dean and Associate Dean of Commerce at W&L. To maintain the proper alignment of salaries among the academic department administrative assistants, VMI adjusted the annual salary rate of one administrative assistant with 20 years of experience at VMI to $30,000 and the annual salary rate of another administrative assistant with 18 years of experience at VMI to $28,000. If you have any other questions regarding this issue please contact Colonel Robert Spore in the VMI Human Resources Office. 
Where are classified employees supposed to eat lunch? We are looked at funny when we bring our packed lunch into the PX in the bottom of the museum to eat at one of their tables. The ME Dept. was kind enough to furnish a picnic table for employees and faculty to eat and now it has been moved for some reason. 9/5/2007 2:23:16 PM
Based on the above question the assumption is being made that you are concerned about the classified employees who work in Nichols Engineering Hall. First, you are allowed to eat your lunch in the 100 level of JM Hall. I don't know why you are being "looked at funny", but you may eat there. Additionally, the Nichols Engineering Hall building coordinator, Colonel Hodges, stated that you may eat in conference rooms in the building. If you have any specific questions regarding where you may eat lunch in Nichols Engineering Hall please contact Colonel Tim Hodges. The picnic table you mentioned was moved because it was in the middle of the unloading zone for Nichols Engineering Hall and had to be moved. In fact, the table was moved approximately 10 feet from the location where it was previously located to a spot where it would not be in the way for unloading. You may use the picnic table.  
Why does the VMI (Unoffical) Directory include the VMI class year for male graduates but not for female graduates? Perhaps the women graduates choose not to include this information? Could you explain the purpose of why alumni class year information is relevant at all for the directory? One effect is that it reinforces the “good ol’ boy system” around here since many current employees were ineligible for consideration for a VMI education based on gender in the past. Could you at least update the information form to include the word “alumna” beside “alumnus”? Thank you. 8/30/2007 10:20:14 AM
The VMI Directory is published annually by the VMI Communications and Marketing Office. The entries placed into the directory are compiled by the Information Technology Office based on the input received from each individual updating their information. The women graduates have the same opportunity to enter their VMI Class year as the men. The practice of including the VMI class year in the directory is for informational purposes. Based on this comment the gender information included on the VMI Class year has been deleted. 
Mess Hall. The policy states that regular staff is not to eat in the mess hall. There is staff that is eating there and when it is brought up to higher management, they say it is OK. Why are we not following the policy? Why is there not a cash register for people to pay when they go there? 8/27/2007 1:24:46 PM
With the demolition of Lejeune Hall and the Keydet Canteen last July, VMI opened two new facilities to serve our employees. One of these facilities is the temporary PX located in the upper level of Crozet Hall and the other was the snack area in the 100 level of JM Hall. Both locations are run by Aramark, the same vendor who ran the Keydet Canteen in Lejeune Hall. For whatever reason, neither of the facilities have been overly successful; however, VMI still operates them for the convenience of its employees who need a place to eat on Post. The VMI leadership understands that there have been some problems associated with the current dining policy related to the cadet dining area in Crozet Hall. For this reason the current dining policy for Crozet Hall is being reviewed by the Institute Planning Committee. It is also understood that the current policy is confusing and that some of our employees do not understand who is allowed or not allowed to eat in Crozet Hall. There have been instances where the system used for accountability has not worked properly which has caused additional work for the employees charged with managing it. As soon as the IPC completes its review of the current policy and the associated issues with it, a new policy will be published. The reason there is not a cash register set up for point of sales in the cadet area of Crozet Hall is that it has not been VMI's policy to establish one, except on special occasions when we have opened Crozet Hall to the public, i.e.., Matriculation, Parents Weekend, Graduation, etc.  
We were told that classified employees were not allowed to eat in the mess hall. I see the workers from the Physical Plant (the heating plant) eat breakfast in the mess hall every day. How can they eat in the mess hall and other employees can't? We are all supposed to be treated equal and they are allowed to eat and not be charged then this is not right. Things like this keep friction going on all the time. I would appreciate a reply. 6/28/2007 9:14:19 AM
Thank you for your inquiry. As a general rule, only those personnel who have a legitimate need to eat in Crozet Hall are allowed to do so. Based on your concern, the following information has been submitted as an official response to the Office of the Chief of Staff for posting. Members of the Aramark staff were consulted regarding Physical Plant personnel eating in Crozet Hall. Aramark did agree that Physical Plant personnel have been working on several work orders and emergency taskings that involved the heat plant and other maintenance teams. Some of these employees could have used the front doors when arriving and leaving the site and that this sometimes occurs during meal time. Aramark has only observed Physical Plant employees eating in Crozet during emergency tasks, such as the last snow storm where the Physical Plant personnel that worked all night were allowed to eat at Crozet Hall. When this occurs, the Physical Plant personnel sign in under Physical Plant so that the department is charged. The Post Engineer will give permission to do this during such events. The Heat Plant Supervisor was asked if he knew of anyone from the department or from Physical Plant that has eaten or may have eaten in the past in Crozet Hall and he has not seen or heard of any employees eating in the mess hall. I hope this clears up this issue; however, if you have any specific information which refutes this please contact Colonel Tom Moncure, VMI Inspector General, at 464-7072. 
Why does VMI take lots of pictures at the awards ceremonies and we never see them? No one is ever recognized publicly for their contribution to VMI. Why are these people not recognized in the local paper or at least the VMI news, for their devotion to VMI. There were three ladies that have devoted their life to VMI at our last awards ceremony, 2 for 45 years and one for 50 years. What did they get? A piece of paper that said the number of years, not even a pin to wear. That's the thanks they got for giving most of their life to the Cadets and VMI. I was setting behind one of these ladies and she was so proud of her accomplishment and being a member of VMI for so long. Seems to me that there should be more recognition for these type of employees. 6/15/2007 10:28:48 AM
As you are aware, the month of May is one of the busiest times of the year at VMI. However, the scheduling of the Classifies Employee Breakfast and Awards Presentation during this time is very important in order that the majority of employees may attend and be recognized. The Office of Communications and Marketing quickly had the story on the website with a photo gallery of the Award Ceremony. Additionally, the Communications and Marketing Office delivered a CD with the photos and accompanying information to the News-Gazette and we anticipate the story with photos will run in the near future. Additionally, the Human Resources Office sent to each award recipient an 8x10 photograph in an attractive presentation folder following the ceremony. Retiring employees with 20 or more years of service to VMI receive a VMI captain’s chair or rocking chair. This year’s retirees received their chairs at ceremonies held by their departments. All retirees receive a laser-engraved plaque presented by the Superintendent. Last year VMI developed a new and more attractive service pin and will continue with the presentation of an initial certificate at five years service and certificates at subsequent five year intervals.  
What is the time limit on post housing? We are always told that no housing is available yet some faculty have lived on post more than a decade. Shouldn’t they move out and make room for new faculty who are not paid as much and who are new to Lexington? 6/1/2007 9:01:50 AM
The VMI Housing Policy, General Order #28, dated 7 April 2004, is being updated to reflect the current status for the assignment of Post housing. The current time limits established for personnel to live in Post Housing are listed below. These limits are not expected to change with the undergoing review. 1. Faculty Housing – family housing will be reserved for new appointments to the faculty or to house faculty required to live on Post, depending on availability. New faculty members are eligible for assignment to Post quarters from the date they sign their first contract until one year from the date they begin work. a. Bachelor Quarters – 2 years b. Family Quarters – 3 years 2. Designated Housing – personnel required to live on Post by the Superintendent based on their duty position. The Superintendent will determine the length of occupancy and/or may authorize the individual to reside off Post. The Director of Auxiliary Services is appointed as the Post Housing Officer to oversee the Post Housing policy. Family Housing unassigned by 1 June will be advertised by the Housing Officer to all VMI faculty. The period of assignment will be temporary, not to exceed one (1) year for any individuals who do not meet the above criteria. If the quarters remained unassigned, the individual occupying the quarters may reapply for another year. Vacancies are advertised and assignments are made by the Housing Officer in accordance with the Statement of Purpose for this policy. The number of dependent family members and seniority defined by the date of acceptance of a contract for employment at the Institute will be primary considerations for precedence in assignments. Exceptions – in extraordinary circumstances, on the recommendation of the Housing Officer, the Deputy Superintendent for Finance, Administration and Support may make assignments to or approve extensions to remain in all VMI quarters in the best interest of the Institute. Any specific questions regarding Post housing assignment should be made to Colonel Jim Joyner, the Post Housing Officer. His number is 464-7096 or email  
I have a question about the recent new position of Inspector General. Was this position advertised? Was it advertised nationally, locally and on the VMI website? Is it funded by state funds? If so, could you please post the qualifications required and show how the individual hired meets those qualifications? 5/31/2007 9:35:37 AM
A member of the Commandant’s Office returned this spring after three years active duty. This meant the Commandant’s Office had an additional staff position not included in the operating budget. Federal law provides re-employment rights to service members who have been called to active duty. Therefore, VMI had to consider options to correct the staffing overage. The employment agreements for Administrative and Professional faculty members (non-teaching faculty) include a provision that VMI may transfer a faculty member to other employment. The duties and responsibilities of the Inspector General had been handled in the past by additional duty assignments to Colonel Susan Barr and most recently by Colonel LE Hurlbut. Due to the importance of the Inspector General duties the Superintendent wanted to make this a full-time position. The Fiscal Year 2008 operating budget approved by the Board of Visitors in its May meeting included a new Inspector General position. This position will be filled by the transfer of Colonel Tom Moncure, a current full-time staff member in the Commandant’s Office. Colonel Moncure is well-qualified for the Inspector General position. While on active duty in the Air Force he served as an Inspector General and he holds a master’s degree in personnel management and supervision from Central Michigan University. Additionally, his nine years of experience on the VMI faculty and staff, first as the department head of Aerospace Studies and then as the Deputy Commandant for Cadet Government gives him a unique perspective of VMI and the issues he will handle. Based on the above, the job position was never advertised. The job is funded by the state.  
I don't think it is fair that non-VMI employees can win the end of the year service award. Are they eligible? 5/29/2007 2:48:56 PM
As the Distinguished Service Award criteria regarding eligibility states "All persons employed by VMI or any one of its Auxiliaries, except the VMI Foundation and the Alumni Agencies, are eligible for the Service Award." Since Aramark is one of VMI's auxiliaries, the winner was nominated and won legitimately.  
Apparently there is a VMI employee working not form home but from out of state. Is this something new VMI offers to all employees? If so, then has this information been published to everyone? If not then why is one persond allowed to do this and others are not? Lets talk about equity.... 5/29/2007 10:31:11 AM
VMI is in compliance with the state guidance on telecommuting for employees, which can be found in the Classified Employee Handbook available on the VMI Human Resources Office web page (under “classified employees”), and the Virginia Department of Human Resources Management policy 1.61. There is one part-time VMI employee, who because of her technical expertise and the nature of the work has been approved to perform these duties by telecommuting during the summer. VMI employees are encouraged to review the Classified Employee Handbook and contact the Human Resources Office for more information regarding telecommuting. The State policy specifies that the following types of positions may be appropriate for telecommuting: • Require independent work • Require little face-to-face interaction • Require concentration • Result in specific, measurable work products  
The minutes from the most recent BOV meeting include the following: Prior to presenting the action item of changes in faculty and staff, Mr. Slater noted that the committee discussed the importance of having more VMI alumni on the faculty, and better educating non-alumni faculty and coaches in the VMI system; and that the Institute needs to be more proactive in this regard. A motion was made by Mr. Slater, seconded by Mr. Morris, that the Academic Affairs Committee has considered the Changes in Faculty and Staff, dated 25 April 2007 and recommends that the Board of Visitors approve these changes. The motion passed Do they know that this is unethical and most likely illegal? We have to hire the best candidate for our national searches and there may be occasions in which that candidate happens to be a VMI graduate. But we cannot go out and hire professors simply because they are VMI graduates. Besides, this automatically puts women and other minority candidates at a tremendous disadvantage. 5/25/2007 11:28:55 AM
Hiring decisions are subjective judgments that require weighing a variety of critical considerations. Identifying "the best candidate" includes assessing the ability and willingness of a prospective faculty member to understand, appreciate, embrace and support VMI's unique system of education. Indeed, that assessment is a legitimate and important consideration. Nothing in the law precludes the consideration of alumni status in this context. The Board of Visitors is the governing body of the institution and bears ultimate responsibility for all decisions made and actions taken by Institute officials. The members of the Board - as experienced leaders appointed by the Governor -have, not only a right, but a responsibility, to express their views concerning the most effective means for VMI to achieve its mission. The minutes of Board meetings attempt to accurately record those views.  
Why does the Chaplain sit on the stage at graduation? Perhaps he is the guest of the Superintendent. If so, I would like to know why we do not have a rabbi and a representative for other faiths in addition to the Christian one. Thank you and God Bless. 4/30/2007 12:34:28 PM
The position of Institute Chaplain and Chaplain to the Corps of Cadets was established in 1963 through an endowed gift given to the school to ensure the presence of a full time chaplain on our staff. The chaplaincy position is modeled upon that of the military services. The chaplain fills a vital role in relationship to VMI cadets of all faiths, providing support to all cadets throughout their cadetship. The VMI Chaplain is part of the stage party at graduation and at other appropriate Institute events because he is the VMI Chaplain, an employee of the Institute, not a guest. In this capacity he performs ceremonial duties as required. 
Why do some full time faculty members not have to wear the uniform? I do not understand how it is illegal for them to wear it since we are not wearing a real US Army uniform (our VA makes this a VIRGINIA uniform not a US one). Also—the fact that we can tell who is a foreign national and who is a US citizen simply by the wearing of a uniform or civilian clothes is visual profiling. We are singling them out. Finally, the fact that US citizens have to wear it and foreign nationals do not have to is discriminatory to US citizens. I understand that VMI requires full time faculty to wear it but I think that we have an inequitable situation. 4/25/2007 1:45:45 PM
When employees sign a contract to work for an organization they agree to the terms of the contract. VMI insists that its faculty and staff who are eligible to wear military uniforms do so as part of the culture of a military organization. These employees are expected to wear the uniform in a professional manner and uphold the traditions of the Institute. In accordance with the faculty handbook and Institute policy the following rule applies to the commissioning and wear of the uniforms at VMI: 1. Full-time Faculty: In the absence of a binding agreement at the date of the original appointment, tenured faculty will normally be commissioned in the Virginia Militia. 2. Part-time Faculty: Part-time members of the faculty may be permitted, or required, at the discretion of the Superintendent, to accept a commission in the Virginia Militia. 3. Resignations of Commissions: In unusual circumstances, any officer commissioned in the Virginia Militia may be permitted to resign the commission with the permission of the Superintendent and approval by the Board of Visitors. Faculty members commissioned in the Virginia Militia will wear the Army Uniform unless they have prior service in the Navy or Air Force and will wear the Virginia Militia “VA” insignia. Officers commissioned in the Marines may wear their service uniform, but may only wear the rank attained on active duty status. Faculty members who have retired from one of the US Armed Forces may wear the “US” insignia on their uniforms. The only visual difference in the uniforms worn by our faculty and those of the active duty officers is the type of insignia worn, whether “US” or “VA”. Federal law and the Code of Virginia state that only US Citizens may be commissioned in the federal service and in the Virginia Militia respectively. Those faculty and staff members who are not US citizens may not be commissioned and may not wear the uniform.  
The end of year orders contains what is below. I would like to know why VMI only offers a Christian service. Why do we ignore our Jewish, Muslim, Buddhists, and others? Annex D Baccalaureate Ceremony The Commencement Baccalaureate Service is a non-denominational Christian Service intended to give graduates, their families and their guests the opportunity to join in a common service of worship. The service features the presentation of the Christian Service Award, awarded to the graduating cadet(s) who most exemplifies the character and service of Jesus Christ. The service consists of scripture readings, hymns and choruses, the VMI prayer and a brief meditation by the Institute Chaplain or an invited guest speaker. The service last approximately 60- 75 minutes. 4/25/2007 8:36:16 AM
A Baccalaureate is a traditional ceremony associated with graduations. The chaplain makes a Baccalaureate available to interested cadets and their families. The end of year orders, with regard to the availability of this opportunity, were informational only. If cadets of other faiths would like to participate in a similar ceremony in their own faith tradition, they need only contact the Chaplain at 464-7390, and he will provide such opportunity.  
I have a question -- and I would like this issue addressed as an issue of equity versus an issue of parking. This is regarding the parking area that is located next to Cameron Hall and labeled for Athletic personnel only -- doesn't this violate equitable treatment of all employees to designate specialized parking for exclusive groups of employees at the Institute? To me equity means that this parking should be labeled as "VMI Employees Only"...... 3/21/2007 8:31:29 AM
The sign mentioned above has been replaced. 
Why can't VMI contact local television stations regarding weather related delays? W&L and all other area schools post to these stations. I am located out of the ten mile radius for WREL and cannot easily get the status. 2/14/2007 2:34:36 PM
When weather conditions or other emergencies present problems, an announcement of a late opening or all-day closing for VMI administrative offices will be on three local radio stations: WREL (FM 96.7), WMRA (FM 88.9 in Lexington or FM 90.7 in the Staunton area), and WVTF (FM 89.1). The announcement is also on the websites for WMRA and WVTF. The broadcast areas for the two Public Radio stations cover the entire valley, from Winchester to Abingdon, and east to Charlottesville and Farmville. In addition, the closing announcement will be on the VMI HR Office voice mail message (464-7322). VMI has changed the notification procedures so that late opening announcements will normally be on the air no later than 6:00 a.m. VMI has also coordinated with WSLS Channel 10 to announce late openings. When weather conditions dictate, the late opening announcement may be made the previous evening. The academic schedule is normally not affected by the late opening or early closing of administrative offices. In the rare instances when the State Police and the Department of Transportation advise drivers to stay off the roads due to severe weather conditions, VMI's closing announcement will include information about changes in the academic schedule. Classified employees in designated positions are expected to report to work at the beginning of their regular work shifts unless otherwise directed by their supervisors. 
Having cadets support the Miss Williamsburg pageant is offensive to women. Is there not some cause that is slightly more noble than this? In all fairness and in the sense of equity, I presume that VMI will also support a Mr. Williamsburg pageant, or some other equally offensive and physique based opportunity to objectify youths. 2/14/2007 9:18:05 AM
The Miss Williamsburg Pageant is a preliminary pageant to the Miss Virginia Pageant. The Miss Virginia Organization, according to its mission statement, is dedicated to supporting education, advocating community service and providing young women with a forum in which to express their talents, intelligence and opinions in culture, politics, platforms and the community. Young women who voluntarily choose to participate in these pageants are given the opportunity to win scholarships and become positive role models in a variety of civic endeavors. Platforms in the past have included child abuse, youth safety, celebrating diversity, preventing youth violence and breast cancer awareness. During the Miss Williamsburg Pageant, VMI will provide a saber arch, post the colors and act as escorts during the competition. VMI has a history of providing similar support to a wide variety of events to include the Marshall Award Presentation, the Army Aviation Association of America National Convention, the Norfolk Azalea Festival, Old Dominion Cotillion, and the Red Dress Event. As a part of the citizen-soldier concept and VMI’s dedication to service, VMI supports a broad range of community support activities to include Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, and tutoring programs for the local schools to name just a few. VMI carefully screens each request prior to approving cadet participation to ensure the event is in keeping with the standards and ideals of VMI. VMI will continue to provide support to a variety of our local, state and national civic and community programs as we continue to educate cadets on the importance of service to others.  
Is there a policy concerning which employees can eat in the mess hall? I have asked several people, the answers have been various, and confusing. Do you know the answer? Thank you, 7/28/2006 12:28:41 PM
The VMI Mess Hall located in Crozet Hall is the primary dining facility for cadets. As a rule VMI employees are not authorized to eat in this facility. The ARAMARK staff which operates the mess hall does not collect money for meals. There are members of the faculty and administrative staff allowed to eat in the mess hall when they have official business or fall under the policy established by the Office of the Dean of the Faculty. Your supervisor should be able to tell you if you qualify for this program, but if you have any questions you may contact the Dean's Office for guidance. This policy authorizes faculty and administrative staff personnel to eat in the mess hall when they have an opportunity to interact with a cadet(s) as a matter of business or professional matters. Under these circumstances personnel are required to sign a sheet and only allowed to eat twice a month under the auspices of the Dean. Meals charged under this program in excess of the two are charged to the individual. The VMI Post Exchange located on the upper level of Crozet Hall will be open soon for employees/guests/visitors to use. Its operation will be similar to the facility that was located in Lejeune Hall. Entry into the new Post Exchange facility can be made from the side entrance closest to Route 11 and taking the elevator to the second floor.  
I am concerned about second hand smoke in our department. Our manager has designed a room where the employees can smoke on their breaks, but then non-smoking employees must work in this room and the smell of smoke is heavy. I know some building are smoke free and could this be made possible for all buildings on Post? I'm not certain this is an Equity Issue but we need help. 3/29/2006 9:56:20 AM
The VMI Tobacco Use Policy was developed and published on 5 June 2006 to address this issue. 
With the release of the parking regulations, can I ask why there is no designated visitor parking for the northern side of Post -- specifically Carroll Hall? The administrative offices housed in this building serve the alumni, potential cadet employers (here to interview our graduating cadets), parents, visiting athletes and potential admits, investigators and a host of other contingencies NOT part of the VMI community and with no specific direction as to where they can legally park. It really would be in VMI's best interest to designate some visitor parking on this end of Post for those contingencies that administrative offices serve. 1/27/2006 5:38:52 PM
As mentioned in the Parking Policy, the designated visitor parking spaces on Post are close to Smith Hall as well as along Letcher Avenue. Free parking is available around the perimeter of the Parade Ground to handle the majority of the need for parking. At this time, there are no spaces dedicated to specific buildings. There are a limited number of spaces marked for two hour parking in front of the Admissions, Protocol and the Human Resources Offices to handle the majority of traffic to these offices. It is suggested that we work to make our visitors aware of where the visitors parking areas are located. We hope to begin construction on the parking lot below Crozet Hall this summer for completion early next year. This will greatly relieve the parking issue being experienced at this time. 
My concern involves the new uniforms that were provided to building and grounds personnel, specifically those that are worn by building custodians. I have two concerns that I would like investigated. 1) The uniforms appear to be cut in such a way that they are more becoming for men than for women -- I would like the women to be polled to make sure they are comfortable with the uniform. Often, tucked-in shirts for older women (who tend to be a little heavier than younger women) are not particularly comfortable or attractive. I say this as an older woman myself. I know the Army uniform for staff has two options. Would the women in these new uniforms like an option that involves some kind of tunic or overblouse? 2) These new uniforms have the first name of the individual sewn on the shirt. I am concerned that this is inappropriate in a culture that uses last names for all other employee uniforms and for cadet uniforms and pins. Is the use of a first name only too informal for equity at VMI? 12/13/2005 2:26:43 PM
Thank you for your question. A selection committee ws formed to discuss and recommend uniform options for Buildings and Ground personnel. The committee was formed of a variety of people across Post – non B&G employees, faculty members, B&G employees, and a mixture of male and female participants. The committee decided to go with the company Cintas. The B&G group decided on overall uniform type and the color of the uniform. Each B&G employee was then personally fitted by the staff at Cintas and selected their uniform options. The Cintas staff worked with each employee on the preferences and as many fittings as were required. It was a Building and Grounds employee decision to have the first name on the uniform versus last name. Their feeling was that this was a more personable. I hope that this adequately addresses your concern; however, if it does not please feel free to contact LTC Williams, Post Engineer, to discuss any specific issues you may have.  
Can the issue of late report times for inclement weather be visited to determine if this policy needs to be updated. Coming from a distance I listen for delays up until the time I need to leave -- often times planning ahead for coming in early when the weather is predicted to be bad. Being the department head of a busy office I plan ahead to assure that at least someone is in the office for opening, often times pushing to get in on time, only to find out that VMI has called a delayed opening. While parking is great (have to put that positive twist on it!!) it really would be beneficial to know earlier so that folks don't have to kill themselves (no pun intended) to get in for an administrative opening that has been pushed off two hours. Today I left Fishersville at 6:30, got to VMI at 7:30 -- and found that VMI had been delayed two hours. An earlier call on late openings (i.e. call made by 6:00 a.m. -- as many other institutions do) would really help those that strive to get here in a timely fashion from a radius outside of the Lexington boundaries. Thanks for the consideration! 12/9/2005 6:16:34 PM
Based on your concern, the inclement weather policy was reviewed and modified accordingly. The revised policy can be found at on the Human Resources portion of the VMI Website. Supervisors of each department or area determine who the essential employees are in their department. The weather decisions are made by BG Green by 0530 and given to COL Spore. The information is provided to three local radio stations (WREL (FM 96.7), WMRA (FM 88.9 in Lexington or FM 90.7 in the Staunton area), WVTF (FM 89.1).This information is also available by 6 a.m. on the Human Resources number at 540-464-7322 regarding late openings due to inclement weather. I hope that this answers your concern.  
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