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This survey is vital to help us assess our program from the perspective of our graduates, especially as you have been able to reflect on your education over the course of time.  Your thoughts and input will be regarded seriously and will be appreciated.

Department of Economics and Business Alumni Survey

Part I: General Information about yourself

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Current Employer:
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How many different companies have you worked for since you graduated from VMI?
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Does your current employer offer summer internships to college students? Yes
If yes, could our departmental internship coordinator contact you to find out about such opportunities? Yes

Part II:   Areas of Study

Please rate the effectiveness of your VMI course work in each of the following areas in helping you to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed at further education or in your career:

Very High High Med. High Medium Med. Low Low Very Low
Quantitative Analysis
Global Business
Legal Environment
Moral & Ethical Issues
Economic Courses Overall
Business Courses Overall

Part III:   Workplace Skills

Please indicate how well you feel the department prepared you for the following workplace skills:  

Very High High Med. High Medium Med. Low Low Very Low
Critical Thinking
Solving Complex Problems

Working as a Team

Conflict Resolution/Avoidance
Tolerance of Human Differences
Respect for Authority
Concern for Subordinates
Oral Communication
Written Communication
Information Technology (e.g., database management, spreadsheets, Internet)
Communication Technology (e.g., cellphones, pda's, email, word processing, Web creation)

Part IV:  

Please rate these other aspects of the VMI Department of Economics and Business and the impact that they have had on your success after graduation:

Very High High Med. High Medium Med. Low Low Very Low
Qualified Faculty
Availability of Faculty
Advising Support
Physical Facilities
Computer Facilities
Academic Atmosphere              
at VMI
in the Department

Are there specific courses you think the department should consider adding as required or elective (please specify) courses within the major?
Required Courses   Elective Courses 

Periodically, the ECBU department surveys employers of our graduates to ascertain if our curriculum meets their needs.  Can you provide us with a contact name in your human resources department to whom we can send our employer survey?    The survey provides us with information about how well OUR program prepares graduates for success, not your ability as an employee. Please indicate a contact person or department in the box below.
Please feel free to make any other comments about your VMI degree that you think would be helpful to the department as we assess the quality of our program:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. 
All of us in the Department of Economics and Business wish you the best!

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